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Open education

  1. 1. Open Education P0L38 : Vraagstukken uit de educatieve technologie Contact:
  2. 2. Presentation about Open Education by Stephanie Verbeken is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Belgium License (tenzij anders vermeld onderaan de slide)
  3. 3. Wie ben ik? • Onderwijstechnoloog @ Directie Onderwijs & Leren (KU Leuven) • Projectmedewerker in Onderwijsproject "OpenCourseWare KU Leuven" • Interesses: • open learning en opencourseware (ocw) • open educational resources (oer) • distance learning • open content licensing • lerarenopleiding • Contact: • • @stephanie_vrbkn Slides worden beschikbaar gemaakt op
  4. 4. Inhoud presentatie “Open Education”1. Omschrijving2. Argumenten pro Open Education3. Aandachtspunten/Risico’s Open Education4. Open Education: stand van zaken
  5. 5. Omschrijving“Open Education”
  6. 6. What is Open Education?Adaptation of slide by Willem Van Valkenburg Open Education OER Open content Open Educational Resources OpenCourseWare Text Open Access cMOOC’s Static images Wikimedia xMOOC’s Dynamic images OpenOffice Video OpenSource Sound Wikipedia Scientific Articles Slideshare Tables, graphs, Youtube spreadsheet Flickr ... ...
  7. 7. What is Open Education?
  8. 8. What is Open Education? • Open = free • Digital (online) o as in free beer: no fees • Accessible to anyone, o as in freedom: be free anyplace, anywhere, anytimeSources: Willem Van Valkenburg and to • REUSE learning materials: • Interdisciplinary use copy • Quality criterium (thanks toDavid Wiley • REDISTRIBUTE: share the bigger social control) with others • REVISE: edit and adapt • REMIX: develop new combinations
  9. 9. Why be open?
  10. 10. Several (good!)arguments to beopen • technical argument • political argument • economical argument • evolutionary argument • educational argument
  11. 11. Technical argument: There is, technically spoken, no education without being OpenSource: David Wiley
  12. 12. Source: David Wiley Political argument:
  13. 13. Economical arguments: • Wont editors businesses crash? o Research1 shows evidence that in many cases the sale of books increases when an online version is offered open (and for free) • ExposureSource: David Wiley o organisational level • university • school o individual level • teachers • researchers
  14. 14. Evolutionary argument:• Being Open  Quantity of feedback will increase  Benefits for your course materials  Benefits for your own students • Being open and creative / innovative  More exposure  More feedback  Etc...
  15. 15. Educational argumentsPresence in the educational world Use open courses to show to candidate students what your education looks like Take away their doubts about the educational culture and the level of courses at university: "will I be able to understand the scientific articles that are part of the course materials at university?"Use open courses to give students extra study support By opening up stumble courses and providing them with weblectures, students can rewatch the lecture. They get a second chance to understand the learning content. Use open courses to support students with learning difficulties or disabilities Easily adapt learning materials to e.g. visually impaired students. Or provide weblectures with subtitles to help hearing-impaired students. Teach your students in a "flipped classroom" system Let them gather the information by taking an Open Course, online, before they come to class. In the classroom you can come to deep level learning using interaction between students.
  16. 16. So... Why NOT be Open?
  17. 17. Aandachtspunten
  18. 18. Problem Solution / Actions• Copyright © • Creative Commons Licenties• Willingness to Open one’s • Spread the word own Education• Willingness to use other • Let people feel connected, teacher’s (or student’s!) be part of community OER  hesitation • Motivation of open • In quest…  students, accreditation, quality control,…
  19. 19. Open EducationState Of The Art
  20. 20. Most important concepts
  21. 21. Source: Willem Van Valkenburg OER (1) OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES (OER)
  22. 22. (2) OPENCOURSEWARE (OCW) "A course is a package of educational materials starting at a particular point in the knowledge spectrum, designed to lead to a greater understanding of the issue or topic"Source: Willem Van Valkenburg OCW -seal: study guides to guide course takers: how to get OER from A to B?
  23. 23. • An Open Course can be an original source or course: a self developped course, constituted by self developed contentSource: Willem Van Valkenburg OR • because of the sharing character of OER and OCW o translation o combination of several courses (whether they are orginal or not) o etc... cfr. 4Rs
  24. 24. (3) MOOC’SSources: Robert Schuwer;; Reflections & Contemplations; Jaap Soft
  25. 25. Vragen?
  26. 26. @stephanie_vrbkn @ocw_kuleuven