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Getting started with social business
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Getting started with social business


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Slides prepared for client work at

Slides prepared for client work at

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Getting Started with Social Business Stephen Danelutti 1
  • 2. HOW WHO socialWRKS - putting social technologies to work 2
  • 3. 1. Importance of starting from within 2. Intranet as gateway 3. Quick wins and experimentation3 key areas of exploration 3
  • 4. 1. Trying to figure it all out. Some sporadic activities taking place2. Actively engaged but only externally with social media:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Trying to buildcommunities and engage with customers, experimenting...3. Busy building engaged communities from inside out.Understanding the need to operationalise social media functionsinternally. Realising that more than window dressing is neededand addressing behaviour change will create significant benefitSocial business evolution 4
  • 5. IBMs 2011 Tech Trends report Companies looking at internal social networks to drive collaboration and as test bed for future social initiatives Intranet-based social systems Top three drivers:  employee collaboration  efficiency in locating people and resources  idea generation Why start within? 5
  • 6. Often intranet seen as last resort where knowledge goes to die 6
  • 7. PARTICIPATION ACTIVITYPEOPLE A better way - Social Intranets? 7
  • 8. Tracking colleagues and Capturing expertiseAdd, Edit and Share content easily Getting work doneComments for discussion Some example functions of a social intranet 8
  • 9. 1.Information must flow easily (articles, status updates, comments, content sharing…)2.Democratic and flexible way to create/capitalise on knowledge and to spread it (social learning) not static content repositories3.Communities through stimulation and moderations4.Social collaboration project management solutions, ideagoras...5.Allow employees to produce, collect, structure, analyse and publish data but integrate to business apps and processes Five pillars of social intranets 9
  • 10. Possible roles of social intranet social intranet Ideas Leverage oppt, Greater pool of More revenue, Innovation management solve probs knowledge lower cost Conversation Employee Employee streams 2-way comms Less churn engagement satisfaction Single place to Flexible project Best people on Projects Execution collaborate resourcing a task Authoring and Single source Better Improved Adaptability Repositories of documents knowledge mngt learning Single view of Better support, Customer CRM Better responses customer more sales satisfaction Quicker data Better stock Customer ERP Fewer outages access control satisfaction Feature Capability Benefit Outcome Strategic 10 Goals
  • 11. 80% of organisations with SharePoint continueemailing documents back and forth -- Usamp survey 2010 Despite logic of better ways of working 11
  • 12. Find a champion, power user, evangelist that is: - Influential and sees a business case for the tool; - Well-known and fairly senior; - Familiar with social tools; - Though leader in business and great conversationalistStrategies for adoption - Champion 12
  • 13. Define a specific use case Convince employees, give them a “genuine reason” to use the product Provide use cases that align with the corporate culture and priorities Emphasise quick winsStrategies for adoption - Definition 13
  • 14. - Department - Age group: “reverse mentoring” - Right culture: use cases that fit culture/priorities - Geography: greater the distribution, greater the needStrategies for adoption - Audience 14
  • 15. Bottom-up and top-down influence Enterprise social software by nature bottom-up Needs top-down executive support for it to succeed in the enterpriseStrategies for adoption - Bottom/Top 15
  • 16. More than 1 way to tackle adoption, e.g. MARS - Mandate - Acceptance - Reward - StimulatingStrategies for adoption - More than 1 16
  • 17.  Quick wins  Instead of using email for collecting new ideas?  Instead of using email to ask questions and get answers?  Instead of using email to manage events?  Instead of using email to find expertise?  Instead of using email for sharing knowledge, work and creating serendipitous moments? Getting started with Social Business 17
  • 18. Search/Focus ideas filter ideasaround by status orcampaigns categoryCreateand votefor ideas IdeasCollaborateon andfollow ideas 18
  • 19. Findquestions Followand questionsanswers Quora is a public and Q&A service but responders many enterprise and get solutions offer notified similar functionality when new answers are submittedCreatequestionsand see bestanswers asvoted bypeers Q&A 19
  • 20. How would you rather work?Events 20
  • 21. Finding expertise - staff directory, the killer app 21
  • 22. Finding expertise - social search 22
  • 23. Automated list of peoples activities which can easily be integrated with other systems, e.g. CRM systems so you can see what others are working on and get involved where necessaryActivity streams 23
  • 24. A list of peoples purposeful thoughts, shares of interesting articles and pointers to specific activity of work - can easily bring important info to attention of others (@ function) but whole community can see/benefit too.Conversation stream 24
  • 25. ImagesJunkyard - leaf - - Possible roles of social intranet - 10 Use of Sharepoint - 11 MARS strategy for adoption - 16 for adoption - 12-15 would you rather work - events - 20 staff directories - 21-22 Credits 25
  • 26. Thank you 26