HootUp Training


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Defining what HootUp is and the role for each Owl

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HootUp Training

  1. 1. HootUpTraining
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction to HootUp Goals Roles and Expectations Priorities Communication h ooetiu st Scenarios
  3. 3. HootUpGroup of 3 or moretalking about HootSuiteSharing tips and tricksMost importantly,spreading the #HootLove
  4. 4. Casual Educational Post-EventFun and informal Structured Held during or after aCan be held anywhere Talk about a specific topic conference sometimes asNetworking OR introduce our features the official or unofficialExchanging stories and Invite brands OR other afterparty tips about HootSuite speakers Attendance by HootSuite3 - 500 people Must go through HootSuite employee(s) attending orOrganized by Envoy / University first speaking at the conference Ambs, Coordinators. Get in touch with HQ Planned by HQBudget: $4/pp Budget: $4/pp Budget: $7/pp
  5. 5. Goals Everything you need to know about HootSuite Educate, share tips about Get friendliesHootSuite and social media on the ground Spread the Get insights & strategize HootSuite love our next steps one hug at a time
  6. 6. 10 15 10 5 5
  7. 7. Roles Strategize w/ Celebratoire Work with the Community Encourage Amb to hold & set deadline Manager, Coordinator, Oversee execution Manager and HootUp Organizers Do 1-on-1 call with the Identify events, conferences, fairs etc HootUp Organizer to get Find and encourage Amb to help them prepped and a monthly Oversee planning and execution Coordinator Celebratoire conference call as to wrap up Identify events, conferences, fairs, etc Schedule HootUp on Google Find venue and speakers Cal, MeetUp, and @HootUp Brainstorm topics and themesEncourage attendees to fill in Feedback Form Make sure promotions are Amb/Orgz Submit reimbursement form after event all up and on brandWrite a blog post and/or encourage attendees
  8. 8. StepsPre-HootUpFill in the Application FormReceive a templated Hello! email from MailChimpSkype / Google+ Hangout chat with Community CelebratoireFollow up / reminder templated MailChimp emailPre-scheduled tweetsAt HootUpPre-scheduled tweetsPost-HootUpCongratulations tweetsTemplated Congratulations email from MailChimpReminder to fill in Feedback FormStorify logReimbursement form
  9. 9. StepsPre-HootUpFill in the Application Form – HootUp OrganizerReceive a templated Hello! email from MailChimp – CelebratoireSkype / Google+ Hangout chat with Community Celebratoire – CelebratoireFollow up / reminder templated MailChimp email – CelebratoirePre-scheduled tweets – Celebratoire, HootUp Organizer, CoordinatorAt HootUpPre-scheduled tweets – Celebratoire, HootUp Organizer, CoordinatorPost-HootUpCongratulations tweets – Celebratoire, CoordinatorTemplated Congratulations email from MailChimp – StephanieReminder to fill in Feedback Form – HootUp Organizer, CoordinatorStorify log – HootUp OrganizerReimbursement form – HootUp Organizer
  10. 10. Laura,Scenario #1 I want to hold a HootUp! ho ots u ite1 Laura directs him to HootUp.tumblr.com for application2 Stephanie follows up w/ Mailchimp after receiving application3 Stephanie and HootFan connect via email/skype4 HootFan finds venue, speaker, date, time5 HootFan reports updates to Stephanie6 Stephanie creates MeetUp and schedules tweets for the HootUp7 Stephanie congratulates and does wrap-up call w/ other Organizers8 HootFan sends pictures, storify and blog links9 HootFan sends reimbursement form & receipts10 Coordinator reminds HootFan about feedback form11 Stephanie and Destin approve reimbursement form
  11. 11. There’s an eventScenario #2 in my neighbourhood and we should hold a HootUp!1 Ileana fills in application form from HootUp.tumblr.com2 Stephanie follows up w/ email and Skype3 Ileana finds Ambassadors that can help4 Ambassador suggests venues and speakers, date, time5 Ileana reports updates to Stephanie6 Stephanie creates MeetUp and schedules tweets for the HootUp7 Stephanie and Ileana congratulate8 Ambassador sends pictures, storify and blog links9 Ambassador sends reimbursement form & receipts10 Ileana reminds HootFan about feedback form11 Stephanie and Destin approve reimbursement form
  12. 12. Success # of HootUp we host (Total HootUp we held in 2012: | People: ) # of attendees and the virality of the event Do people continue the conversation? Did anyone express interest to hold the next HootUp? Collaterals produced: photo, blog post, tweets New interest in the translation project / envoy / HootClub
  13. 13. Alll HootUp resources can be found onHootUp.tumblr.com Application Form Tips for Promoting HootUp Talking Points Owl Masks: Colour and B&W Feedback Form: Physical & Online Map of Past HootUps
  14. 14. PrioritiesTrain all Managers, Ambassadors, Envoys re: HootUp processStrategize on which communities and cities we should targetIdentify target countriesReach out to current HootClub members and HootSuite University Certified professionalsCreate a list of festivals and events we can participate inMake moves in the community