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This is the shorter version of the Library of Virginia survey presentation.

This is the shorter version of the Library of Virginia survey presentation.



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Lvaf posr copy Lvaf posr copy Presentation Transcript

  • Libraries Under Stress RENAISSANCE and the Reinvention of Libraries Library of Virginia Directors Meeting September 16, 2010 Stephen Abram, MLS Vice President Cengage Learning (Gale)
  • Thank you for inviting me! I want to share : Major upcoming trends and challenges New National data on User Satisfaction New Virginia Data on Questions And I want to meet you.
  • GOOG
  • Let’s explore each, but first let’s remember history; The History of Unintended Consequences And Unpredictability
  • 7 Things have Changed A LOT!
    • Books
    • Media
    • Mobility
    • Collections
    • Legal Frameworks
    • Cardholders, Users, Members, Patrons, Clients, Customers
    • Libraries
  • “ The Internet has now progressed to its infancy”
  • What We Never Really Knew Before (US/Canada)
    • 27% of our users are under 18.
    • 59% are female.
    • 29% are college students.
    • 5% are professors and 6% are teachers.
    • On any given day, 35% of our users are there for the very first time !
    • Only 29% found the databases via the library website.
    • 59% found what they were looking for on their first search.
    • 72% trusted our content more than what they found on Google.
    • But, 81% still use Google.
  • Books
  • Google Editions Google Settlement Amazon Gutenberg Etc.
  • Is Our Focus On Books And Public Image Limiting Our Future Success?
  • A window of opportunity
  • Transmogrifying Containers
  • Do we really care about containers? Paper -- Schmpaper Digital – Schmidgital Holograph . . . Pffft!
  • Devices like iPads, Kobos, Kindles, Nooks, eDGe, and Mobile
  • Supporting the 21 st Century book experience?
  • Borders Kobo, B&N Nook, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Sony, etc. . . .
  • What about censorship? Freedom of expression? Freedom…. in general
  • Reinvention, Creativity, Renaissance
    • eBooks and Books
    • Concept of place
    • Privacy
    • Colour
    • Animation
    • Video
    • Wireless opportunity
    • Tracking
    • Pedagogy
    • Boundarylessness
    • Connect to the author or team
    • Added features and commentary
    • Connect to book clubs, discussions, etc.
  • People
  • People are Changing
    • Demographic– south, Millennial, Boomer,+
    • IQ Increases
    • Increased educational attainment & engagement
    • eBooks outsell hard cover books, and will outsell paperbacks soon (2011)
    • Some libraries are crediting most cardholder growth to e-book accessibility
    • Personal device proliferation
    • Social networking is beyond ‘normal’
  • People Have Changed
    • Twitter & Facebook are dominated by the middle aged
    • Social networks fastest growing populations are seniors and will be more international and less urban.
    • eBooks usage is largely middle-aged.
    • Mobile is growing beyond youth very quickly
    • Workplace use is huge
  • Media
  • The Move to Streaming
    • Like wax, vinyl and tape before it CD and DVD will decline to very small niche markets
    • Blockbuster’s imminent bankruptcy and the decline of local independent rental stores is a canary in the mine
    • Many PL’s confuse the current uptick with a LT trend.
    • Music and Video entertainment vs. programs related to hobbies, children, etc.
    • Educational video is an emerging sector integrated very tightly into content
  • Reinvention, Creativity, Renaissance
    • Streaming Media on demand
    • Definition of ‘use’.
    • Concept of place
    • Concept of News and Entertainment
    • End of physical format (DVD, tape, etc.)
    • Self published animation & video
    • Commentary, Reviews and Collectors
    • Wireless opportunity
    • Tracking
    • Pedagogy
    • Boundarylessness
    • End of collections as we know them
    • Beginning of media bibliography
  • Mobility
  • 02-25-10 [ ] 02-25-10
  • & AMAZON
  • Broadband
    • The Whitespace Decision
    • Local wired
    • To the Home and workplace
    • Wireless as a business strategy (Starbucks)
    • Mobile dominates
    • Largest generation
  • Driving User to the Library
    • HighBeam
    • WorldCat
    • AccessMyLibrary iPhone App
    • Questia
    • Geo-IP measures
    • Etc.
