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Qr code training

  1. 1. QR Codes: What are they and what can I do with them? Stephanie Gentry July 2013
  2. 2. What is a QR code? • QR code stands for Quick Response code. • Quickly and easily links you to a website or text. • They can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom.
  3. 3. Use Them in Science Take a picture of a figure that students need to Identfy parts of (cells, Body systems, etc.) and have QR codes give them More information.
  4. 4. Use Them in Social Studies Create a scavenger hunt, with the questions embedded in a QR code, and the answers written on the page. Students will scan a code, read the question, then find the answer on a different page.
  5. 5. Use them in math Create task cards, which is one problem on a card. You have students solve the problem (in this example, find the area of compound figures), then scan the code to check your work.
  6. 6. Use them in Language Arts Link to websites about what you are doing in class. Here is a link to a website that includes many of Shakespeare’s works. You could also link to an author’s website if it contains extra information about a book you are reading.
  7. 7. Make video notes (using ShowMe app)
  8. 8. Have Students Create QR Codes
  9. 9. Attach a QR code to homework for easy checking...
  10. 10. Turn videos into QR codes...
  11. 11. Make a Form in Google Docs that has a link with a QR code.
  12. 12. How do I scan? • What do I need to scan a code? – There’s an app for that! • Scan App • Qrafter App • i-nigma QR Code
  13. 13. How do I make a QR code? • Use a QR code generating website (google ‘QR code generator’) • My favorites: – http://goqr.me/ – http://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ – http://www.qrstuff.com/
  14. 14. How do I make an activity? • Open a word document and set it up how you want it. • Create a text box on the page where you want the code to go. • Open a QR code generating website, enter the information you want to turn into a QR code. • Drag and drop the QR code into the text box.