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Andrew bud mef americas 2010 closing day 1 slideshare

  1. 1. EVENT OVERVIEWTuesday, November 30 - December 1, 2010 Miami, Florida
  2. 2. MEF Americas 2010 Day 1 Closing RemarksAndrew BudFounder & Chief Strategy Officer, mBloxChairman, MEF
  3. 3. MEF is 10 years old ... 2
  4. 4. Key messages from todayMobile is more than just content –It can improve the quality of life 3
  5. 5. Context is King 4
  6. 6. Creating ContextSmart Enablers• Consumers have a bigger appetite for consuming mobile content than previously thought• This is driven by a good user experience and accessibility to diverse and rich media content.• Operator enabling services give media/content owners the ability to incorporate key functionalities in their mobile services dramatically improving the end user experience and thereby drive uptake and adoption• There are issues of disconnection, fragmentation and inertia• MEF Smart Enablers Initiative - Working with mobile operators to educate media and content owners / retailers on the potential application of smart enablers 5
  7. 7. Privacy• Do I want you to know my context? • Location/behaviour/history • Timely/ social/relevant• We’ve heard there are opportunities to provide content in context• Do we need to mitigate any risks?• Announcement tomorrow by MEF 6
  8. 8. Cross Platform 7
  9. 9. Everything is Complicated• In LATAM, nothing is easy• Lots of countries, two languages• Fragmented market• Difficult to work with operators• Government taxes• Incredible need for a unifying force along the value chain• MEF is that force 8
  10. 10. What should operators do?• Results of the MEF Leadership summit poll today 9
  11. 11. Helping Operators• Operators are part of the complexity• Revenue shares• Prepaid Data plans• APIs• Codes of conduct• Here today, great readiness to engage on a mutually constructive basis – solutions from partnership• Example: The Unified Code of Conduct• MEF can help coordinate the solutions to many problems confronting operators 10
  12. 12. Everything is Changing• Data will be 50% of internet access in the US in 2013• LATAM is “light-years away” – but will change fast• Entertainment was 100% of transactions – now games are 40% and mobile commerce is coming• Apple challenged by Android – challenged by Ovi?• Form factors, mobile connected devices in cars, homes everywhere• So MEF is changing and adapting• Entertainment and media remain our bastion• But our future lies in personal transactions and services 11
  13. 13. Tomorrow is another day!• Drinks in the breakfast room• Dolby in the Blue room with blue drinks• Registration and Networking Breakfast from 8am-9am tomorrow morning• Theme for the day is Commerce 12