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Week 08 Powerpoint
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Week 08 Powerpoint


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Slides from the class

Slides from the class

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. MKTG2032 / MKTG 7037
        • Internet Marketing
        • Series II
    • 2. Now to really push the limits
    • 3.  
    • 4. Assessment Topics
      • Microblogging
      • Blogging
      • Social networking
      • Meme tracking websites
      • Social bookmarking
      • Online auctions
      • Bittorrent
      • The Principle of Rick Rolling
      • M-Commerce
      • Self publishing platform
    • 5. Semester Part B Subject Reboot
    • 6. Planned Schedule
      • Five topics
        • Services
        • Lifestreaming, Value Creation and UGC
        • Business to Computer: Search Engine Optimisation
      • One review + Future of the Internet
    • 7. Virtual versus Value
    • 8. Virtualisation and Marketing
      • Virtualisation, the distribution of the sense of self into fragmented conversations, and the importance of value-in-use over value-in-ownership is recasting the role of marketing from matchmaker of customer and place, into matchmediator of experience provider and experiences
    • 9. R ole of situation in consumer behaviour
    • 10. Situational influences
      • Four main types of situations
        • Communication situation
          • Where? Alone or with others? Surrounding noise?
        • Purchase situation
          • Where? Alone or with others? In a hurry?
        • Usage situation
          • With guests or alone? For pleasure or for work?
        • Disposal situation
          • Before the next purchase? Trade-ins?
          • After the purchase, e.g. packagin
    • 11. Attitude c omponents and manifestations
    • 12. SDL Value in use Services marketing as the delivery of the intangible
    • 13. Microblogging / Lifestreaming
    • 14. Microblogging
      • Microblogging: Posting short thoughts and ideas to a personal blog, particularly by using instant messaging software or a cell phone
      • Specifications
        • Short posts (140 character limit) ‏
        • Topicality and Immediacy
        • Transient commentaries
        • Sense of conversation
    • 15. Related Technique
      • Lifestreaming
        • An online record of a person's daily activities, either via direct video feed or via aggregating the person's online content such as blog posts, social network updates, and online photos
    • 16. Pack Leader: Twitter
    • 17. In the news recently…
      • On his way to the police station, Buck took out his cell phone and sent a message to his friends and contacts using the micro-blogging site Twitter.
      • The message only had one word. "Arrested."
    • 18. Google's Weapon of Choice
    • 19. Jaiku
    • 20. Problems
      • In Ghostbusters, it was a matter of not crossing the streams... lifeblogging and the fracturing of the conversation requires stream aggregation for survival.
      • Enter the lifestream aggregators
    • 21. FriendFeed
    • 22. Profilactic
    • 23. Microblogging
      • There is a distinct possibility that the solution of microblogging as a way to be faster, sharper and less intense than blogging has created a problem of draining the attention economy.
      • That, or it's just cool that we can wax lyrical at 140 character bursts and get back on with life having said our piece
    • 24. Creating, Communicating, Delivering and Exchanging
      • How well does the AMA (2007) marketing definition describe consumer activity on the internet?
        • Are we consumers, creators, mediators or brokers?