Flipbook-Social Media: The Isolated Social World
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  • 1. Social Mediaby:  stephanielusignan  #new  #outlook  The Isolated Social WorldImage  via  OscarW  
  • 2. Social media is a great wayto connectBut it is also agateway to isolationImage  via  Dieter  Orens  
  • 3. We are so connected that we arestarting to becomed i s c o n n e c t e dImage  via  Sally  Anscombe  
  • 4. This social generation does notknow the true meaning ofImage  via  Hélder  Cotrim  Interaction
  • 5. “Someday, someday,but certainly not now,I’d like to learn howto have a conversation”- 16 year old boySource:  Sherry  Turkle,  The  Flight  From  ConversaEon   Image  via  Samuel  ShuF  
  • 6. “We are together,but each of us isin our ownbubble, furiouslyconnectedto keyboards andtiny touch screens”- Sherry TurkleSource:  Sherry  Turkle,  The  Flight  From  ConversaEon   Image  via  Jabe  Mara  
  • 7. Society is being shapedImage  via  Gordana  Adamovic-­‐Mladenovic    by the perception of others to formour social self
  • 8. The boundaries have been blurredbetween who sees these cues and whodoesnt, it is all the more important to payattention to the kinds of impressionswe are giving off to those around usImage  via  Louise  LeGresley    Source:  Society  for  Personality  and  Social  Psychology,  From  Bullying  to  relaEonships:  Mapping  our  online  communicaEons  
  • 9. THE SELFIE Image  via  Jelena  Ardila  
  • 10. “A psychological conceptthat suggests we develop oursense of self, based on theperceptions of those weinteract with”-Andrea LetamendiImage  via  Carmen  Hache  The termlooking-glass selfcomes into affect  Source:  ChrisEne  Erickson,  The  Social  Psychology  of  the  Selfie    
  • 11. Social media allows people toemphasizetheirpositives    And delete their negativesImage  via  Remography  
  • 12. A German study shows that nearly 30% of users feltenvyof other profilesImage  via  A  Delicate  Mind  Followed by 20%of those who deplored “lackof feedback” to their posts by other usersSource:  Fanny  Jimenez,  Social  Envy  Study  Finds  Facebook  causes  Depression  and  IsolaEon  
  • 13. Studies have shown that thecomments on your Facebook profilepicture strongly affect your level ofperceived physical, social andprofessional attractivenessImage  via  FindYourSearch  Source:  ChrisEne  Erickson,  The  Social  Psychology  of  the  Selfie    
  • 14. When online we choose what wewant to reveal and what’s left outIn order to project the image wewant people to have of usImage  via  Mixy  Lorenzo  Source:  Paul  Steinbrueck,  Can  InEmacy    be  created  through  Social  Media    
  • 15. "With more and more of ourlivesbeing lived both in thephysicaland virtualworlds, its important tounderstand the kinds ofimpressions we giveoff to others through thetraces we leave behind in ourenvironments”-Graham of the University ofTexasImage  via  Emily  Kendall  Source:  Society  for  Personality  and  Social  Psychology,  From  Bullying  to  relaEonships:  Mapping  our  online  communicaEons  
  • 16. Image  via  hathuyanna  Our onlineimpressionsare nowcomplicatingDating
  • 17. Research suggests Facebookis a positive factor for young people in thedating poolAt least in theinitialstages of gettingto know apotential partnerImage  via  mmsea  Source:  Tom  Jacobs,  I  Now  Pronounce  You  FBO:  Facebook  Official  
  • 18. The relation in relationship is nolonger thereImage  via  Anna  Hollow  
  • 19. Instead of going outand meeting actualhuman beingswith whom we can develop arelationship, we spend timechatting online with peoplewe barely knowImage  via  Craig  Jewell  Source:  David  Wygant,  How  Do    the  Internet  and  InEmacy  relate  
  • 20. When we communicate throughsocial media via typingwe’re only communicating 7% of ourtotal communication.  Image  via  Aku  S.  Photography  Source:  Paul  Steinbrueck,  Can  InEmacy  be  created  through  Social  Media    
  • 21. This presentsan issue forrelationshipsImage  via  Michy66  
  • 22. “People feel more pressure from friendsand family to stay together when they havetheir partner in their profile picture andrelationship status”- KelmerImage  via  Georgia  Peach    Source:  Allison  McCann,  How  Facebook  Ruined  DaEng  (And    Breaking  Up  Too)    
  • 23. Where will this digital roadlead society?Image  via  Ben  Heine    
  • 24. Credits    All  images  are  licensed  under  the  CreaEve  Commons  Non-­‐Commercial  Share-­‐Alike  3.0  agreement  and  sourced  from  flickr    
  • 25. Sources  •  hFp://www.nyEmes.com/2012/04/22/opinion/sunday/the-­‐flight-­‐from-­‐conversaEon.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1&  •  hFp://esciencenews.com/arEcles/2013/01/20/from.bullying.relaEonships.mapping.our.online.communicaEons  •  hFp://www.worldcrunch.com/culture-­‐society/social-­‐envy-­‐study-­‐finds-­‐facebook-­‐causes-­‐depression-­‐and-­‐isolaEon/zuckerberg-­‐social-­‐network-­‐health-­‐depression-­‐h/c3s10718/  •  hFp://blog.ourchurch.com/2010/05/19/can-­‐inEmacy-­‐be-­‐created-­‐through-­‐social-­‐media/  •  hFp://www.psmag.com/blogs/news-­‐blog/i-­‐now-­‐pronounce-­‐you-­‐ho-­‐facebook-­‐official-­‐51307/  •  hFp://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-­‐wygant/how-­‐do-­‐the-­‐internet-­‐and-­‐i_b_651832.html  •  hFp://www.buzzfeed.com/atmccann/how-­‐facebook-­‐ruined-­‐daEng-­‐and-­‐breaking-­‐up-­‐too  Image  via  Celeste  Cota