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Philly pretrip 2013 preso
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Philly pretrip 2013 preso


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  • 1. Before We BeginKeep up with information before our trip and follow us when we’re on the road. Join the Facebook group SCMS Philly Trip 2013
  • 2. The Basics• Have you received the blue trip info and guidelines handout?• Please make sure I have these – signed – before you leave tonight.• Please make sure that you also have the green information sheet.
  • 3. The Details – What do you take?• Food – All meals are taken care of for you, except for lunch and dinner on March 11. – Bring a packed lunch. We’ll stop at a rest stop for lunch. – You will need to purchase dinner on the 11th – fast food stop in NC.
  • 4. The Details – What do you take?• Money – The only meal that you will need to purchase is dinner on the 11th. – Students should bring money for souvenirs, snacks, etc. – How much? – Remember – students are responsible for all money brought on this trip!! Be smart!!
  • 5. The Details – What do you pack?• Luggage – You are limited to one suitcase, not to exceed 30 pounds, and one “carry on” (backpack size). – Please remember that you will have to handle your own luggage. Pack accordingly. – You will not have access to your suitcase until we get to our hotel on Monday evening. Anything you need on the bus should be kept in your carry- on.
  • 6. The Details – What do you pack?• Bring pillows and blankets on the bus. – 19 hours up!! – 19 hours down!!• Valuables – Please remember that you are responsible for anything that you take. – Video games, phones, computers, etc. are all allowed, but please understand the risk. – You are encouraged to bring a camera. I recommend a digital camera.
  • 7. The Details – What do you pack?• Mobile Devices – Students will be permitted to carry their mobile devices throughout the day while on tour. However, any violation of the expected appropriate use will result in confiscation of the mobile device. – If you need to contact your child in case of emergency, please call Mr. Veliz at (850) 509-7032. • I can also accept emails, Facebook messages, or Twitter DMs through my phone.
  • 8. The Details – What do you wear?• Daily Attire – General Rule: Daily school attire. – Boys: • Long Shorts (cargo or bb) are okay - but I suggest pockets. • SCMS Philly Tour Hoodies everyday. • Closed toed shoes – COMFORTABLE!! • No flip-flops or sandals – no exceptions! • Sweatshirt and/or jacket.
  • 9. The Details – What do you wear?• Daily Attire – General Rule: Daily school attire. – Girls: • Long Shorts (cargo or bb) are okay - but I suggest pockets. • Jeans or Capris • SCMS Philly Tour Hoodies everyday. • Closed toed shoes – COMFORTABLE!! • No flip-flops or sandals – no exceptions! • Sweatshirt and/or jacket.
  • 10. – Write your last name on the tag of trip hoodie.
  • 11. The Details – Medications• All medications – prescribed or over the counter – must be clearly marked and placed in a large Ziploc bag. You must also include the yellow medical release form inside the bag.• These need to be turned in to Ms. Smith on the morning of March 11, before boarding the bus.• Please do not make this an issue that morning!!
  • 12. The Rules!!• You will be polite and listen to all chaperones, tour guides, bus drivers, etc. at all times.• Disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated!• No drugs or alcohol. No duh!• No weapons, fireworks, etc. are permitted. Leave your pocket knife at home.• Any form of abuse, intimidation, harassment, etc. is prohibited.
  • 13. The Rules!!• You must stay with your group at all times, unless otherwise directed by the chaperones.• You must be with at least one other person form SCMS at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!• Please do not be late on the morning of March 11th. Be here by 2:00 am (wow that’s early).
  • 14. Bus Rules!!• Be clean!• Only bottled water to drink.• Snacks are permitted, but BE CLEAN.• No yelling or screaming.• No flash photography.• Stay in your seat at all times.• Use the restroom when we stop.
  • 15. Hotel Rules!!• You may visit with friends until 9:30 pm.• Room checks are conducted at 9:30 pm.• A uniformed police officer will patrol our hallways throughout the night. – Don’t let your room end up on my morning report.• During breakfast, be respectful of other restaurant guests. Clean up after yourself. Manners!!
  • 16. Museum and Tour Rules!!• Your name tag must be visible at all times, all day.• Respect docents, museum employees, other visitors, and yourselves at all times.• No electronics – these should be left at the hotel.• No gum, food, or drinks – expect in designated areas.• No purses or backpacks.
  • 17. In a nutshell…• You are a representative of Swift Creek MS. Do not embarrass your school, your chaperones, your fellow students, your parents, …. – you get the picture.• We want you to have fun, learn everything you can, and return home safely.
  • 18. Don’t let this happen to you!
  • 19. Follow Along From Home
  • 20. Thank You for Coming We’ll see everyone on Monday. 2:00 am Don’t be late!