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  1. 1. -Sailor Moon is considered to be one of the big three animes that opened a new door for our generation in the US alongside Pokemon and Dragonball Z. - It is also considered the biggest game changer in shuojo anime and manga (a genre targeted towards the female audience). It introduced the idea of a super sentai, or “team,” into the realm of the magical girl genre. Sailor Moon was the first ever series to mix both, making it one of the big icons for this genre. Since then, many anime and manga within the genre has
  2. 2. Sailor Moon was originally a manga first published February 1992 by Naoko Takeuchi - Before Sailor Moon was even though of, Takeuchi published the short series known as Codename: Sailor V, who makes a cameo and later on becomes a member of the team in the Sailor Moon series, She is better known as Sailor Venus.
  3. 3. The plot is about a young teenager named Usagi, a school girl who fails all her tests, sneaks food in class and plays video games all the time. - She meets a talking cat named Luna who turns her into the soldier of justice Sailor Moon. She becomes her mentor as Usagi learns about a past life in a kingdom on the moon and her new responsibility to protect planet earth from the
  4. 4. - On March 1992, the animated series made it’s debut in Japan and ending February 8, 1997. - The series in total was 200 episodes, making it one of the longest- running magical girl animes. - - The series is seperated into five arcs, including three
  5. 5. - Soon enough Sailor Moon hit the stage between 1993 and 2005 with the Sailor Moon musicals, most widely known as “SeraMyu” - “SeraMyu” consists of 29 musicals and ran during the Summer and Winter season, having over 800 performances since its premiere in 1993. - The musicals were so popular, it was no brainer that a live
  6. 6. - After the musical craze, Sailor Moon made another big debut on the small screen with the live action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. - The series was broadcasted from October 4, 2003 to September 25, 2004. The show consisted of 49 episodes, mostly following the manga’s plot before shifting over to its own storyline.
  7. 7. • The first ever magical girl series was Sally the Witch in 1966. • Since then there have been many magical girl animes, creating a whole new world for the young female mind. Now although Sailor Moon is recognized for creating a whole new idea of the genre, the evolution of a crime fighting magical girl began with
  8. 8. - Cutie Honey is widely known for being the first magical girl that used her powers to fight crime and save the world. - The series has been adapted many a time; 1973, 1997 by the same animation studio that brought us Sailor Moon in 1992, 2000, a movie and OVA in 2004, and a TV series in 2007. - It is because of Cutie Honey that Naoko got the inspiration for Sailor V and then later on Sailor Moon.
  9. 9. - As of recent, the magical girl has varied immensely from the cute and friendly to the violent and sexy; and even just plain psychotic. - A current game changer today is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, being the first to introduce the idea that to be a magical girl, you give up your soul, turning it into their source of magic, and have the risk of having it become too tainted with despair and become a witch.