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Product Management Portfolio
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Product Management Portfolio


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Agile Product Management | UX Design | Information Architecture Portfolio

Agile Product Management | UX Design | Information Architecture Portfolio

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  • 1. Product Management Portfolio for Stephan Orme Product Management | UX Design | Information Design • 510-847-8537 Document Version 0.46 Detail Screen previous, next and back Tartine Bakery goes to next contact in list. Back goes back to List page 600 Guerrero Street (Search or Contacts) San Francisco, Ca 94110 Tap to call. If there are multiple phone nujmbers, display Distance: 0.3 Miles (415) 487-2600 the 1st. Address info (same info we have in Yelp Google Places My Contacts list view). Tap goes to Map Loads page data. Initially only show Yelp. Later have Delete Contact dialog multiple tabs for multiple data sources Delete This Contact? Insert Yelp or Google places page OR existing View Contact screen in Cancel Ok Android Dialer Show in this area: Yelp, etc. HTML pages and Existing Android View Contact page Scrolls in this box Bad Info dialog Add to Contacts confirm with Toast: "Added to Contacts" Thanks for Letting us Know! Can you tell us why? Bad Phone Number Add to Favorites, confirm with Toast "Added to Favorites" - if NOT in contacts add to contacts also (no toast) Use standard Android share functionality. This pops up dialog: "Share via email or Bluetooth" - Both send VCF Delete formatted files (contact interchange file) comments + + Need Estimate: Add Send Text Message option to Add to Add to ! existing. SMS content: NOTE FORMAT incl: commas, spaces and colons Contacts Favorites Share Bad Info Edit <Full Name> Cancel Submit <IF business show business name> <City>, <state> <zipcode> Bad Contact / Delete <phoneType1>: <phone number 1> Show Bad Info when the contact is one of ours <emailType1>: <email 1> Menu Options: Show Delete when the contact is in their contact list Phone Number Doesnt Work - Brought to you by PhoneTell: Address Wrong or Business Moved Bad Info Behavior Business Closed Clicking Bad Info pops up a comment field. Other If NOT in their Contact list, create new contact then go to The Contact Id info along with the comment is sent to a bad_data Standard Android Edit Page table Later well figure out how to use this info If already in their contact list,just go to edit page Delete Behavior Dialog: "Delete this contact?" With Ok / Cancel (ok to reuse Android standard)Portfolio 4.0 Page 1 of 14March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 2. Product Management PortfolioI have experience with all stages of the product processincluding managing development teams, implementing Agile “Stephan has a great understanding ofsystems, de ning the product roadmap and UX designs. the so ware development process and itAs Director of Product for PhoneTell, I prepared product was a pleasure to work with him.”roadmaps for their suite of mobile applications, led product - Sergey Slepchenko, Project Manager,strategy discussions with senior management, managed a 15- Interlinkperson development team and designed applications forAndroid, Blackberry and Skype.As CEO of Worklogistics, I led the creation of the Crew Tracker mobile application for Android, along with asophisticated web application. This involved the complete product life-cycle, from product vision, customerdevelopment, technology stack speci cation, UX design, data modeling, hiring and managing a developmentteam and eld testing.As lead developer for the project I wrote all front and back end code (SQL, JSP and Perl),optimized the site for SEO (which resulted in top 10 ranking for many pesticides), set up co-located unix serversand performance tuned MySQL.I believe in small, effective teams, customer development, minimum viable product design and agiledevelopment.Product Roadmap and Mobile UX speci cations for PhoneTell Product Roadmap Not for release - private distribution only Draft document version 0.35 Table of Contents Services Core Technologies Partners and Technology Platforms and Technologies Technology Trends October 5, 2010 Private and Con dential PhoneTell, Inc PhoneTell Product Roadmap Portfolio 4.0 Page 2 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 3. Product Management, Customer Support and StaffingProduct management is embedded in larger business processes and has to consider a range of business issuesincluding customer support and staffing. The top gure is a hiring plan which shows how the product roadmap,marketing launch and hiring evolve from pre-launch through launch. The bottom gure shows how customersupport and user feedback is integrated into development.Development Staffing/Activity Plan Activities by Phase For Crew Tracker LaunchShown at right is a nine-month staffing/ A Pre-Launch B Soft Launch C Marketing Launch Hire Lead Web Developer Hire QA & Dev Assistant Hire Lead QA Expand QA Process Hire VP Engineering Development Begin Enterpriseactivity plan for Worklogistics that shows Crew Tracker Dev Web App Dev Sales Website Dev UX Design Build out Export Template Library Develop Community Systems Hire Enterprise Architect Refactoring Product Design Graphic Design Dev & QA Process evolution Implement Web Analytics Load Testinghow staff are added over time as Customer Hire Payroll Integrator Hire Customer Support Support Support Docs Hire SEO Optimization Hire Technical Supportdevelopment evolves. Hire VP Community Manager Hire Dir. Crew Tracker Marketing Hire PR Person Marketing Website Community Soft Launch Marketing Launch Analytics LaunchThis model was prepared in conjunction Organizational Development Build out HR Fundraising Fundraising Recruiting resourceswith a full nancial model. 