World Cafe´<br />
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1<br />Discuss each headline issue and write down key words and ideas <br />Rank the order of importance for your communit...
World Cafe´<br />
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World cafe and curriculum development session v1 0


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  • Brief introduction regarding the appropriateness of the world cafe exercise to draw out important headline ideas from the group that will be referred to throughout the workshop.Transition statement: reference the CYFN logo, noting the map of the Yukon overlain on the image of circle...the community all together...the world.
  • Complete the reference of the motif of Yukon, community and the global village. Transition statement: identify how we all have unique experiences and understanding of our communities – and we impact others through all of our actions – in our professional and personal lives.
  • As CELCs, your impact could be compared to a drop hitting the water. You may not feel as though your actions have a large impact, not or without far reaching effects. But, each action we make has a ripple effect – much like each drop in a pond. Schools and the education system of the Yukon as a whole might seem like a large pond – but the effect of your actions has an effect...Transition statement: ...just like the concentric rings of a splash in a pond – moving outwards in all directions.
  • Transition statement: And like water droplets in a pond...the effects of others impacts can be felt and overlap with your own.
  • ...creating rings of overlapping interest and activity – that shape the surface of the water – shape your schools – shape your community.Transition Statement: And indeed we are all so very different in our personalities and professional strengths, that our impacts are not equal or in any way the same...
  • ...but rather – all different and of equally important – and messy and always changing from day to day as we grow and learn. Transition Statement: I like this image that is a metaphor for the messiness of interactions – as opposed to the alternative view that we are all operating in isolation in a box...
  • ...affecting only the area around ourselves. Working in isolation limits the natural state of our personal and and professional lives – where we are interested in others and express a desire to affect positive change and share our experiences to shape our communitiesTransition Statement: lets return to the idea of creativity and the uniqueness of our experiences and interactions...
  • ...and translate idea into our first activity of this workshop – our world cafe.
  • Transition slide only
  • Explain the process using the slide.
  • End of session.Share with CELCs that the information gathered during this session will be posted on the walls to inspire out thinking throughout the day – and will also form the start point for our CELC Empowerment Curriculum session on Day 2.
  • World cafe and curriculum development session v1 0

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    10. 10. 1<br />Discuss each headline issue and write down key words and ideas <br />Rank the order of importance for your community and school from 1 (most) to 5 (least)<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />Review what others have contributed and add connections and extensions<br />Posted up as food for thought and as a start point for further discussions<br />
    11. 11. World Cafe´<br />