iOS 7 vs iOS 6


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The new iOS 7 is given a redesign by Apple and this is the most significant update since the release of the original iPhone. We compare iOS 7 to iOS 6 and take a look at major changes on UI.

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iOS 7 vs iOS 6

  1. 1. iOS 7 VS iOS 6, Which One Do You Love More? At the WWDC, Apple Inc. has unveiled the company’s new mobile operating system – the iOS7. The new OS is given a redesign by Apple and is “the biggest change in iOS since the introduction of the iPhone," said Cook. Among all, the hallmark of iOS7 is a graphic design overhaul. So, here we will compare iOS 7 to iOS 6 and take a look at major changes on UI. Cleaner, Flatter Look UI of iOS 7 has been totally torn apart and redesigned. The icons we all know and love are still there, but they have been redrawn in the flat way. The rounded, bubbly icon tiles in iOS 6 have been trimmed to make way for flatter, direct tiles. In addition, Apple has given preference to content over embellished looks and all unnecessary bars and buttons have been stripped off. Simplicity is what iOS 7 pursued. Color and Border Increased use of color and disappearance of border in iOS 7 is one effective way to achieve the concise design conception. It is clever to take advantage of different tags, icons and colors to zone information. Just like one reporter said, “Out the window goes creativity and in comes plain, black and white all over”.
  2. 2. 3D Layers As compared to a totally flat interface, iOS 7 is actually a bit layered. The build-in motion sensors are used to give it a cool effect. So, as you tilt your phone, the layers also move in 3D-like fashion, producing more depth behind the icons and the image. As a whole, the OS lets you focus on apps that you need and puts the things that you are not using in the background layer. After all, Apple Inc. has taken a very important step, breaking the conception of its predecessor to better user experience. So, let’s just wait in hope for official release of iOS 7!
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