Dummies Guide to Coaching


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A few slides that provide an outline and a few thumb rules about coaching etc.

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Dummies Guide to Coaching

  1. 1. The DummiesGuide toCoachingThe key is to startpracticing…
  2. 2. Stephen.remedios@gmail.comI would love to hear from you…fb/ twitter / mail / slideshare
  3. 3. Skills You NeedCoaching
  4. 4. Ways of Relating to CreateResults Having people follow me to change Leading the future Having a play produce a pre- Managing determined outcome Passing on knowledge and skills – Teaching usually theory Advising and passing knowledge Mentoring from a position of experience Listening and advising – tends to be Counseling passive
  5. 5. Having a player win at THEIR goal –Coaching very active
  6. 6. Why would you useperformance coaching? • Big Picture, • Day-to-day, Inspire, Set directive, review, Vision Control Leadership Management Conversations Conversations Coaching Mentoring Conversations Conversations • Responsibility • Share, pass on with player, experience, evoke knowledge commitment, player’s goals
  7. 7. Producing Results ThroughPeople Relationship Challenge Without Relationship LeadsWithout Challenge Leads To To• Friendship • Short-Term Results• Popularity (Unsustainable)• Low Energy • Pressure• Poor Results • Conflict• Lack of Task Completion • Compliance• No demand for • Stress Performance Coaching • Resignation of the Player
  8. 8. Who am I? • Do we have / Who is mutual interests?the Player? • When does What’s the it start? Game? • When does it end? Orientation • How do we How do we measure Win? our progress? How will •What it is like to be coached by me we Work •Here and the models that I will use Together? •How would you like to be coached?
  9. 9. Why is this important to you? What experience are you looking to create?Commitment What’s in it for you? How would you feel about starting versus not starting? Are there any back doors? (time, money, job, family, age etc.
  10. 10. Coaching Questions Psychological Action •IN •OUT •WHY? •WHAT? •WHERE? •WHEN? •WHO? HOW?
  11. 11. Motivational Traps Arrogance of Success Motivational Traps Apathy Resignation
  12. 12. Ability• I can stand on my own... but I know when to ask for coaching - and I do so Correction • Getting the player back into action Competency • This is the How - Competency & Skills - The more specific the better Commitment • Intention & Mechanism / Whats CompellingOrientation• Whats the game? How do we work together? Who do we win?
  13. 13. Check Current Find Something to Create Relationship Results AcknowledgeCommittedQuestions Agree actions and Repeat back to me•Whats Working? time for next what we have just•Whats Not Working? conversation agreed•Whats Missing?•Whats Next? Close the the Listen for conviction conversation on a and buy in. positive note.
  14. 14. • Previous history determines goals • Short-TermConcentrati • Obj: To create a winning habit which will build confidence in your player on • Goals depend on personal best or external environment • Longer Term • Obj: To challenge the player to be the best they can beMomentum • Previously unimagined goals, realm of the impossible • Audaciously FutursiticBreakthrou • Obj: To step back and let your player be in the zone gh
  15. 15. Stephen.remedios@gmail.comI would love to hear from you…fb/ twitter / mail / slideshare