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  • 1. Looking West U.S. History Bridge to AP Mr. Veliz
  • 2. The Louisiana Purchase
    • Following the French and Indian War who controls the Louisiana Territory?
      • Spain
    • France regains control with the Treaty of Ildefonso (1800), a secret treaty.
      • King Carlos of Spain and Napoleon
    • Spain’s New Orleans policy changes in 1802. U.S. goods would no longer be allowed to travel through the port.
      • What is the U.S. reaction to this?
  • 3. The Louisiana Purchase
    • What is Napoleon’s plans for America?
    • Why do these plans change?
      • Santo Domingo
      • Toussaint Louverture, ice, and mosquitoes
    • Jefferson learns of the secret treaty and offers, through Robert Livingston, to purchase New Orleans and Florida(?) for $10 million.
  • 4. The Louisiana Purchase
    • Having lost Santo Domingo (Haiti), Napoleon sells the entire Louisiana Territory for $15 million.
    • Constitutional questions arise
      • Jefferson leans on the Treaty making powers in the Constitution.
      • 1803 – Senate ratifies the purchase, doubling the size of the United States.
  • 5. The Louisiana Purchase
  • 6. Federalist Opposition
    • Federalists oppose the Purchase. Why?
    • Massachusetts Federalist plan to secede, hoping to form a Northern Confederacy
      • They’ll need the support of New York and New England.
      • They look to Burr for help in New York.
    • Burr’s failure and Hamilton’s death
  • 7. Exploring the West
    • Jefferson sends Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on a scientific expedition out West.
      • Congress agrees for commercial reasons.
      • Is there an all-water route to the Pacific?
  • 8. The Lewis and Clark Expedition