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Increase your sales using NLP

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Book Power And Persuasion

  1. 1. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success
  2. 2. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing SuccessChapter 3Using The 5 Step Process for Network Marketing SuccessIf you are determined to grow your Network Marketing businessyou need to learn about the smart ways to apply NLP into yourmarketing campaign. Strategic planning, helpful research, expertadvice and even coaching can really boost your NLP and salesexpertise.What constitutes effective Network Marketing?The answer is a three letter word: NLP. Everyone understands theimportance of social interaction and gathering contacts. However,not everyone knows how to do this effectively in order to turnprospects into customers.NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming ensures all NetworkMarketing strategies get positive and productive results. By usingthe NLP techniques and tactics in generating leads you can counton a significant increase in actual sales results. To personally testthis business forecast you may try your own marketing campaignand incorporate the corresponding NLP techniques.A True Story of Network Marketing SuccessAnyone who has started a business has to expect only one of twoprobable outcomes, success or failure. Success is not justmeasured by the revenue or income generated but is also basedon how much an individual has profited in terms of knowledge,skills, connection and 2
  3. 3. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing SuccessFailure, too, is not measured by the revenue or income generated;one may have made significant financial profit, but has not grownin anyway thus giving up too easily. You can decide on whetheryou are determined enough to succeed or walk away withouttrying, failing in every sense.Take my example, for many years I had been in MLM and triedevery possible means to get ahead. We had all sorts of marketingcampaigns and ways to get our product out and increase our database of distributors. But when I couldn’t attain the success Iwanted I would blame the company, the product or thecompensation plan.It wasn’t until I started to look within that I saw that the real issuewas me! I had not grown mentally and personally to handle andacquire the wealth that I desired. And it was with this realisationthat led me to start researching and finding ways that to improvemyself as well as my MLM business.That is when I came across NLP and began to utilise it not only inmy personal growth but also in my business. I became fluent andfamiliar with the 5 step process and began to practice it on mypotential prospects. I began to teach it to my team in conjunctionwith the system we were using. And needless to say our businessstarted booming and we reached the levels we desired.Today, I have my own team and have developed training systemsfor MLM companies, coach clients on how to build a successfulMLM using NLP and run seminars.
  4. 4. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing SuccessLet us now talk about very important things to considerbefore you start your Network Marketing business:1. Make sure that the company, products and services yourepresent are legitimate, legal and have been proven to sell andmake other people profitable. It is indeed a bold move if youshould start something new.2. Set your expectations properly. Be realistic and fully preparedfor your chosen endeavour. You have to carefully plan yourfinances, timelines, personal preparation and agenda for themonths to come. Whatever the outcome is, you must have correctexpectations and a complete strategic plan to make it work. Manypeople fail in MLM as they don’t have a business plan. So, getserious and plan your business.3. Put on your game face and be emotionally ready. When youenter into the Multi-Level Marketing business, you need tounderstand that people have consumer preferences and so youmust be prepared to answer questions and scrutiny.People you plan to recruit or sign up will also be asking you agreat deal of questions about your company so make sure you areready to answer them, highlighting the best of the company yourepresent and the privileges it has to offer.4. Assess your status and logistics. Aim high, but not too high thatit’s impossible to achieve your goals. Analyze what you can andcannot do, and focus on the things you can 4
  5. 5. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success5. Research, research, research. Get online and find outeverything you can about your company, the trends, the market,NLP and today’s marketing strategies. Do not rely too much onyour team or the demand of your products. Your success dependson you so get the knowledge and the skills you need.How to Incorporate the 5 Step Process into NetworkMarketing?Hopefully, after reading chapter 2, you have a clear idea of howthe five step sales process works. So we’ll take that step further,focus on the process one step at a time and give tips andsuggestions to make the best use of each.1. Building RapportThe first step towards building a relationship is to establishharmony and connection with the other party. Rapport is oftenneglected and others even find it a waste of time. That should notbe the case when you are trying to create a solid network. How to build rapport:  Have a friendly approach and be courteous at all times. Be polite, careful in choosing your words and smile when you greet your prospects.  Make your prospect feel comfortable and at ease. It’s important to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for you and your prospect so that you two can communicate effectively. If you are to set