6 Months 3 Months 3 Months Staffing Evolution Key Pre-Launch Phase Activity Operations Soft Launch Phase Employee CEO Marketing Launch Contracted CFO Human Resources Office Manager Development Marketing Support VP Engineering VP Community reports to Manager Lead Web QA & Dev Enterprise Server Admin Marketing Directors: Experts within Vertical HR System Integrator QA Lead Developer Assist Architect Dir. Crew Dir. Legal Dir. Solo Tracker Already in Place Tracker Marketing Marketing Marketing SEO Optimization Customer Support Android Dev Web App Dev Graphics Design UX Designer PR Person Business Development Support Documentation Technical Support Team Team Animation Design Dev and QA Systems Analytics System Community SystemsDesigning for SupportAt right is a Support/Feedback Work ow which I Proposed Feedback/Support Workflow Handling Feedback and Support Requestsdesigned for PhoneTell. This system streamlined App-based Web-based Other channelssupport/feedback work ows. PhoneTell implemented Feedback/Support Feedback/Support Feedback/Supportthis process along with a new issue tracking system, Automatic ZenDesk Automatic ZenDesk Manual ZenDesk Ticket Ticket Entry Creation CreationFogbugz. ZenDesk System Manual entry forward relevant info into Editgrid PhoneTell Staffer on as-needed basis to or Fogbugz other Phonetell staff ZenDesk mail Bug Fixes & For Internal PhoneTell programmer notes Customer Support need-to-know and Transaction discussion Feedback and Support - some design ideas 1. Simple Forms. Simple is more approachable and intuitive. Fewer fields = better. 2. Ubiquitous. Make feedback collection as ubiquitous as possible during active beta period so users can contact us easily and immediately (later, we can screen to drive down support overhead) 3. Automatically collect data when possible: OS version, App version, user contact info if we can, etc. to eliminate transaction friction. 4. Dont over-design support system. Dont automate routing and ZenDesk - Editgrid/Fogbugz integration yet. Keep these systems simple. We dont have sufficient volume to justify the engineering cost and we can upgrade and automate once we have a better sense of the actual support workflow and needs. 5. Mobile-centric feedback and support. Most users will experience problems while using the app therefore mobile support is key and web-based support is secondary. Feedback might be more web based. Portfolio 4.0 Page 3 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 4. Development ManagementI’ve directly managed two offshore development teams (Ukraine and Chinese teams); below are some of theAgile processes I implemented to help with the complex logistics of managing distributed teams.Implementing Agile Development SystemsShown below is a two-week iteration schedule showing developer, product and marketing deliverables. Agiledevelopment also means agile marketing; this document was created to help sync development and marketingefforts. Development Process Flow Document Version 0.64 Mon Dec 27 2010 PhoneTell + Aragon Aragon Aragon + PhoneTell Aragon continued below Iteration Plan Draft Iteration Plan Development Interim Builds Unit Testing Regression/ Candidate Build Acceptance nal iteration Testing Build uploaded Plan Estimating plan sent to Interim Feeback Change log updated PhoneTell Team Known Issues PhoneTell continued from above PhoneTell QA Final Iteration Notes Public Release Post Release Monitoring Manual Ad-hoc Testing Update list of known issues Candidate Build Automated Test Suite Build Uploaded to markets Crash-log reporting Release Meeting OK? Online Market text updated Feedback monitoring Everyone agree? Tour updated Notify PhoneTell Team Collateral Production? Marketing Tutorial updated Iteration Note Draft Reviewers Guide Reviewers Guide Draft Tutorial Update Tour Update PR Materials Online Market Text Mkting Marketing Marketing Iteration Process Documents Iteration Plan Includes Iteration Notes Include Reviewers Guide Includes Development Timeline Introduction Installation Scheduled work for each project Download URL How to Use Release Timeline Features/Bene ts Known Issues Press Quotes Change Log PR Contact Collateral Updates DueDevelopment Logistics: Coordinating Development, QA, Design and MarketingCalendar shows combined schedule and deliverables for all groups. Development Cycle - the plan: Note, this