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husys consulting

  2. 2. HUSYS OVERVIEW• Husys started its operations based in Hyderabad in the year 2002 with an aim to redefine Human Resource function• Why Husys? • HR function is all about how to use your people for your better business efficiency. • It is always wise to create support for people when you are small and growing • Husys caters to the need of organizations which require support and guidance for their activities
  3. 3. ACCOLADES• It has evolved into the first and only fully Integrated HR outsourcing organization in India• First HR outsourcing company rated by CRISIL• First to introduce the pooled HR management and startup HR solutions• First to introduce MissionHR• First partner based business associate model in India• One of the first cloud based HRIS application launched in India
  4. 4. OPERATIONS OF HUSYS• HR function Outsourcing• Pooled HR service (NEW)• Startup HR solutions (NEW)• Associate management services• HR consulting• Exclusive search• Training and development• Business incubation
  5. 5. TARGET CUSTOMER• Startups(Non revenue/Little revenue base or Idea on ground stage)• Small organizations( 50L to 10 Cr)• Medium Size organizations( 10 to 500 Cr)
  6. 6. SEGMENTATION• Husys has identified several segments based on the experience it carries • Pharmaceutical • Logistics • Internet • Trading • Manufacturing • Engineering • IT • ITES • Healthcare • Hospitality • Services • Automobile and many more…
  7. 7. DATA COLLECTION AND ALTERNATIVES• Husys assess the organization’s nature according to some predefined set of standards• Every organization is treated exclusively as Husys believes that every organization is unique• Cont..
  8. 8. DATA COLLECTION AND ALTERNATIVES• Steps for changes • Identifying processes for radical changes and support • Identify the major process in the organization • Survey • Determine the process boundaries • Prioritize the processes for reengineering• Cont..
  9. 9. DATA COLLECTION AND ALTERNATIVES• Process selection criteria • Process centrality to the execution of firms business strategy • Process health • Process culture and leadership • Current cost of the process • Manageable project scope
  10. 10. APPROACH/STRATEGIES TO TARGET CUSTOMER• Strategy • Selecting the process • Identify the change enabler • Develop a plan • Choose the alternatives • Understand and improve existing process • Or • Design a new process • Implementation
  11. 11. APPROACH/STRATEGIES TO TARGET CUSTOMER• Approach • Identify the SME’s and the Startup enterprises • Approach the organizations that fulfill the criteria • Apply the strategy stages developed • Review the process changes and the ROI
  12. 12. EXAMPLE• Suppose company XYZ is facing the problems related to the centralization of the database of the employees. Our efficient consultants will approach the company and if signed on will cater to the needs by identifying, redesigning and restructuring the processes. The consultants will review the process time and again and procure the maximum ROI. • Assess • Execute and • Review returns
  13. 13. THANK YOU