  6. 6. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success up the meeting place, choose a convenient and conducive place for you and your prospect to talk. Dress professionally, but not too formally, and make your prospect feel that they have dressed appropriately for the meeting.  Remember that it is not about you and it’s all about your prospect. Listen attentively, be empathetic and patient.  When it is your time to speak and share your views, or casually engage in a conversation, speak confidently and avoid fidgeting. Practice your delivery, do not be overly assertive and be sensitive towards your prospects.  Don’t rush your prospect or oblige them to listen to you. Instead make your meeting an exchange of views. Also be mindful of your prospect’s attention span and time.  Don’t jump the gun when it comes to talking about business. Getting into the sales pitch mode too soon could backfire on you.  Matching and Mirroring the actions and body language of your client can also help you build a great rapport with them. Take note of the manner in which they speak, their body language and general behavior and try to respond to them in 6
  7. 7. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success same way. For example, if your prospect talks slowly, keep your pace of speech slow as well. Similarly if you are interacting with someone who seems under-confident and avoids maintaining eye contact, it would be best not to show off your confidence. A courteous, soft spoken approach would give you better results. You can start practicing your rapport-building skills by applying these simple tips whenever you are meeting with a prospect. If you are meeting someone for the first time, let’s say a working mum, and your objective is to sign her up, start with a friendly and warm greeting. Remember to personalize your greeting and use the most appropriate approach according to your prospect’s background. Ask your prospect, the working mum, how she is, how her kids are and sincerely tell her you appreciate her time, thank her for her effort. Make her feel comfortable by starting a light conversation she can relate with. Since you’re trying to close a deal with your prospect, you can insert topics that have a connection with motherhood or even talk about her work and how she manages her time. When it’s time to introduce your company or your network unit, be sure to say it in a way that she can still engage in the topic and relate to it with her personal experiences. Be attentive, make sure you pay attention,
  8. 8. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success and do your best not to lose hers. Observe your prospect and call upon her attention by keeping her interested in the topic and addressing her by her name. By establishing a connection with your prospects, you succeed in executing the first goal of the 5 Step Process and you gain their trust and confidence. In order to do this you must be friendly, charismatic, attentive and interested. 2. Asking Questions The best way to learn is to ask questions. When you successfully build a connection with your prospects, you can ask questions about them with the aim to find out what they need. So be curious and always ask your potential prospects about anything that will help you in effectively selling your products or signing them up.How to inquire effectively and what are the rightquestions to ask:  Ask questions relevant to your prospect’s personal and professional background without sounding too intrusive. The best way to do this is to link your questions to a casual observation. So, for instance, if you want to find out about the personal spending habits of your prospect, you can make a casual observation like, “I love how you’ve done up your home, it’s very classy, looks like you favor 8
  9. 9. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success …(insert the name of an up market shopping street or mall here) stores.  Ask the questions that will help you find out what your prospect needs, what kind of products you can offer and how you can sell or get your prospect to sign up. Ask whether they have tried any of your products or similar items. Find out what they prefer in your product category and what else they need to improve on any aspect, personal or professional.  Engage your prospects and be sure to ask questions that will get them to participate and stay interested in the conversation. Make it a point to tap into your prospect’s past experiences, current status, relevant news or subject matter. And always ask them in a manner that shows you are interested in what they have to say.  While in a meeting, you’ll know it’s time to start asking questions when your prospect begins to open up and volunteer information. Say you’re meeting with a bachelor and a professional and you want to know how you can sell him your product package and get him to join your network despite his busy schedule. You can ask subtly about his line of work, tapping into his workload and his schedule.  You also need to ask questions directly and indirectly, depending on the level of comfort
  10. 10. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success between you and your prospect, about his product preferences and spending behavior. Finding out what your prospect can and cannot afford is key to offering the right type of product or membership. It is best to research on the background of your prospects prior to setting up meetings.  You will notice that conversations usually follow a see-saw pattern where you have to give a little first to get a little. So, a good way of getting people to open up is to share a bit of personal information related to the subject you want them to talk about. When you have some information it will be useful to ask further about certain aspects like their job, their marital status, and casually lead them into talking about their professional and financial status. You can also try to find out what products you have or similar items that they may find useful and affordable. Identify a Need Remember that you are in the business of creating a network, and selling and providing good customer service. You are therefore a vessel of service, providing solutions to help your prospects. You can sell or convince anyone to sign up by appealing to their personal needs and benefits. It is imperative to ask questions and in the process discover what your prospect needs in relation to the products and services you 10