is how wed like it to go, not how it will go. Document Version 0.55 Sun Oct 10 2010 Development Cycle 11 12 13 14 15 16 Start Iteration Facebook soft-launch Nightly Android facebook app updates builds if possible Android Fix and new release as early as possible 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Candidate Build, Q&A nal test Q&A nal test Final Build End of day 24 25 Update Collateral Upload Build Prepare as necessary: Tutorial, Tour, Reviewers Guide, PR Materials, Android Market Updates. Begin Iteration Rollout Deliverables on this day: Iteration Notes, Reviewers Guide draft, Build Public Release: Upload Final Build, Tutorial, Market Updates, etc. Iteration Planning 11 12 13 14 15 16 Start Iteration 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 1st draft of next Estimate tasks... Finalize iteration iteration plan plan 24 25 Iteration Planning Final Iteration Plan During second week, develop plan Deliver: Iteration plan, and estimate for the next iteration. Whats Next note. Portfolio 4.0 Page 4 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 5. QA Process DesignShown at right is a use case testing worksheet used for regression testing. Portfolio 4.0 Page 5 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 6. Customer Development and Market ResearchI believe the best way to insure good product t is through a process of Customer Development. To betterunderstand the market for Worklogistics, I put on a hard hat and visited construction sites throughout the BayArea and interviewed construction foreman. More traditional market research approaches include marketanalysis and competitive analysis, two examples are shown below:Market AnalysisShown at right is a Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Market Overview and CompetitionSegmented Addressable Market (SAM) analysis for the The US Construction Market Construction Employment by Establishment Size The US Bureau of Labor Statistics 3,000,000 2008-2009 report states (using 2006construction timekeeping market. data - the latest available) there were 883,000 construction firms employing 2,500,000 2,000,000 7,689,000 paid workers and an additional 1,500,000 1.9 million self-employed workers 1,000,000 bringing total construction employment 500,000 to 9.6 million.9 Current data (June 2009) 0 show the number of construction firms 1 to 4 5 to 19 20 to 99 100+ holding steady at about 890,000 firms but show a sharp decline in employment with Workers Establishments losses of 1.3 million jobs since the beginning of the recession.10 2007 US Census data (latest data) report total sales for the construction sector at $1.78 trillion and annual payroll of $348 billion.11 An IHS Insight 2009 report estimates that 2008 global and US construction spending was 5.5 trillion and 800 billion respectively.12 IHS Global Insight predicts a modest recovery in construction spending in 2010 before seeing significant growth again in 2011.13 We expect to be ready for market in the second half of 2010. Over the long term, construction spending is closely linked to GNP and population growth and is expected to grow.14 We are targeting US construction firms with more than 5 employees, which in 2006 numbered 6.8 million workers and 310,000 firms. For our analysis and projections we have used estimates of 300,000 construction firms employing 6.5 million workers; current numbers are possibly a bit lower, but are likely to rise before we go to market. We estimate that market leader, Exaktime currently holds a little over 6% of this market.15 9 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Career Guide to Industries, 2008-09 Edition, Construction, on the Internet at (visited July 14, 2009 ). 10 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Industries at a Glance, June 2009 Edition, Construction, on the Internet at (visited July 14, 2009 ). See also, the US BLS The Employment Situation Report ! online at: and 11 2007 Economic Census Data, U.S. Census Bureau, online at: 12 IHS Report citation xxx 13 Scott Hazelton, Director of Construction Services at IHS Global Insight (June 2009) report online at: IHS-outlook 14 IBID: citation #11 15 See Appendix B - Sales Analysis of Exaktime’s Jobclock system for discussion and analysis. Page 21 of 49! Wednesday, December 29, 2010! CONFIDENTIAL - Property of WorkLogistics ! Sales & MarketingCompetitive AnalysisShown at right is a number-of-users extrapolation and cost- Appendix B - Sales Analysis of Exaktime’s Jobclock systemper-worker analysis for Exaktime, a competitor to See Exaktime Analysis spreadsheet for full citations and discussion of methodology. Exaktime ( sells the Jobclock system which is the market leader in the construction timekeeping market. Their system is also the closest to ours in function (The majority ofWorklogistics in the construction timekeeping market. This other entrants in this market are using PDA-based solutions). Though privately held, we’ve been able to figure out quiteanalysis was done to support a pricing model for the service. a lot about their business. Using annual sales data from Deloite Technology Fast 500 