    • Watch for more . . .?
  • Reinvention, Creativity, Renaissance
    • Mobility
    • Concept of place
    • Social animation and Sharing
    • Convergence on steroids
    • Wireless opportunity
    • Tracking
    • Pedagogy and Learning
    • Extreme demand
  • Collections
  • An New Merging Model
    • Just in case, Just in time, just for me models
    • Ripe for replacement with
    • Fit for Purpose
      • Community
      • Learning
      • Entertainment
      • Social / Clubs
      • Research
    • Beginning of the end of out-of-context Megadatabases
  • Growing Online and Virtual Use
    • Experience Models
    • Widgets
    • API’s
    • SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Geo-IP
    • ForeSee
    • Satisfaction data AND Statistics – Measure too
  • Reinvention, Creativity, Renaissance
    • Collections
    • Concept of place
    • Ownership mutates
    • Personal curation and celebrity curators
    • Wireless opportunity
    • Tracking
    • Targeting collections
    • Portalization: Knowledge Portals, Learning portals
  • Legal Frameworks This is the balancing act of all time It requires politics to listen to ALL voices It requires an understanding of consequences
  • Reinvention, Creativity, Renaissance
    • Legal Frameworks - INTERNATIONAL
    • Locus of control
    • Privacy
    • Confidentiality
    • Personal responsibility
    • Copyright
    • Choice
    • Commercial playing field
    • Ownership
    • Censorship
    • Government involvement
    • Net neutrality
    • Information ethics
  • Libraries Approaching the End Game The Matrix Build it or buy it?
  • I  my customers
  • Trans-Literacy Move beyond reading & PC skills
    • Reading literacy
    • Numeracy
    • Critical literacy
    • Social literacy
    • Computer literacy
    • Web literacy
    • Content literacy
    • Written literacy
    • News literacy
    • Technology literacy
    • Information literacy
    • Media literacy
    • Adaptive literacy
    • Research literacy
    • Academic literacy
    • Reputation, Etc.
  • Reinvention, Creativity, Renaissance
    • Libraries
    • Concept of place
    • Improving the quality of questions
    • Partnering in design of experiences
    • Programs predominate
    • Community involvement
    • Collection management vs. ownership and storage
    • Re-balancing needs
    • Addressing the divides
  • The Boomers launched most of these digital initiatives. Now what are we/you going to do next?
  • Strategic Thinking for Libraries
    • Choosing a Future
    • Setting Phased Priorities
    • Making Choices
    • Taking Action
    • Doing the Next Step
    • Adjusting Tactics with Experience
    • Seeking Feedback and Adjusting
    • Measuring Progress
  • Framework for Choosing Top Priorities
    • Suppose that in three years :
    • Majority of library use will be virtual
    • Majority of Non-fiction Book circulation will be e-books
    • Fiction will split 50/50 – digital/print
    • DVD is circulation is dying
    • Majority of questions are virtual
    • Use will be 20 / 40 / 40 (in house, virtual, mobile)
    • Every user will be socially networked, connected and engaged
  • Advance Survey Data for the Library of Virginia Prepared by Stephen Abram and the Gale, Cengage Learning Statistical Analysis Research Team
  • Reference Facet of the Library of Virginia Story September 2010 Survey Data 62 of 91 LVA library systems (68%) Thank you! Data and Graphics are available to LVA Members Only Contact Gale to Learn More
  • Yep – You Get Questions
    • Health and Wellness / Community Health / Nutrition / Diet / Recovery DIY Do It Yourself Activities and Car Repair Genealogy Test prep (SAT, ACT, occupational tests, etc. etc.) Legal Questions (including family law, divorce, adoption, etc) Hobbies, Games and Gardening Local History Consumer reviews (Choosing a car, appliance, etc.) Homework Help (grade school) Technology Skills (software, hardware, web) Government Programs, Services and Taxation Self-help/personal development Careers (jobs, counselling, etc.) Reading Choices and recommendations, books & authors Travel and Vacation, Tourism Support Supporting College credits, Distance Education, and Adult Continuing Education Personal Finance and Investments / Financial Literacy Religion and spirituality Retirement and Seniors Services General Reference / Quick Answer Questions (e.g. telephone numbers, addresses, definitions, locations, library hours and services, etc.) Coming to America or our Community (Immigration, Moving) Book Clubs / Community Reading / Summer Reading Business. Leadership and Management Parenting and Child Development Adult Literacy / ESL Entrepreneurship and Consulting Small and Medium-sized Business Support World Cultures/Understanding Our World History Studies (Civil War, WW2, etc.) Choosing a School, Program/Degree, College or University / College Planning Finding People / Biographies
    Silly me! --- I forgot language learning . . .
