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A Digital Marketing slideshow on how I can make you influence other people for me

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  • Majored in bio
  • Minored in psych and my mom is a psychologist, so I grew up surrounded by psychology
  • Naturally marketing interested me as it lies at the intersection of those – a glorious puzzle of how someone an be made to want and how you can make them decide to buy it
  • Social came along and marketing now has a different puzzle
  • 3 years ago I went back to Uni and earned a MA in Social media
  • And then opened a social advertising agency to help people tell their stories
  • Talk about silicon milk roundabout
  • Talk about silicon milk roundabout
  • Dunning kruger effect but when people learn mechanical bit they think they have learnt the whole thing
  • Unlike Google ads, the mechanics of placing facebook ads tell you nothing about whether it will be successful for you or not
  • Conversion rates are generally going to be the same –you improve your ads, yourconversin rate goes up
  • Image draws attentionHeadline is a yes or no that confirms if this ad is for me or notText encourages the click
  • If you get those things right, you win. It is no longer an advert. It is a personal recommendation
  • Psychology of sharing stephen croome

    1. 1. Stephen Croome @firstconversion
    2. 2. Stephen Croome @firstconversion
    3. 3. Stephen Croome @firstconversion
    4. 4. Stephen Croome @firstconversion
    5. 5. Marketing is now not about how I can influence you Marketing is about how I can make you influence other people for me
    6. 6. Stephen Croome @firstconversion
    7. 7. Stephen Croome @firstconversion
    8. 8. Because I believe the future of digital marketing is going to be dominated by stories, not ads
    9. 9. Stephen Croome @firstconversion You can win if you talk to your Audience… …about a Story they care about… …inside a Distribution and Sharing Framework
    10. 10. Stephen Croome @firstconversion
    11. 11. Stephen Croome @firstconversion Thinking beyond the first click in Social Advertising
    12. 12. 1:1 vs 1:many
    13. 13. Stephen Croome @firstconversion @firstconversion vs
    14. 14. Stephen Croome @firstconversion How do I teach myself to understand what my customers like?
    15. 15. Stephen Croome @firstconversion The fake learning curve Competent with the mechanics of getting ads running
    16. 16. Stephen Croome @firstconversion The real learning curve Competent with the mechanics of getting ads running Implement method of testing messages to Facebook segments
    17. 17. Stephen Croome @firstconversion The difference between Google ads and Facebook ads
    18. 18. Stephen Croome @firstconversion Google visitors are in streams
    19. 19. Stephen Croome @firstconversion Facebook visitors are in ponds
    20. 20. You can compare Google ads over time
    21. 21. Stephen Croome @firstconversion CTR or Conv Rate or Shares Because purchase intent stays the same over time, your variable is the ad which you can slowly improve over time
    22. 22. You cannot compare Facebook ads over time
    23. 23. Stephen Croome @firstconversion CTR or Conv Rate over Time or Shares
    24. 24. Stephen Croome @firstconversion How to bait the first click
    25. 25. Stephen Croome @firstconversion @firstconversion
    26. 26. Multivariate analysis of Facebook ads helps you learn what people react to very quickly
    27. 27. @firstconversion Hands are losing
    28. 28. @firstconversion Addressing the issue works here for a title
    29. 29. @firstconversion Clear winner in body text
    30. 30. Learning Example Test 1
    31. 31. The bug CTRS were the best
    32. 32. Bug CPL also won
    33. 33. @firstconversion Text 1 had significantly better CPL
    34. 34. @firstconversion Titles were similar
    35. 35. Why the first click is a lie
    36. 36. @firstconversion
    37. 37. Testing the winning bug against the more dramatically allergic man and a more ugly bug. Ugly bug attracts more clicks!
    38. 38. But the allergic guy converts better…
    39. 39. …which gives the allergic guy the best CPL so far The best relevance match is having the biggest impact
    40. 40. What I learned 1. Easy to get clicks 2. Measure what you care about 3. A testing process will tell you what language or USPs your customers react to
    41. 41. Stephen Croome @firstconversion @firstconversion
    42. 42. Stephen Croome @firstconversion How to win the second click
    43. 43. Stephen Croome @firstconversion How to work the second click • Audience • Story or content • Sharing and distribution framework
    44. 44. How to fail
    45. 45. Stephen Croome @firstconversion No audience + no story + no reason to share
    46. 46. How to win some and lose some
    47. 47. Some audience + no story + no reason to share
    48. 48. Beer promo
    49. 49. Someone in marketing has a bright idea
    50. 50. Baileys promo
    51. 51. Customers are moaners Its not my fault Customers are fighting
    52. 52. Customers are greedy Its not my fault Customers are dishonest
    53. 53. Happy people Happy people Pissed off people
    54. 54. What is the solution?
    55. 55. 1 Stop treating Facebook like a billboard
    56. 56. 2 Realise that money is not your bottleneck, time is your bottleneck Stop racing to the bottom with initiatives that don’t engender loyalty
    57. 57. 3 If your promotion is not valid in Scotland, don’t show it in Scotland Or create alternatives for Scotland
    58. 58. 4 Have people on Facebook during the promotion to monitor what is going on and reply to users
    59. 59. 5 Use Facebook dark posts to target people in very tight geographic locations
    60. 60. Each store should get its own advert so that you can control the story
    61. 61. 6 If a store runs out of goods, change the ad in the Dark Post that are seen by the people in the specific location or remove the ad altogether to stop people becoming angry at you for not delivering on your promise
    62. 62. You end up with • better stock control • happier customers • a more effective Facebook campaign with more shares and likes
    63. 63. How to win
    64. 64. Stephen Croome @firstconversion audience + story + reason to share
    65. 65. Stephen Croome @firstconversion It is no longer an advert It is a personal recommendation shared amongst friends
    66. 66. How am I going to get my customers to share my marketing with my future customers
    67. 67. Stephen Croome @firstconversion @firstconversion
    68. 68. Stephen Croome @firstconversion Images • Sea turtle • brain
    69. 69. Stephen Croome @firstconversion
    70. 70. @firstconversion Round 1 Round 2 When we have winners, its best to create a new campaign with the winner and new tests, so that old data does not corrupt the new test data
    71. 71. @firstconversion Round 1 Round 2 Round 3