listings; historic worker claims discovered on archived pages on; and an ill-considered posting on Google Answers in 2006 which reveals their worker - client - sales ratios; we’ve been able to determine approximate sales breakdowns, average system cost, workers per clock, client numbers, cost per worker and other key metrics. Workers Using the Jobclock System If Exaktime worker claims are accurate (we suspect they are inflated) today some 700,000 workers use the Jobclock system each day. From data we’ve developed Exaktime systems averages 12 workers per clock. For their customers, the average cost per worker is about ~$86. Workers Using Jobclock System Reported & Extrapolated Sales per Worker 800,000 $100 700,000 $90 $80 600,000 $70 500,000 workers, est $60 workers, reported 400,000 $50 Sales per worker 300,000 $40 Average $/worker $30 200,000 $20 100,000 $10 - $0 12/31/01 12/31/02 12/31/03 12/31/04 12/31/05 12/31/06 12/31/07 12/31/08 12/31/09 Page 42 of 49! Wednesday, December 29, 2010! CONFIDENTIAL - Property of WorkLogistics ! Appendices Portfolio 4.0 Page 6 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 7. UX DesignUX: Website Wireframing Product Page: Android, iPhone and RIMWireframe of Product page for PhoneTell Notes Product Info PhoneTell Home Hub Page: All Product Infois shown at right. Design considerations Home Info exposed via this page. animated screen, text, test drive...included: Te Dr st ive Download FAQs Universal FAQ?• Simple, brochure-like design Name phone Features Feedback email For Each Phone• Hub Page for all product information QR Code Download Displays Post_Download in Product_Info Help For Each Phone or need your info dialog Post Download Instructions• Flat design for ease of navigation Select Topic Show After Download is Sent Info FAQ Selection loads content into •- 85% of content within 2 levels Features Help Product Info block at right Were sorry, the iPhone version On This Page isnt ready yet. Can we send you a quick note when it is? Select Product Key Functionality: •- 100% of content within 3 levels Name phone Or • Download •!FAQ email • Features Send info • Help with App * Privacy | Terms | Contact Prepared by Stephan Orme for PhoneTell, Inc. Private and Confidential Page 3 of 2 - Mon Jan 31 2011UX: UI Design F Edit List - a tool to create, edit and share listsShown at right is a UI design for a Edit Listredesigned Yelp List. 1. Find Places and Events... 2. Add them to Your ListOn the left users nd businesses they Restaurants Search Neighborhoodlike, which they then drag to their list. Description of this list. Lorem ipsum dolor sit Search within 2 Blocks of amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. DonecThe right side shows the users list. 1 Carl St. SF, Ca 94117 adipiscing.They can then share these lists with La Boulange Bakery 1.6 miles California Academy of Scie... 0.6 milestheir friends. 2043 Fillmore St 89 reviews $$ Co ee Shop 55 Music Concourse Dr. Golden Gate... $$ 453 reviews Museum Zazie 0.7 miles De Young Museum 0.7 milesThis spec was created to 941 Cole St $$$ Restaurant 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr. Gold... $$ Museum 217 reviews 654 reviewscommunicate the concept, a Crepes on Cole 0.2 miles San Francisco Botanical Garden 1.2 miles $$ 100 Carl St $$ 9th Ave & Lincoln Way, Golden Gate... Resturant Gardentechnical spec would include: Marnee Thai 220 reviews 1.2 miles 220 reviews 9th Ave & Lincoln Way, Golden Gate... $$• UI behavior 220 reviews Restaurant• User- ow diagram Get Recommendations New Delete Share Save• Database Schema• Exception handling Controls to nd places. See Drag items to Share this List. Goes to Sharing Controls (J) add to list dialog (H)• Notes for the visual designer Goes to Set Location dialog (G) Using Yelp Recommendation Engine, help users discover places they might like based on items already in their list, i.e. "People who liked these businesses also liked..." Clicking replaces search results with recommended results Portfolio 4.0 Page 7 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 8. UX: Information Design “Stephan has an uncanny ability to see all sides ofRepresenting complex data in an interface can complex so ware systems, and great skills in conveyingbe particularly challenging. Shown below are that information to programmers, designers andtwo information designs for the Worklogistics customers.time accounting system. I was consistently impressed in how detailed hisThe top diagram shows a time worked for a speci cations were, both in conveying the broad tasks thatworker. Also on this page are controls for users were trying to accomplish as well as highlightingauditing, editing and approving time for details which were not obvious at rst glance.payroll. is made my work as a designer much much easier, and results in great products since things are thought throughThe bottom diagram is a design for the second at the beginning instead of being bolted on at the end.”revision of the product and shows the samedata using a time bar design. The bottom - UX Designer Owen Williamsdesign also shows screenshot thumbnailswhich are used for a desktop-based time tracking product.Both of these designs were produced working in collaboration with other designers. !"