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    Lasko Lasko Presentation Transcript

    • Engagement: Library Advocacy n the 21st Century Stephen Abram, MLS Slovenian Library Association Congress Lasko, Slovenia – Oct. 18, 2013
    • Every Day in every way libraries are throwing pebbles
    • What business are you in?
    • YOU
    • It’s simple really, shift happens, gedoverit • Learners & Communities will continue to be diverse in the extreme – especially on learning styles • A foot in both camps for many, many years to come: digital and physical • Content is already be dominated by non-text (gamification, 3D, graphics, numeric, visual, music, video, audio, etc.) • Search will explode with more options and one-step, one box search is for dummies not professionally educated folks • The single purpose anchored device is already dead as a target • Devices will focus on social, collaboration, sharing, learning, multimedia, creation and successful library strategies must align with that • Librarians will need to focus primarily on transformational librarianship and strategic alignment with curriculum • Systems, E-Learning, collections and metadata will go to the cloud massively
    • Library Megatrends It doesn’t take a genius to see that librarian skills and competencies applied to the trends and issues in our communities can help in very strategic ways – social, economic, creative, and discovery impacts.
    • School Libraries • Are you a librarian or an educator? • Are you a support or mission-critical? • Your business is community impact and learning (they’re different) • Your new competitors are non-traditional • Renewed advocacy has moved from apple pie to influencing and selling the value and impact of librarians • Library staff competencies need a plateau upgrade – consultation, relationship, influence, educating . . .
    • Deer in headlamps slide here.
    • Libraries core skill is not delivering information Libraries improve the quality of the question and the user experience Learning Libraries are about building life competencies
    • Libraries Have Seasons
    • Librarian Magic What are your magic tricks?
    • 17 Think deeply about . . . Your Operation’s Scalability The depth of your relationships Your sustainability How you set priorities: Daily and Future
    • The Complex Value Proposition Smelly Yellow Liquid Or Sex Appeal?
    • Books, eBooks Magazines Websites Buildings Rooms Desks Stations Programs Nouns can be warehoused and ‘cut’ Serve Answer Engage Link Entertain Tell a story Teach Create Do Action verbs imply dynamism and impact
    • Are you locked into an old library mindset?
    • A Verb . . . an Experience, enlivened for an audience
    • A Noun . . . A foundation but not sufficient with professional animation
    • Grocery Stores
    • Cookbooks, Chefs . . .
    • Cookbooks, Chefs . . .
    • Meals
    • Library Land What changes, disruptions and shifts are already in the environment?
    • • If all users are ubiquitously connected with broadband, have downloading skills for books and movies, own smartphones, whither libraries? • What about the ‘digital divide’? • If the school system (K-12 and HigherEd) changes radically …?
    • • What if all music, audiobooks, and video moved to streaming formats by 2018? • What if the DVD and CD go the way of vinyl, VHS, and cassettes?
    • • What if all books are digital? • What if book services move to a subscription model of unlimited use for $7/month? • What about next generation e-books?
    • • What if all books are ‘beyond text’? • The NextGen Textbook… • Can we support books with embedded video, adaptive technologies, audio, updating, software tools, assessments, web-links, etc. • Ask ourselves about archiving and preservation – the record
    • • Are you positioned at the lesson level? • Could your library support all curricula and distance education? • Have you catalogued the learning opportunities on the web? (Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity, edX, MIT, Harvard, MOOCs, YouTube, Learn4All (ed2go), …)
    • • • • Could your library support real e-learning Is EVERY staff member fluent in your LMS and the needs of supporting hybrid or total distance learning? By the way – nearly all learning is distance learning from the perspective of the library and user.
    • • Could your library support any kind of mobile device? (mCobiss) • Are you fully ready to deliver, agnostically to desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets, smartphones, televisions, appliances, at a much higher level?
    • • Are you prepared for new forms of content? • Real multimedia? 3D objects and databases? Holographics? Enhanced media? • Embedded assessment and tracking tools? • Can you be ready for makerspaces, creative spaces, writing labs, business and start-up incubators, etc. • Can you publish for your community?
    • • What kinds of learning spaces are needed in the future? • Can you support real learning spaces, community meeting spaces, performance spaces, maker spaces, real advisory spaces, true relationship, collaboration, and consultation management . . .? In a virtual space?
    • • What if everything was in the cloud? (software, databases, metadata, content . . .) • What would you do with those system skills on staff? • What if all metadata and content discovery is freely available using open APIs through the OCLC WorldShare vault and the Digital Public Library of America / Europeana vault of open and free metadata?
    • • What if search immersive resource discovery becomes as ubiquitous as search engines? • Can they find as well as search? • Are your training sessions hitting 100% of students? • Are they aligned with workflow or transactions?
    • • • • • What does your experience portal look like? What are your top questions? Pathfinder - - LibGuides - Portals What are the outcome domains?
    • • Can you do it all ALONE? • What would it look like if you cooperated? • Consortia, Cooperatives, … national, regional, global – buying groups or real foundational infrastructure
    • And what would you sacrifice?