  • The Baker’s Dozen: LVA Top 13
    • Health and Wellness / Community Health / Nutrition / Diet / Recovery
    • DIY Do It Yourself Activities and Car Repair
    • Genealogy
    • Test prep (SAT, ACT, occupational tests, etc. etc.)
    • Legal Questions (including family law, divorce, adoption, etc)
    • Hobbies, Games and Gardening
    • Local History
    • Consumer reviews (Choosing a car, appliance, etc.)
    • Homework Help (grade school)
    • Technology Skills (software, hardware, web)
    • Government Programs, Services and Taxation
    • Self-help/personal development
    • Careers (jobs, counselling, etc.)
    • Readers Advisory was 14th
  • National Library Customer Satisfaction Data Specific Database Results from Usage Gale Cengage Learning Foresee Data Year One: Aug. 2009 – Sept. 2010 Underlying Charts Available on Request
  • What do we need to know?
    • How do library databases compare with other web experiences and expectations?
    • Who are our core virtual users?
    • What are user expectations for satisfaction?
    • How does library search compare to consumer search like Google?
    • How do people find and connect with library virtual services?
    • What should we ‘fix’ as a first priority?
    • Are end users being successful in their POV?
    • Are they happy? Will they come back? Tell a friend?
  • Gale Library Databases Compare Very Well to Other Web Experiences
  • Digging Into Satisfaction Users will Return and Recommend Once Hooked
  • Library Search Needs to Improve
  • Who uses e-Resources? The Core User For Library E-Resources is Clear
  • Database Users Are Being Quite Successful
  • There are Training and Communication Opportunities
  • More Males Use Library Databases Than Usual
  • There is Not A Demographic Swing in Online Usage
  • Library Users Trust Library Databases More.
  • School is the Sweet Spot – But Other Users Abound Too.
  • Library’s Natural Allies Are Big Users & Potential Partners.
  • Wow! Only 29% of Users Find E-Resources Through Our Websites.
  • And 39% of Your Users Are in Your Databases for For the Very First Time!
  • Your Users Will Recommend Your Databases Your Users Will Recommend Your Databases
  • Your Users Respect Your Databases As Primary Sources
  • Your Users Are Likely to Return
  • Your Users Evaluate Your Services as Meeting Expectations.
  • There’s Great News! We have Room for Improvement BUT Library Databases Compete Very Well with User Expectations and Needs Fulfillment.
  • The School Cycle Drives Many Usage Scenarios
  • Upcoming Gale Surveys CATS DOGS CATS & DOGS
  • Strategic Implications
    • Program(s) Planning Models
    • Tying Collections and Programs more Tightly Together to Enhance and Protect Both
    • Priority Setting for 5 Years
    • Developing Collaborative Communication and Promotion Plans
    • Developing Collaborative and Shared Staff and User Training Models
    • Holding Your Heads High
  • Community Stories
  • Conversations Stories
  • Relationships Stories
  • Community Networks The Social Life of Information Stories
  • Life Stories
  • Connection Stories
  • Personalization Stories
  • Comfort
  • Simplicity
  • The power of libraries
  • Speak Out!
  • Surprise Them!
  • Trust Experiments!
  • It takes A Team: Work Together & Pick Each Other Up
  • Stephen Abram , MLS, FSLA VP strategic partnerships and markets Cengage Learning (Gale) Cel: 416-669-4855 [email_address] Stephen’s Lighthouse Blog Facebook: Stephen Abram LinkedIn / Plaxo: Stephen Abram Twitter: sabram SlideShare: StephenAbram1