#$% &""( )*+,-.!/.01"!-2. Portfolio 4.0 Page 8 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 9. UX: Use Flow DiagrammingEfficient and coherent use- ow is a key factor in successful designs. The use- ow diagram at top shows the loginsequence and error handling for PhoneTell’s Android application. The bottom diagram is for a dedicatedhardware time clock for construction sites. The clock tracks worker, task and time. This hardware device used anRFID Card reader, LCD character display and keypad for user interaction, the data was then synced to a cloud-based service. Settings page PhoneTell Login Sequence You are Currently Logged In connected? Y Cancel Disconnect Setting Screen Design: One long scrolling page N Use Headers to organize content Register Login Lost Password Email Email Email Password Password Password Again Register Lost Password Cancel Register Cancel Login Cancel Send Password go to Login screen go to Settings screen go to Login screen Thanks for Registering! You are now logged In Password Sent display for ~2 seconds display for ~2 seconds display for ~2 seconds go to home screen Or go to home screen go to Login screen Incorrect! Check Email and Password display for ~2 seconds go to Login screen Third Party Login Sequence You are Currently Logged In Settings Later connected? Y <continued> Cancel Disconnect Blocked Phone Numbers N go to Settings screen Block Anonymous/Restricted Callers Note on login screens. B Login Standardize and re-use design when John Doe 510-121-9999 Send To possible but some (Facebook, others?) Voicemail User Name require their own login design. Mark Rothko 510-121-9999 Block Password Cancel Login go to Login screen Note See "Users, Devices You are now logged In and Linked Accounts" (next display for ~2 seconds page) for notes go to home screen 1 Sleep State 2 Welcome Screen State: Sleep State: Welcome Swipe RFID error message welcome screen display welcome screen scan for RFID card Swipe RFID Card welcome Swipe Card First! wakeUp... Selection any keypress Screen Select Must Swipe wait 5 Crew Clock 1 any keypress RFID Msg seconds RFIDScan Bat 87% Sig 53% Passive IR Error: User has Motion Detect pressed a key before start stop Clear Back system Swipe RFID swiping RFID card RFIDRead beep Card beginSession user not clocked in. Display project_select clocked in N screen with default project displayed already? Y User clocked in. Display task_select screen writeMessageToScreen writeMessageToScreen with users current task selected 3 Select Project Screen 4 Select Task Screen State: Project Selection State: Task Selection Hi Steve, Project: display task_sel screen Greer Appts Tasks display project_sel screen 33 Sheet Rock Selection 20 Karis Building w/ current user task (if clocked in) Selection with default project selected 54 Greer Appts 36 Painting wait for key input w/ default task (if not clocked in) 56 Hsu Development 52 Finish Trim wait for key input wait for key Input time out? Y writeTimeEvent clearSession goToSleep wait for key Input time out? Y writeTimeEvent clearSession goToSleep beep N beep N start start writeTimeEvent clearSession goodbye Screen writeTimeEvent clearSession goodbye Screen stop stop clear clear clearSession welcome Screen clearSession welcome Screen back back Project_seletion screen Key Input Key Input Display task_select Task_seletion select writeTimeEvent clearSession goodbye Screen select selectProject screen with default Screen task selected up up Project_seletion Task_seletion scrollMenu scrollMenu Screen Screen down down System_Info System_Info system system Screen Screen System_Options System_Options start + stop start + stop Screen Screen New user swipes in before the current session is finished, write current session, and start new New user swipes in before the current session is finished, write current session, and start new start new session Swipe writeTimeEvent clearSession Swipe RFID Card See project_selection example RFID Card Portfolio 4.0 Page 9 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 10. UX: Mobile App Design Detail Screen previous, next and back Tartine BakeryShown at right is a Place Detail 600 Guerrero Street San Francisco, Ca 94110 goes to next contact in list. Back goes back to List page (Search or Contacts) Tap to call. If there are multiple phone nujmbers, display Distance: 0.3 Miles (415) 487-2600Screen along with design notes. the 1st. Address info (same info we have in Yelp Google Places My Contacts list view). Tap goes to Map Delete Contact dialogI’ve gotten consistent praise for the Loads page data. Initially only show Yelp. Later have multiple tabs for multiple data sources Delete This Contact? Insert Yelp or Google places page ORthoroughness and quality of my existing View Contact screen in Android Dialer Cancel Ok Show in this area: Yelp, etc. HTML pages and Existing Android Viewspeci cations from the developers Scrolls in this box Contact page Bad Info dialog Thanks for Letting us Know!that I’ve worked with. Add to Contacts