    • The Library as Sandbox
    • Focus and Understand on the Whole Experience
    • Up Your Game • Know your local community demographics i.e. Teachers & Librarians vs. Students vs. admin • Focus on needs assessment and social assessments • Prioritize: Love all, Serve all, Save the World means nothing gets done • Focus on scalability and grand cooperation • Look for partnerships that add value
    • Up Your Game • Align with Collections – every collection must be justified by programs • Force strategic investment budgeting • Look for partnerships that add value and priority setting • Don’t go it alone. Focus on large scale sustainable programs • Connect to the longer process not just events • e.g, Forest of Reading or TD Summer Reading Program • Virtual and in-person - in the Library and reaching out with partners • SCALE: eLearning and Surveys – e.g. citation methods
    • What are the real issues? • Craft versus Industrial Strength • Personal service only when there’s impact • Pilot, Project, Initiative versus Portfolio Strategy • Hand-knitted prototypes versus Production • • • • • e.g. Information Literacy initiatives (LibGuides) Discovery versus Search versus Deep Search eLearning units and program dissemination Citation and information ethics Content and repository archipelagos • Strategic Analytics • Value & Impact Measures • Behaviours, Satisfaction • Economic and strategic alignment
    • Up Your Game • Align with Collections – But add virtual experiences • Start being Mobile in the extreme • Look for partnerships that add value • Focus on relationship management / liaisons • Ensure the program delivery person is embedded including librarians • What are your top learning or research domains? Start there. • Don’t go it alone. Build scalability and sustainability. • Look for replicability – look for commonalities
    • The new bibliography and collection development Ask Us, KNOWLEDGE PORTALS KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING, INFORMATION & RESEARCH COMMONS
    • Up Your Game • Learn the LMS system – everyone • Learn copyright and licensing rights • Learn developmental, genome, IQ, and learning styles research • Relationship management, team building • Advocacy and influence and research support
    • Up Your Game • Learn how to reach and teach online • Teach how to learn online • Teach how to research online • Everyone in academic libraries should be focused on teaching/researching first, then library • Learn more systems than one! • Be obsessive about consultation, recommendations and advice • Social alignment rules and use the tools
    • Up Your Game • Start to understand the real issues with e-books • Study e-textbooks • Study Learning Objects • Balance content with interface • Focus on learner not librarian behaviours
    • Up Your Game • Learn consulting and relationship management practices • Understand the research goals • Understand Pedagogy in the context of student experiences and educational goals • Understand human development and age/stage(teens) • Know where your programs are heading • Consider deep partnerships • Consider coaches, peer, and tutoring partnerships
    • Up Your Game • The strong ‘library’ brand – adding dimension • Personal branding – Who are your stars? Promote them. • Program branding • Take risks for attention (AIDA) • Embed your brand beyond the library walls and virtually
    • Up Your Game • Grow collections investments in strategic areas (for example economic impact, jobs, early years, hobbies, political alignment, homework, research agenda …) • Develop hybrid strategies that are consistent for digital and print and programs • Be obsessive about recommendations and advice and added value • Integrate virtual and physical – hybridize • Don’t fear off-site cooperation • CURATE – real curation not assembly
    • Up Your Game • Move the ILS to the Cloud • Linked Data models – OCLC WorldShare, Europeana, DPLA, etc. • Fix the ‘repository problem’ • Look at TCO and look at all costs incurred and not just hard costs • Review opportunity costs in soft costs
    • Up Your Game • Dog, Star, Cow, Problem Child/? • Reduce investment in successes • Increase investments in the future • Set priorities • ‘Park’ some stuff temporarily
    • Is your library ready to support a world of unlimited content, multiple formats, massive access, and consumer expectations of MORE? Yes? No? With Effort, Vision, Leadership? Never?
    • Embracing Change
    • Change is….
    • Global
    • Constant
    • Inevitable
    • Stressful
    • Breathe
    • Find Your Rhythm
    • Do you like change? Does it matter?
    • What are the risks of not changing?
    • We can’t control change… We can control our attitude towards change…
    • Deny
    • Resist
    • React
    • Explore
    • Commit
    • Change can be difficult and ambiguous
    • Personal change precedes organizational change
    • Negativity
    • Contagious
    • I can learn and I can change and I can do it quickly.
    • What can you do to deal with change?
    • Accept that change is an attitude
    • Create a personal vision In the context of your team
    • Focus on what you can do… ……not what you can’t do Strengths
    • velop a perspective of portunity
    • Create a willingness to learn & develop
    • Learn to love ambiguity
    • Support Aspiration
    • Be Creative and Attract
    • Being More Open to Change
    • ‘New’ Library Cultures Support Your Team
    • Too Much Respect for Tradition While Neglecting to Curate the Future
    • Are there any of these in your library? The Black Hole Sucking the life out of initiative(s)?
    • Being More Open Experimentation, Pilots and Innovation
    • Being More Open to Risk
    • Being Open to Ambiguity
    • Be More Open to Social Technologies and Unintended Consequences
    • Being Comfortable with Speed
    • Letting Go of Control
    • Be Inspirational
    • Honest to G*d – Let’s Encourage Some Fun!
    • Tell Your Story: Until lions learn to write their own story, the story will always be from the perspective of the hunter not the hunted.
    • Stephen Abram, MLS, FSLA Consultant, Dysart & Jones/Lighthouse Partners Cel: 416-669-4855 stephen.abram@gmail.com Stephen’s Lighthouse Blog http://stephenslighthouse.com Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr: Stephen Abram LinkedIn / Plaxo: Stephen Abram Twitter: @sabram SlideShare: StephenAbram1