Selection committee 2012


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Meet the selection committee for the 2012 WATER AND FOOD AWARD

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Selection committee 2012

  1. 1. Selection Committee 2012 The Humanitarian Water and Food Award 2012
  2. 2. Professor, Ashok Swain I am happy and honored to be part of this noble and important effortProfessor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala UniversitySweden. Director of the Uppsala Centre for SustainableDevelopment. PhD from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, NewDelhi in 1991, and since then he has been teaching at the UppsalaUniversity, Sweden.He has been a Mac Arthur Fellow at the University ofChicago, visiting fellows at UN Research Institute for SocialDevelopment, Geneva; University Witwatersrand, SouthAfrica, University of Science, Malaysia, University of BritishColumbia and University of Maryland. He has written extensivelyon environmental security and international water sharing issues.He has also worked as a consultant for various UNagencies, OSCE, NATO, EC, IISS, Government of Singapore andGovernment of Sweden.Competencies: Environmental security, Peace and ConflictResolution
  3. 3. Engineer, Amer Kamal“I am motivated by the fact that it’s important to awardwork that also serves the mankind and that has a goal- set of becoming valuable for everybody. It is a motivating factor to award a behaviour and history shows that you get back what you give.”Amer Kamal is a Civil Engineer, DTU – Denmark’s TechnicalUniversity. He runs his own business retail branch with severalbusiness concepts, and is a business concept developer. Hecarries out Leadership education; Crisis management andChange management within project organization. He is headof building projects at the largest entrepreneur company inDenmark. Amer Kamal is also a member of Rotary, Water andFood Award board. Competencies: Finance, Project Management, Civil Society
  4. 4. Consultant Ellen Buch-Hansen I am pleased to be able to support this very worthwhile initiative promoting vision and inspiration for people world-wide to improve their conditions.Ellen Buch-Hansen has a M.Sc. Human Geography, Sociology andAnthropology. She has a broad experience record working withdevelopment issues in very different contexts: in a Danish NGO, in alocal Kenyan NGO, as consultant and advisor and in Danida/Ministryof Foreign Affairs, from which she recently retired. Ellen Buch-Hansen is also member of Roster for Peace and Stability Response.She has working experience from a range of countries in Africa andAsia. Her areas of experience include Civil Societydevelopment, Water and Sanitation, Agricultural Sector, NaturalResource Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Gender, HumanRights & Democracy, Disaster Response and finally Sustainability as across cutting issue in all activities.Competences: Water and Sanitation, Agricultural Sector, Monitoringand Evaluation, Civil Society, Human Rights andDemocracy, Gender, Sustainability
  5. 5. Director, Jørgen SchlundtJørgen Schlundt is Director at the National FoodInstitute, Technical University of Denmark. He has a Veterinarydegree as well as a Ph.D. from the CopenhagenUniversity, Denmark. Jørgen Schlundt has worked at theBacteriology Department in the Veterinary ResearchLaboratory, Harare, and at the Environmental Protection Agencylaboratories in the Research Triangle Park, USA.He was Director of the Department of Food Safety and Zoonosis atthe World Health Organization, Geneva for more than 10years, and has participated in a number of international scientificbodies, including OECD expert groups, WHO and FAO ExpertConsultations, EU Scientific Committees, and the FAO/WHO Codexalimentarius Commission. In 2007-2012 Jørgen Schlundt wasacting as well as the Deputy Director for the WHO Department ofNutrition.Competences: Environment and FoodSecurity, Management, Research, International Development
  6. 6. Director, Jonas ChristoffersenJonas Christoffersen is Doctor of Law and ExecutiveDirector, Danish Institute of Human Rights. He has a backgroundas an associate professor in human rights and specialized innational and international human rights.From 2006-2007, Jonas Christoffersen was an acting judge at theEastern High Court. Previously he was employed as a deputy judgeat the Supreme Court of Denmark.Jonas Christoffersen has also been a member of the board of DIHRand has for years been very active in the public debate on humanrights.Competences: International Human Rights; Rights BasedDevelopment
  7. 7. Consultant Henning Saaboell QuoteHenning Saaboell is managing consultant at Alectia A/S and isformer managing director at a water supply company. Hiscompetences built up over the years are within WaterManagement, Water Supply, Management, Economy and Strategy.Henning Saabøll is also Chairman for Water and Sanitation, RotaryDistrict 1470.Competences: Water Management, WaterSupply, Management, Economy and Strategy
  8. 8. Consultant, Steve PickeringFood and water security is a crucial problem that has tobe solved to maintain peace and prosperity in the world. By identifying and promoting the best projects, we canhelp broadcast the messages to a global audience and in this way contribute to providing practical and sustainable solutions to food and water supplySteve Pickering is a management consultant with B-innovationRenewables in Copenhagen, Denmark engaged in establishinginternational co-operation in the field of marine renewableenergy. He is from London, England and is bank-educated. He isvice-chairman of ShelterBox Denmark, the Danish affiliate of aleading disaster relief NGO and is a Past President of CopenhagenInternational Rotary Club.Competences: Relief, Disaster Response, Renewable Energy