Ignite Potential – Value exchange networks (Stephen Gay and Rich Radka)


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What does every successful start-up, venture capitalist and savvy designer know? It’s that “value exchange networks” have the power to ignite massive human potential to grow business and delight consumers through connected services. If you’ve checked in with Foursquare, rated a seller on eBay, or answered a question on Quora, then you’ve participated in a value exchange network. So what are value exchange networks? They are networks in which the value is co-created and exchanged in a decentralized and distributed way by all participants – consumers are transformed into creators, promoters, problem-solvers, and even co-owners. Today most industries are being transformed by leveraging these value exchange networks. Services are shifting from an era in which companies created and delivered monolithic offerings to passive consumers, to an era in which services exist as networks of value co-creation. In this new landscape, lines separating consumer and company are dissolving, and companies are acting as enablers of value creation, discovery, and exchange rather than solely creators and distributors.

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Ignite Potential – Value exchange networks (Stephen Gay and Rich Radka)

  1. 1. Value  Exchange  Networks   Igni9ng  Poten9al  stephengay   richradka  
  2. 2. Who  is…  stephengay   richradka  
  3. 3. Intuit   Bryce   Claro  Partners  stephengay   richradka  
  4. 4. Tradi9onal   Value  Exchange  Network  stephengay   richradka  
  5. 5. What  is  a  Value  Exchange  Network?   is  a  system  where  value  is  co-­‐created  and   exchanged  -­‐  in  a  distributed  way  -­‐  by  a  network   of  par9cipants.  stephengay   richradka  
  6. 6. Who’s  used  stephengay   richradka  
  7. 7. How Airbnb worksstephengay   richradka  
  8. 8. How  is  AirBnb  a  Value  Exchange  Network   What’s  the  Opportunity?  stephengay   richradka  
  9. 9. How  is  AirBnb  a  Value  Exchange  Network   Host Guest I  have  extra  space  and  I  want   I  want  to  travel  and  stay     to  make  some  money  to  pay   in  a  unique  space,  and     my  rent/mortgage.   I  have  a  limited  budget.   Enablerstephengay   richradka  
  10. 10. The  Value  Proposi9on   AirBnb  allows  people  to  list  and  book   unique  accommoda9ons  around  the  world.  stephengay   richradka  
  11. 11. The  Benefit   Host Guest Hosts  can  list  everything  from   Guests  can  find  a  variety  of   a  spare  bed  to  an  apartment   accommoda9ons     or  house  and  find  renters  to   (from  bed  to  house  to  castle)   pay  them  for  their  extra   filtered  by  price  and  property   space.  Hosts  earn  an  average   aVributes,  typically  10-­‐50%   of  $4-­‐5K/year  ren9ng  out  for   cheaper  than  a  hotel.   4  nights/month.  stephengay   richradka  
  12. 12. stephengay   richradka  
  13. 13. The  Igniter   Launched  with  2008  Democra9c  Na9onal  Conven9on  in  Denver.  Emailed  every   blogger  and  told  them  about  Airbnb.    Leveraged  that  to  get  CNN.  Remarketed  to   guests  to  spread  the  word  &  become  hosts.  stephengay   richradka  
  14. 14. Sustainability   Post  More   Greater   Accommoda9ons   Selec9on   AVrac9ng     More  Guests   More  Reviews  &     Word  of  Mouth  stephengay   richradka  
  15. 15. The  Results   500%  growth   in  worldwide  bookings  in  2011     5  million   nights  booked  since  2008     Accommoda9ons  in   19,000  ci9es  &  192  countries     Airbnb  surpassed  Hilton  in  number  of  rooms  booked  last  year.  stephengay   richradka  
  16. 16. Value  Exchange  Network   Trust  stephengay   richradka  
