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Party your way to success with party plan and NLP. Increase you party plan sales

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Party your way to success sample

  1. 1. Direct Sales Party Plan Guide Party Your Way To SuccessChapter 3 – The 5 Step Party PlanUsing the 5 Steps for Successful Party PlanningNow that we have discussed how great it would be to market yourproducts by planning a party, and we have also covered the 5 Step Processand how it works, we may proceed to combining the two for great success.It is not enough that you organize a party, but you need to know how todo it and make it work for you. The best way to achieve your goals ofbuilding a solid team and selling successfully, is to incorporate the NLPtechniques, particularly the 5 Step Process, to your party.If you are determined to grow your Party Plan business, you need theknow-how and to learn about the smart ways to apply NLP into yourmarketing. Strategic planning, helpful research, expert advice and evencoaching, can really boost your NLP and sales expertise.What is NLP’s role in Party Plan and vice versa?NLP, if you remember, is based on linguistics, communication andbehavioural pattern. What better way to practice all these methods than toget in a room with a crowd? Thus, social gatherings complement NLP, andare a great avenue to practice and execute the NLP techniques.Party Plan on the other hand, can be very successful when combined withNLP, increasing both your sales and recruiting results. NLP is 1
  2. 2. Direct Sales Party Plan Guide Party Your Way To Successused whether the subject is aware or not, the fact that people care aboutmaking their parties and events fun, pleasant and exciting, is already anNLP principle.How does one start with this great marketing campaign strategy?Simple, learn NLP, and plan a party. Before we get on to the next topic-the 5 Step Process, let‟s first discuss how you can get your party NLPready. 1. Decorate your home or the party venue with paintings or posters of images that are bright and pleasant, and related to your product line. For instance, if you are selling or promoting food supplements and health products, display visuals of fruits and vegetables, and if you can, find or print these healthy images with a family, children, a nice house, dream vacations, you get the idea. 2. Choose the music for your party that is soothing, but not boring. You can‟t afford your guests to be bored and leave early, before you do your presentation. You can play some upbeat music too, but not too loud. 3. Throw in NLP scripts in you short announcements and conversations. A very basic NLP script is the subtle, hidden use of trigger words relating to your products and the joy of buying. For instance, if you are marketing a jewellery brand, incorporating phrases like, „it 2
  3. 3. Direct Sales Party Plan Guide Party Your Way To Success make you feel like a million dollars‟ or „it makes me feel like a million dollars‟ in your normal conversation would be a good idea. 4. Prepare your Sales script and subtly incorporate NLP trigger words that encourage buying. Some of the most effective trigger phrases are those – a) That offer people a choice between two products- “Would you like to buy the delicate silver chain or the one with a chunky pendant?” b) That offer an additional product with the presumption that your client has a need for it- “So, what pendant will you wear with the chain, this one would look good. Or, shall I pack the jewellery cleaning kit with the rest of you purchases?” c) Positive words that make your customers feel that they have benefitted from the purchase. The table below gives a list of positive sales words that you can use to replace the negative 3
  4. 4. Direct Sales Party Plan Guide Party Your Way To Success Positive Sales Words/Phrases Negative Sales Words/Phrases Investment Price or Cost Own Buy or Purchase Package Deal Offer Sell Happy to help you Open to assisting you Challenge Problem/Issue More economical Cheaper Experiencing Using the product/service Future Client Prospect Opportunity Proposal d) Words and phrases that elicit emotional responses, such as “the pleasure of experiencing”, “joy of owning”, “feels great”, etc.Now to apply what you learned about the NLP 5 Step Process:1. Tips on how to build Rapport with your guests: 1 Learn about party plan best practices. Know the dos and donts of hosting a party, and the previously discussed do‟s and don‟ts of the 5 Step 4
  5. 5. Direct Sales Party Plan Guide Party Your Way To Success 2 Greet everyone with the same warm and friendly tone, careful enough not to ignore or show lack of interest in any guest. 3 Make sure you get to chat with all your guests, and ask them how they are and some other trivial things about their work or families. 4 Make them feel comfortable and welcome. Be extra nice and entertaining to everyone. 5 Although this party was organized for you and your marketing campaign, make your guests feel it‟s all about them. When chatting with your guests, remember they are your prospects, and you need to let them talk about themselves, with you listening attentively. 6 Practice your smile in front of a mirror. A pleasant and sincere smile can do wonders for building a network. 7 Be confident. Do not get shaky or doubtful about yourself and what to say. Prepare your presentation or product presentation, your spiels, but you need to be spontaneous and ready for anything.2. Tips on how to ask Questions from your 5
  6. 6. Direct Sales Party Plan Guide Party Your Way To Success 1 The party‟s objective is to build your network, establish relationships, market your products and get to know your guests. Inquire about appropriate topics and pay attention to what your guests tell you. 2 Ask the right kind of questions. Neither too casual nor too intrusive. 3 Do not to interrupt your guests while they are talking and listen attentively.3. Tips on how to identify your guests’ needs: 1 You will able to get a lot of information about your guests in the casual atmosphere of the party. Catching at social gatherings after all is all about the new developments in peoples‟ lives. As the consultant you are likely to be the centre of attention and it won‟t take you too long to gather vital information about the latest in your guests‟ lives. File this information in your head and use it to form your sales pitch. For example, let‟s say you get to know that someone is planning to visit an out-of-town friend soon; you may suggest your product as a good gift for your prospect‟s friend. 2 Identify as quickly as possible the general need of your guests and use that information when you do your product introduction and present your 6
  7. 7. Direct Sales Party Plan Guide Party Your Way To Success4. Tips on how to link the needs of your guests to your products:A good idea is to put all your products on display and include theinformation you have gathered about your guests to form a sales pitch thatdespite sounding inclusive has parts that cater to exclusive guests needs.For example, let‟s say you are displaying your home improvement rangeand while chatting with your guests you discovered that one of them isunder a lot of stress at work and another has just found a long lost friendand is planning a catch up session soon. Now in your sales pitch you canmention how your products will make for excellent gifts and can also makethe home environment more soothing and thus create a perfectatmosphere for de-stressing.Tips on Getting Onward BookingsYour party will be truly successful if you get onward bookings as well. Yourhost is your best advertisement for this option. Make sure your host ishappy with the arrangement, give her credit repeatedly whenever someonegives you a compliment for your party organization skills or says thatthey‟ve had a good time. Be the centre of attention but make sure youdeflect a lot to your host as well. Identify the most social people at theparty, (they are the ones who are likely to be potential hosts) and makesure you manage to spend sometime with them and make them aware ofthe benefits of hosting. People who look interested but do not buy are 7
  8. 8. Direct Sales Party Plan Guide Party Your Way To Successexcellent potential hosts, as they would love the idea of getting yourproducts at a discounted price or for free!5. Tips on how to do your closing:Before the party ends, you need to be able to make sure that everyonehad fun, you have served them good food and beverages, you took all theircontact details and you have gotten the majority interested in knowingmore about your products and even buying them upfront.The success of your event should not be gauged on how much you‟ve sold,but how happy your guests were and how many you‟ve booked to hosttheir own party. Look at their faces before your guests leave, and assesshow well you‟ve done with this venture. Don‟t forget to do a follow up andcontinue to build relationships and ties with your 8