Black Mamba and                                                                                      Spice is a Class B dr...
Within minutes hallucinations and             Most users agree that it takes one or two      There is no safe dose. Almost...
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Black Mamba And Spice ALERT


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Black Mamaba and Spice briefing from NHS Nottingham

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Black Mamba And Spice ALERT

  1. 1. Black Mamba and Spice is a Class B drug – If you are found in Black Mamba and Spice are products that, possession the maximum penalty is 5 years when smoked, are made to feel like the in prison and/or an unlimited fine. effects of Cannabis. They are man-made and Spice brought into the UK from other countries. Intent to supply or Supply can get you up to 14 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine. Chemicals are sprayed onto plants to make a AM-2201 and Oleamide – the substances in ‘smoking mixture.’ The most commonly used Black Mamba – are not currently controlled chemicals in the UK at present are JWH – in the UK 018 (on Spice) and AM-2201 and Oleamide (on Black Mamba.) Due to these products being imported into the UK the labels may not represent what is Spice comes in packaging similar to that actually inside the packaging shown and includes brands such as ‘Spice Gold,’ ‘Spice Silver,’ ‘Spice Diamond,’ If you are found to have any unauthorised ‘Amsterdam Gold,’ or ‘Devil’s Weed.’ article in your possession in HMP Hatfield, you will be placed on report. Consideration These drugs should not be confused with will always be given as to your suitability for the real Cannabis called ‘Black Mamba’ or Open Conditions. with the ‘Black Mamba’ product aimed at body builders – these are completely If you are found to have a large quantity or different drugs to be dealing, you may be prosecuted. (Please refer to the Notice to Prisoners The Black Mamba shown has nothing on the ‘Legal Highs’ July 2011 for further packaging informing what the ingredients information.) are. The product looks like light green herbal matter, with no stalks or leaves. What are the effects? What are they? The law and consequences in prison Substance Misuse Team - HMP Hatfield Substance Misuse Team - HMP Hatfield Substance Misuse Team - HMP Hatfield
  2. 2. Within minutes hallucinations and Most users agree that it takes one or two There is no safe dose. Almost all packagesuncomfortable distortions in reality may be days to feel ‘normal’ again after using Black state ‘Not for Human Consumption.’ experienced. Loss of control over parts of Mamba and Spice. Paranoia, depression, If you are going to smoke Spice products or the body occurs and some people may fall anxiety, nausea, irritability, mood changes, Black Mamba use far less than a like for like over. This may be dangerous appetite disturbances, weight loss, sweating, measure of skunk. They are a lot ‘stronger.’ shaking and sleeping problems have all been As with most drugs, smoking in a ‘joint’ The heart may beat very quickly and some reported side effects and withdrawal poses fewer health risks than pipes or users experience panic attacks. symptoms. bongs. BBVs (Blood Bourne Viruses) and Cravings are very common so it is very likely health problems are more likely from using aThe drugs may cause breathing difficulties that these drugs are mentally addictive. pipe or bong. See the Substance Misuse and a very tight feeling in the chest, like Dependence may be influenced by the Team for further information, or healthcareyour lungs are pumped up. Some users got a amount used and how often it’s taken. It is if you require testing for BBVs. severe rash and/or vomited which caused thought that tolerance develops so the more breathing difficulties longer you take it, the more you need to get the effect. These effects can last for half an hour or The long term risks are unknown, however Further Information so before the more desirable cannabis-like they may cause problems with the heart and effects are experienced (relaxation, liver amongst many other issues. This leaflet is based on the most recent appreciation of music, making the world Psychotic illnesses are a real danger. evidence available so if you have any seem a little less dull etc.) Experts are concerned that these questions or want advice or information Effects seem to wear off after 11/2 to 2 substances may be more dangerous than please see Jane or Tracey in the Substancehours if smoked in a bong. Effects should be cannabis due to the way that they are made, Misuse offices on A and B unit shorter-lived if smoked in a ‘joint.’ the chemicals in them and the quantity used. It is also unknown how these substances will People have been taken to hospital after mix with other drugs used such as alcohol References:use. It appears to be at least as addictive as and cannabis. This may make it more Information taken from User accounts, Lifeline, Talk to cannabis. dangerous. Frank,,, and What are the risks? How much should you use? Substance Misuse Team - HMP Hatfield Substance Misuse Team - HMP Hatfield Substance Misuse Team - HMP Hatfield