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Social Media Audit: Papa John's and Pizza Hut
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Social Media Audit: Papa John's and Pizza Hut



This is an example "Social Media Audit" I created, comparing the social channels between Pizza Hut and Papa John's on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The reporting numbers represent 24 hours worth of ...

This is an example "Social Media Audit" I created, comparing the social channels between Pizza Hut and Papa John's on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The reporting numbers represent 24 hours worth of data. This report is meant to be used to understand my business writing tone, analysis thought process and strategic ability.

Please email me at Stephanie.Nahas@gmail.com for download-able version.



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Social Media Audit: Papa John's and Pizza Hut Presentation Transcript

  • 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis summary of the top three social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube)compares the brands Papa John’s and Pizza Hut.Both brands have the most significant presence on Facebook – where each make aconcentrated effort to connect with customers through responses, ad promotions, andoriginal content. Papa John’s excels at customer support, with a 70% responserate, while Pizza Hut has a lesser percentage of responding.Pizza Hut is doing very well with their consistent brand messaging through visuallycompelling images, while Papa John’s needs to make a more concerted effort in creatingsharable content.
  • 3. FACEBOOK PAPA JOHN’SPapa John’s has over 2.6 million fans on Facebook, making this theirmost significant social media channel to connect with customers. Whencompared to their top 4 competitors, Papa John’s has the 3rd mostinfluential Facebook presence.
  • 4. BRAND POSITIONINGPapa John’s presents themselves on Facebook in a less than consistent manner. Theirvisual component is not interesting and attention grabbing, and is inconsistent.They tend to get more Likes and Comments when they share visually compelling, yetsimple, images. Papa John’s shows hints of light-heartedness and customerdedication, but this tone is not fully developed. RECOMMENDATION Fully strategize social media identity. Papa John’s needs to place emphasis on visual imaging that drives current identity forward.
  • 5. ENGAGEMENTPapa John’s is very attentive to their customers on Facebook, with an average responserate of 70% (based on the past 24 hours of data). Typically – the responses are tocustomer complaints, directing the customer to a complaint form. When customers poston Papa John’s wall to show enthusiasm for the product, Papa John’s is less likely torespond to keep up the positive conversation.Papa John’s is doing very well in utilizing Facebook to manage and direct customercomplaints. It is clear by the promptness of their response that there is a dedicatedsocial media presence within the company. RECOMMENDATION Respond more heavily to positive wall posts in order to maintain engagement with loyal, happy customers.
  • 6. AD PROMOTIONPapa John’s is making great use of their Facebook visibility but regularly posting theirpromotions on their page (on average, once per day). Their promotions have aconsistent message across all social properties.Facebook “Likes” are the main source of customer engagement with promotions. Thecomment section is less influential – as many spam messages and general, randomcomplaints take up the comment space. RECOMMENDATION Continue posting consistently everyday (or every other day), while monitoring the comment section to remove spam and address customer complaints.
  • 7. FACEBOOK PIZZA HUTPizza Hut has over 10 Million fans on Facebook, making them the mostLiked pizza delivery company on Facebook (when compared to relevantcompetitors).
  • 8. BRAND POSITIONINGPizza Hut clearly places great emphasis on their Facebook presence, evidenced by theirconsistent tone in original content. All of their ad promotions and posts haveupbeat, funny, and fun tone.From a visual standpoint, they are sure to use the same color tones and font type acrossall images pushed out. Their background pictures are either of a group of friendsenjoying their pizza together, or an appetizing picture of their featured product. PizzaHut’s brand positioning is a product that you can share with friends during a fun groupget-together. RECOMMENDATION Strategize a fun Facebook presence with their fans, maintaining their brand image of a familiar pizza restaurant through use of photo contests and friendly giveaways.
  • 9. ENGAGEMENTPizza Hut is doing an average job being attentive to their customers on Facebook – witha 38% engagement rate (based on the past 24 hours of data). When a customer makesa complaint on Pizza Hut’s wall, the post is typically addressed within an hour, with amessage sending the customer to a complain form.Pizza Hut is doing a good job in responding to positive posts on their Facebookwall, facilitating a happy relationship publicly. Most positive posts are regarding afavorite pizza product, while others want to highlight a great interaction with a deliveryperson. RECOMMENDATION Hire a dedicated community manager to monitor and respond the high volume of Facebook posts.
  • 10. AD PROMOTIONPizza Hut is pushing out consistent ad promotions across all their social channels.Pizza Hut’s strength is placing much effort on the visual beauty of their ads. They utilizeFacebook’s visual component by producing eye-friendly, simplistic visual content withuniform font and colors. This type of advertising is easy for the reader to digest andshare.They also take advantage of Facebook’s video capabilities by creating fun andinteresting videos in their promotions – furthering their brand position as afun, progressive pizza restaurant. RECOMMENDATION Use their Pizza Hut’s high volume of Likes and Comments as a key metric in analyzing social media data.
  • 12. REACH & CONTENTPapa John’s has a healthy Twitter following of over 68k people. They place their time onTwitter mostly by Re-Tweeting positive tweets written by customers instead of producingconsistent original content. It appears that Papa John’s tweets rather irregularly(sometimes once a week, sometimes twice a day), indicating a lack of clear, thoughtfulstrategy.Papa John’s makes efficient use of Twitter as a means of sharing video – oftenhighlighting their founder. It’s also interesting that their CEO has his own Twitter account,which connects the customer to the company in a meaningful, personal manner. RECOMMENDATION Create a Twitter content calendar a month in advance. This would create regular posts that tie in nicely with their Facebook messaging. Make greater use of Hashtags in their original tweets – this can be hugely impactful from a campaign strategic standpoint.
  • 14. REACH & CONTENTPizza Hut has nearly double the amount of followers on Twitter compared to PapaJohn’s, and takes full advantage of this social media presence by posting originalcontent at least once per day.Pizza Hut’s strengths on Twitter are the regular use of relevant Hashtags, regularlyposting original content, and pushing out images that are identical to those onFacebook. Their Twitter and Facebook presences are consistent – creating aharmonious brand identity online. This tone is light-hearted and humorous – which is notonly a great way to position your brand, but also makes posts highly sharable andengage-able on social media.
  • 16. VIEWS & CONTENTPapa John’s has over 700 subscribers and nearly 460k video views. Videos are postedabout once a month – though sometimes less. YouTube videos from the past year havean average viewing rate of about 4,900. The most popular videos are about football andthe Super Bowl – with the most viewed video capturing over 140k views (below), and360 “Likes”.In addition to Football themed videos, the Papa John’s CEO makes regular videoappearances. Though not the most popular video content, these bring in an average of2k views and portray a heart-felt and personal brand identity. RECOMMENDATION Continue to create sports related video content, and encourage sharing on social media channels. An idea for this would be the CEO using his visibility to connect with customers on camera instead of only showing
  • 18. VIEWS & CONTENTPizza Hut maintains a regular YouTube schedule, posting videos about once a week.They have 1,600 subscribers and over 2.7 million views. Similar to Papa John’s, PizzaHut’s most popular videos are about football. In one of their most popular videos, theytook advantage of this theme by creating a video contest where people submittedhomemade commercials (see below).This type of campaign strategy on YouTube creates a personal connectivity tocustomers. People took time out to create videos with their family or friends, having funwhile doing it and creating memories. These positive emotions are tied to Pizza Hut.