  17. 17. Who’s  used  stephengay   richradka  
  18. 18. How Kickstarter worksstephengay   richradka  
  19. 19. stephengay   richradka  
  20. 20. What’s  the  Opportunity?   Funder   Creator   I  like  connec9ng  with  crea9ve   I  have  a  project  idea  and  need   people  by  suppor9ng     a  simple  way  to  collect  money   their  projects.   from  my  network  and   beyond.  stephengay   richradka  
  21. 21. The  Benefits   Funder   Creator   Funders  are  able  to  get  to   Creators  are  able  to  list  a   know  the  creators  of  unique   project  and  a  variety  of   projects  through  videos  &   funding  incen9ves  through  a   tes9monials  and  par9cipate   secure  collec9on  service.   through  a  range  of  funding   op9ons.  stephengay   richradka  
  22. 22. The  Igniter   Seeded  the  network  and  subsidized  the  creator:     Ac9vely  recruited  ar9sts  to  submit  projects  and  offered  the  service  free  to  them.    stephengay   richradka  
  23. 23. Sustainability   More  Creators,     Greater  Selec9on   More  Projects   More  Projects     Funded   More  Funders  stephengay   richradka  
  24. 24. The  Results   Nearly  $320  million  pledged     More  than  2.2  million  people  pledged  cash     More  than  18,000  projects  were  successfully  funded   Kickstarter  now  raises  more  money  than  the   Na;onal  Endowment  for  the  Arts    stephengay   richradka  
  25. 25. Four  Guiding  Principles   1.  Uncover  the  Opportuni9es   2.  Be  an  Enabler   3.  Know  the  Roles   4.  Ignite  the  Value  stephengay   richradka  
  26. 26. 1.  Uncover  the  Opportuni9es   Ask  “What  are  the  opportuni9es?”   Who  are  the  two  target  customers?     How  do  they  interact  in  the  world  today?  stephengay   richradka  
  27. 27. Novice  Customer   Experienced  Customer   I’m  new  to  the  network  and   I’m  always  helping  friends   need  help  selng  up  my   with  their  technical  issues.   phone.  stephengay   richradka  
  28. 28. 2.  Be  an  Enabler   Ask  “What  can  be  exchanged?”   Exchange  Types   Resources   Knowledge   Capabili9es   Connec9ons    stephengay   richradka  
  29. 29. Student   Teacher   I’m  a  na9ve  English  speaker,   I’m  a  na9ve  Spanish  speaker.   but  would  like  to  learn   Spanish.    stephengay   richradka  
  30. 30. 3.  Know  the  Roles   Ask  “What  are  the  roles?”     What  are  the  Consumer,  Producer     and  Enabler  Roles  stephengay   richradka  
  31. 31. 3.  Know  the  Roles   Enabler  Roles   Host   Crowd-­‐Gatherer   Network  Enhancer  stephengay   richradka  
  32. 32. Lender   Borrower   I’m  looking  to  get  a  return  on   I’m  looking  to  borrow  money,   my  money  and  have  some   that  tradi9onal  banks  won’t   security.   lend  me.   Enabler   Enables  group  lending  for   both  the  lender  and  the   borrower.  stephengay   richradka  
  33. 33. 4.  Ignite  the  Value   Ask  “How  can  you  get  it  started?”     Ignite  Types   Price  subsidies   Seeding  content   AVrac9ng  marquee  users    stephengay   richradka  
  34. 34. Gamer   Game  Creator  I’m  looking  for  the  next  great   I’ve  mastered  the  game  and  game  experience.     want  to  create  new   challenges.   Enabler   Enables  gamers  to  create   levels  and  share  with  the   community.  stephengay   richradka  
  35. 35. Four  Guiding  Principles   1.  Uncover  the  Opportuni9es   2.  Be  an  Enabler   3.  Know  the  Roles   4.  Ignite  the  Value  stephengay   richradka  
  36. 36. People  don’t  want  to  fit  into  tradi;onal  roles.  stephengay   richradka  
  37. 37. Stephen  Gay   stephen_gay@intuit.com   twiVer:  stephengay   Rich  Radka   rich.radka@claropartners.com   twiVer:  richradka  stephengay   richradka