confirm with Toast: "Added to Contacts" Can you tell us why? Bad Phone Number Add to Favorites, confirm with Toast "Added to Favorites" - if NOT in contacts add to contacts also (no toast) Use standard Android share functionality. This pops up dialog: "Share via email or Bluetooth" - Both send VCF Delete formatted files (contact interchange file) comments + + Need Estimate: Add Send Text Message option to Add to Add to ! existing. SMS content: NOTE FORMAT incl: commas, spaces and colons Contacts Favorites Share Bad Info Edit <Full Name> Cancel Submit <IF business show business name> <City>, <state> <zipcode> Bad Contact / Delete <phoneType1>: <phone number 1> Show Bad Info when the contact is one of ours <emailType1>: <email 1> Menu Options: Show Delete when the contact is in their contact list Phone Number Doesnt Work - Brought to you by PhoneTell: Address Wrong or Business Moved Bad Info Behavior Business Closed Clicking Bad Info pops up a comment field. Other If NOT in their Contact list, create new contact then go to The Contact Id info along with the comment is sent to a bad_data Standard Android Edit Page table Later well figure out how to use this info If already in their contact list,just go to edit page Delete Behavior Dialog: "Delete this contact?" With Ok / Cancel (ok to reuse Android standard)At left are wireframes for a contactlist management UI along withimplementation notes.At right a combined voice/text go to Voice_Entry dialogSearch Interface. Clear search entry Clear search results Clear show home screen message show keyboard tap to slide up Keyboard typing calls on-the-fly search routine Portfolio 4.0 Page 10 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 11. UX: Mobile Design and ArchitecturePhoneTell’s core product is a global contact database (with 300+ million contacts) which is accessed through aseries of clients (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Skype, and Facebook). The Android client, shown below, left, buildsupon and extends the Android Dialer application with integrated search and features such as Inbound-Caller-Idand Text-to-Respond.Android, iPhone and Blackberry Apps from PhoneTellCrew Tracker from WorklogisticsThe Worklogistics Crew Tracker™ Application, shown at right, tracks task,time and project information for construction crews.For the Crew Tracker service I designed a sophisticated system for syncingand updating data across multiple clients. One of the advanced featuresof the architecture is that data (about workers, project, tasks and time) areefficiently propagated to all clients linked to an account.Crew Tracker data is used for payroll, billing, analytics and projectmanagement. The Crew Tracker application runs on Android. Portfolio 4.0 Page 11 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 12. Data ModelingOne of the strengths I bring to product design is a strong understanding of how applications are represented atthe database level. My UX specs generally include reference data designs which helps me communicate withdevelopment on a deeper, more effective level.The top gure is a partial view of the schema. is the world’s largest pesticidedatabase incorporating most of the major pesticide-related datasets globally; it includes roughly 100 datasetsfrom dozens of agencies world-wide including chemical, product, toxicity, regulatory, pesticide use, eco-toxicityand medical datasets. Each of these datasets are processed, validated and then keyed to construct a tightlyintegrated dataset. These data are then made available to the public free of charge at was the lead developer for the pesticideinfo project and managed all of the technical aspects includingspecifying the technology stack, writing code, back-end design, UX design, setting up co-located servers, MySQLtuning and SEO analysis and optimization. The site was built using: Apache, Tomcat, MySQL and Perl.Shown at bottom is part of the schema for the Worklogistics Accounting System. Product data Data Files for Chemicals ProdSynonyms Products PPLS Chem ID Ecotoxicity Data REG_NR REG_NR REG_NR ChemClass DIST_NR CO_NR ProdXfer CO_NR NewTypeName Rec_Id SumCASTaxaEffList AcuteSumCASSpec EDs EPACancer PROD_NAME PROD_NAME REG_NR LABEL_DT TYPE_CODE TheClass CAS_No CAS_No CAS_No CAS_No PROD_NAME PROD_NAME PREVREG_NR Label links Taxa_Group TYPE_DESC2 TheClass SpeciesNumber PAN_ED Rating DIST_CO_NAME FORM_NAME Xfer Date Effect List for CAS/Taxa Types & cnt products TheOrder Taxa_Group Keith APPL_DATE TOX_CODE CT_Code (reason) Chemicals IARCCancer Get Related AcuteSumCASTaxaGrp Species.CommonName Colborn CAN_DATE APPR_DATE NewPestName ChemUse Rec_Id CAS_No CAN_DATE ProdType Not Used CAS_No LC50 values for Chem/Species Illinois_EPA Rating PEST_CODE Rec_Id CAS_No REG_NR Taxa_Group Benbrook Company ProdStatus PEST_DESC Prod24C TheUse Get Parent CAS_RU LC50 values for Chem/Taxa NIHCancer RegNo2 TYPE_CODE Pests & cnt products TheUse CO_NR REG_NR EPA_PCCode CAS_No CO_NAME AcuteHazWarn TheOrder EPAAcute ProdSite NewSiteName CO_NR DPR_Chem_Code Aquire.Main Aquire.TheRefs Rating Company Name PROD_NAME Special Local Needs CAS_No REG_NR SiteCodeShort