  11. 11. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success How to identify your prospect’s needs:  You don’t need your prospect to spell out all their needs for you. Paying attention to their environment and body language can reveal a lot as well. For instance, if you notice that your prospect is fidgety and nervous, you can gauge that he/she needs products that can help them boost their self- confidence levels. Similarly, a spick and span house will tell you that your prospect is very particular about hygiene, cleanliness and organization and will have a need for products that can help her maintain or up her standards.  Listen to your prospects while they tell you trivial stuff and stories, these will give you a clue of the things they find important. When you succeed in building a rapport you can get your prospects to open up to you by telling them some stories of your own, in turn making them feel comfortable to share some revealing stories about their personal and professional life.  Find out what their challenges and problems are. Subtle questioning techniques and exchanging stories can reveal a lot.  Keep your ears open and stay alert so that you can catch on conversational threads and build on them. For example, let’s say you represent an MLM
  12. 12. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success company that’s in the business of selling books and in the course of your conversation your prospect reveals how she has a hard time getting any peace in the house as her children refuse to sit in one place for long. Now this thread may not be directly related to your business, but it is definitely a need that your books can fulfill, provided you build on the thread smartly and create direct need for books to help keep her children interested in sitting on one place. Give enough time for your prospect to open up and tell you important information that would be useful for your goal to sell or sign them up. For instance, in the middle of your meeting, a stay-at-home mum tells you that she has been having financial difficulties for some reason like property acquisition or personal and family expenses. You have now identified the need for extra income and additional financial source. You can now formulate how you can help her and also benefit from signing her up. Identifying the need is crucial and will lead to the next step. 3. Linking The Need To Your Products By identifying the needs of your prospects you can easily link them with the products and services you offer. If they have financial difficulties you can convince them to sign up with you and get extra income by networking like the example we discussed in the previous 12
  13. 13. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success How to effectively link your prospect’s need to your products or Network Company:  Remember that there is a solution to every problem. It’s important that you are well aware of the all the benefits and potential of your business, your network unit or your products.  You can always identify a certain need but remember that it won’t always be related to your business. For example, a prospect may not need the jewelry you are marketing but may reveal during the course of the conversation that they have just invested in a new house and are therefore facing a cash crunch. Now this need may not be connected to jewelry but definitely points to a need for extra income that your network marketing opportunity can provide.  The mark of a good sales person and network builder is creating a need and a high demand for each and every product or service. So, if someone says they don’t need to buy new jewelry, check with them if they need a jewelry box or maintenance kit. You can in fact also create the need for gifts by suggesting how your pieces can be the perfect solution for their gifting needs. For example, with the stay-at-home mum, since you have identified her need for extra income you can offer a solution
  14. 14. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success to her problem. Give her the idea to join your network and establish her own business. Highlight the best reasons for buying your products or registering, and emphasize how it will be beneficial for her if she should purchase and resell your products or sign up with you. 5. Closing This is the last of the 5 Step Process and is as important as any of them. In fact in sales or transactions, the Closing is the stage to determine whether you have succeeded. Never walk away feeling defeated. Tell yourself that you can’t take no for an answer. The NLP techniques are best tested in persuading people, so practice them and make sure you aim for the majority of your transaction closing to have a positive outcome. How to close like a Pro:  The outcome of every meeting should always be positive whether you have sold your product in the same meeting or not. You should gain a business or a personal friend. Always aim for a Win-Win situation and closure.  You can be direct in your approach in wrapping up the transaction. If you use the direct approach, you display confidence and expertise; you also lead them into matching your tone and enthusiasm, which makes for an effective closing 14
  15. 15. Power of Persuasion The 5 Step Guide to Network Marketing Success  You can be subtle but suave by concentrating on convincing your prospect in your closing approach. If you instead choose the subtle emotional approach over the direct approach, you need to observe your prospect’s behavioral pattern and be able to tell their soft spot. The most common of all emotional spots in customers is emphasizing your connection and the trust they have in you. Make them feel that you’re a friend, that they can trust you and you are there to help.  Make your prospects feel that they are triumphant and have so much to gain from your transaction. Congratulate them and set their expectations of gaining more profit by investing in your company. Promotional tactics like making the customers feel you have given them so much and that they have all the advantages, is also another effective closing tactic. A perfect example is a scenario wherein you are about to end your meeting with an interested individual but who is still reluctant because of financial issues. You need to emphasize that your prospect is making a smart investment and not spending senselessly. When you make your prospect feel good about signing up or buying, you both walk away winners and fulfilled.