Artcasting at SFMOMA: First-Year Lessons, Future Challenges for Museum Podcasters

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  • 1. Peter Samis Associate Curator of Education & Stephanie Pau Associate Producer Interactive Educational Technologies San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artcasting at SFMOMA : First-Year Lessons, Future Challenges for Museum Podcasters Museums & the Web 2006 - Albuquerque, NM - 3.23.06
  • 2. Cult object…
  • 3. The hottest thing since sliced bread?
    • Valentino boutique window, Venice
  • 4. Is it just San Francisco that’s so iPod-obsessed?
  • 5.
    • Feb 2005: Over 22 million people (age 18 or older) own iPods or other MP3 players
    • Jan 2006: 14 million more iPods sold in 4Q 2005, bringing total to 42 million sold to date
    Sources: Pew Internet Project; Apple Computer, Inc.
  • 6. So is it just a new vehicle for an audio tour? Well not exactly …
  • 7. Pitfalls of Podcasts as Audio Tours
    • Playlist behavior: no pausing between tracks
    • Menuing: multi-tiered
    • Sync ability: discouraged
    • Imaging: clumsy
    • Mapping old medium onto new one… not the best fit?
  • 8. San Jose Solution: The Notes feature
  • 9. aka Apple’s Museum Mode
    • Hyperlinks from Notes field lead to each commentary
    • Audio tracks play and stop
    • Locks out system access
    • Can work with enhanced podcast images
  • 10. Podcasting ≠ Museum Mode User’s hardware Museum’s hardware RSS/ downloads Museum desk/ staffed
  • 11. Next question: DIY or hire out?
    • How experienced are we at producing entertaining audio? What would the learning curve be?
    • Are we able to set up a recording studio?
    • Are we willing to “settle for less”?
    • Which existing projects will have to fall by the wayside?
    • Do we have an outside partner who can help?
  • 12. Our First Two Experiments Richard Tuttle Robert Adams Very time consuming…
  • 13. In our case, the answer was Yes. Did we have an outside partner who could help?
    • Nearby in Sausalito
    • Playful and creative audio in their genes
    • Expert sound designers/producers
    • Wanted to experiment with us
  • 14. Given the confidence , creativity & capacity we were afforded by our collaboration with Antenna… We were able to dream larger.
  • 15. Enter SFMOMA Artcasts:
    • A rapid response, audio zine format that blends structure and flexibility
    • A movement from the Museum out into the community, and from the community into the Museum
    Beyond an audio tour:
  • 16. A Believer of the airwaves.
  • 17. One that people can listen to on the go. One they have an incentive to bring back.
  • 18. A $2 admission discount at all price levels when they show their Artcast:
    • Adults
    • Seniors
    • Artists
    • Teachers
    • Youth
  • 19. Each Artcast episode has Two Tracks: On the Go In the Museum
    • Monthly audio art “zine”
    • Co-produced with Antenna Audio
    • 15–20 minutes comprising 4–5 NPR-style features:
      • Voices from the Collection
      • Guest Takes
      • Exhibition Highlights
      • Vox Pop
      • Visitor-submitted podcasts
    • Exhibition Tour Supplements:
    • Produced in-house
    • Artists:
    • Richard Long
    • Wangechi Mutu
    • Chuck Close & Kiki Smith
    • Robert Adams
    • Curator:
    • Madeleine Grynsztejn
  • 20. Voices from the Collection Bruce Conner
  • 21. Voices from the Collection Cellist-composer Joan Jeanrenaud
  • 22. Voices from the Collection Chuck Close Janet Cardiff
  • 23. Guest Takes Pamela Z JT Leroy Beth Lisick
  • 24. Vox Pop
  • 25. Entering the Blogosphere…  Viral Marketing
  • 26.  
  • 27.  
  • 28. Contact and recruit “Guest Take” talent Pull audio from archives or record live visiting artist Review Transcripts Workflow for creating a podcast SFMOMA Draft and edit Script for Narrator Hand all of this over to Antenna Meanwhile, back at SFMOMA… Begin brainstorming for the next episode! Record Vox Pop w/ Antenna Add layers of music, editing magic Record narration, mix “Vox Pop” Antenna Audio Review “roughs” and finalize! SFMOMA & Antenna Update RSS Feed Update SFMOMA web, newsletters, print Get the word out in the blogosphere Sync images to final audio
  • 29. So a big question remains… Does all of this point to a device-independent future… Audio tour companies becoming contract sound designers without the liability of amortizing an arsenal of equipment? And everyone out of the hardware business? (except for the PBX server folks!) with a variety of audio/media formats and tones suited to different audiences and moments…
  • 30. We shall see!