Synonyms TheUses CAS_No ReferenceNumber Rating ChemsOfConcern Company Address PEST_CODE Need, Use, Type Chem_Name Citation SITE_DESC Rec_Id ReferenceNumber Formula Chem Toxicity data NTPAcute CAS_No Agents ProdSite Sites & cnt products SiteCategories Chem_Name SpeciesNumber Species PIC REG_NR Chem Toxicity data CAS_No CO_NR REG_NR SiteCat links thru Chem.Chem_Name SpeciesNumber POP PC_CODE chemclass Type CO_NAME SiteCodeShort Site_Desc Taxa_Group LatinName DirtyDozen PC_PCT Route Company Address SITE_CODE Links data Effect Taxa_Group Species p65 via parent Measurement CommonName Rec_Id Result CAS_No Endpoint LatinName Rating p65 data and dates links thru Species species names chemuse Study Parameters species study count PANAcute WarningIcons Links CAS_No ToxGroup/Rating Use Data Rating PathDesc PURsumFinal chemkey LinkMembership Rec_ID Water Data WHOAcute sitekey CA_Counties Regulatory Data TheGroup CAS_No countykey WaterAll Rating DPR_County_Cd TheOrder linked using name of Rec_Id CountryChem Rec_Id County Name Countries CCConsolidated MembType note dbase and 2000_gross_lbs Country N Note fields WHOObsolete Country Country footnote code Ag Comish contact info chemkey Rec_Id Links N Criteria Rec_Id Region Chem_Id WHOObsolete sitekey Key_CountryChem Grp_Rec_ID Subregion Key_CountryChem Commodities countykey Chem_Id Link_Rec_ID Country CAS_No Code_DPR Use stats Ref_Short Grp_Chem water footnotes dbases Data Note Region Code_EPA Chem_Name Reg Counts Subregion Region Grp_Heading1 linked using code Key name of field footnote PictureId Commodity_Name Subregion Grp_Heading2 PhysicalProperties Country not data Groups:CDFA AG County_Name Country Grp_Heading3 CAS_No Database Chem_Name CriteriaDesc Acreage Notes S_BA Chem_Name_Local Link_SortOrder DPR_Chem_Code Keys Reg. Ban, Import FieldName Sort Fields ClassList Reg. Ban, Import Grp_Type PAN & DPR Rating Full Name Search Fields UseList Source notes & info Link_Add_Remote PhysProp Data Selected Fields Ref_Long Link_Name_Long Use Transactions for finer-grained analytics. WILL have account codes but missing non-transaction data. Source Transaction Journals is ALSO account_period rollup.Use Journals for most General Leger financial reporting; GL is finer grained but wont be current. Full transaction details, Accounts: Banks and Lightweight master Transaction Journals.Amount equals amount_trans before closing and including scans of Credit Card record. Reconciles multiple Chart_Accounts Account_Groups Account_Sections? amount_GL after closing. original docs. sources. transaction_id is not Chart of Accounts Supports sub-groups unique (can be split) Cash IN Bank & CC Items Journals General Ledger Source Documents: receipts, time cards, etc. Transactions ALSO Account_Period account_code AG_code xxx Corresponds to Cash Table Name: GL Received Journal Rollup. Table GL Items master transaction file grouped by account_code transaction_id All transactions appear here and period: GL <account info> account_code xxx Source Documents: receipts, Invoices IN time cards, bank trans, etc. journal_id account_code <transaction info> reconciliation? <group info> xxx transaction_id account_period period Periods trans_type account_code account_period periods also used for Prices GL_Trans_Type and Costs Purchase_Orders account_period period GL_trans_type Journal, sales invoice, opening balance, etc. receipts, goods Corresponds to Purchases tag_id amount transaction_date period_no received, AR Invoices, AR journal credit notes date amount_GL amount last_date_in_period GL_trans_type Timecards Out amount amount_trans tag_id <trans type info> Complete document record currency_code budget Use a sieve to match Posting_Log Receipts Out exchange_rate bal_fwd_budget complete document record: Accounts Balance Income transactions Log all changes made to GL scanned image, etc. eco_amount bal_fwd_amount Receivable Sheet Statement table eco_code <journal info> transaction_id Account use All_transactions table Date <source info> <transaction info> <acct_period info> Reconciliation between Source and User_Id Accounts are reconciled Accounts Cash Owners Transactions. 1 record per < Many Others> Transaction_Type within each ournals by Payable Flow Equity source, match on Amount Type Allocations identifies the source table comparing Jounals.amount and trans_date range(±1 day) <audit string> and amount_GL Source Reconciliation transaction_type Multiple source records are reconciled into a <trans type info> master transaction record. Transaction_Id links all records. Tags Tag_Accounts Tag_rules Tagging System Proprietary Tagging a transaction creates Journal Project_Library Tag_Library Tag_Acct_Lib Libraries tag_id tag_id tag_rules_id association and adds accounting codes used to auto-fill <tag info> account_code <rules info> Used to populate Used to populate Used to populate Projects tag_accounts tag_accounts tags and accounts tag_rules_id Tag_Metrics Metric_Items Tags Tag expense_rules Chart_Accts_Lib Task_Library Tag_Metrics_Lib Tag_Rules_Lib mileage and other ongoing Reports tracking - inventory? Used to populate Projects Used to populate Used to populate Projects Used to populate Tasks tag_accounts tag_accounts tag_id metric_id Tags Projects Tasks are an extension to tags and contains task parameters Title date Bus_Type_Library tag_id Time_Blocks Kind value1 Business Types to set up Project_employees defaults for entire business project_id project_id Basis value2 Not used? <contact info> <Task info> <metric info> text Portfolio 4.0 Page 12 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 13. Designing for ViralityI produced a well received study on virality design patterns. The study included a discussion of the steps that gointo a viral designs, a review of design patterns and a mathematical model. The original discussion is online here:• Product Virality Potential Users Invitees Users Potential Users (Susceptible) (Exposed) (Infected) (Susceptible) Viral Loop ß = Invite Rate ∂ = Conversion Rate = Attrition Rate (Invite/User/Day) (Conversions/Invitations/Day) (Attritions/User/Day) Portfolio 4.0 Page 13 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537
  • 14. Writing and DocumentationProduct Management require strong communication skills and the ability to speak to many different audiences.Writing and Document ProductionI’m an efficient and productive writer and comfortabletackling large documentation projects. My goal when The Pieces The Worklogistics system is designed to be developed in modular fashion and functional chunks will be designed and introduced to address specific market segments.writing is to be clear, concise and accessible. Because Financial Integration Community Timekeeping Clients Credit card and bank integration, Receipt Forums, Content and Help Android and iPhone Appsmany ideas are better communicated visually, I often scanning Dashboard Consultant Networks SEO Browser client Windows, Mac, Linux widgets Payroll Your business status at a glance Auditing Tools 3rd party integrationmix written and visual communication. Tag System Billing Tool Automatic and manual categorization toolset. Taxes Mobile and Web Invoice builder Invoice Template library 3rd party integration PDF generation and Mail Fulfillment Tags have rules to amortize, depreciate Paypal and Credit Card payments and apportion expenses.I am co-author on several published pesticide-related Reconciliation Tool Import/Export Tool Simple tool for moving data between systems, includes template creation, libraries. export tool and API support Project Management Auto-match, streamlined process Estimating / Biddingreports for which I did data analysis and writing. Analytics Overhead and Labor Burden Accounting Engine Time Accounting System Correct Pricing Robust, highly scaleable, FASB compliant SMB APIs, Coding and Editing Data, Visualizing, Project and task-level costs accounting engine - open-source Rails project Approving, Auditing Marketing and Equipment ROI similar to WebERP. Includes: Schema, business Estimating logic, APIs and basic interface. Why Now?™ was conceived, launched, grew to over one million users and was sold to Intuit for $170 million - all in just three years. The meteoric success of underscores the significance of financial integration to disrupt accounting services generally. In contrast, business accounting is still waiting for a to come along. Entrants into this market include: Intuit, Outright, Indinero, Xero and others. We see three major trends driving a re-invention of accounting today. • Credit card and bank integration which makes data available in near real-time and at much lower transaction cost. • Dashboard-like interfaces which simplifies and brings clarity to accounting data • Cloud-based services which simplifies integration with a range of services and enables data aggregation Private and Confidential PhoneTell, Inc ! December 27, 2010 Page 5 of 20Marketing Communication Reviewer’s GuidesAgile development also means agile marketing. To Directory Searchaccommodate an aggressive feature rollout for PhoneTell will nd it fast! Using our own proprietary CallRank™ algorithm, PhoneTell gives you the most relevant contacts out of our database of over 300 million contacts.PhoneTell, I produced Reviewers Guides for each • You’re out with friends and need to nd a taxi or a late-night restaurant. PhoneTell will nd one fast!product release (every two weeks). Review’s Guides • example #2 • secret Amazon – one of many secret, hard-to- nd phone numbers in our database of over 300 million phone numbers!served to communicate new features to marketing as Demo Directory Search 1. From the Search Tab, tap the Search Bar to search.well as serving as a communication document for press. • Tap to use voice recognition. Note: the icon is only shown on devices that support voice recognition.I produced reviewers guides for: PhoneTell’s Android • Tap the text box to use the, Blackberry app, Skype Plug-In and FacebookApplication. 2. Select any contact to view the Ring Page. The Ring Page detailed information including a map, reviews and other information. Private and Confidential PhoneTell, Inc ! October 4, 2010 Page 4 of 13 Portfolio 4.0 Page 14 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme • • 510-847-8537