Media technologies i have used in research and
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Media technologies i have used in research and



I have constucted this slideshare to show the different media I have used.

I have constucted this slideshare to show the different media I have used.



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Media technologies i have used in research and Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Media technologies I have usedin Research and planning.-Stephanie Allmark.
  • 2. SlideshareI have used Slideshare in research and planningto show my research into other trailers andthe lighting scenes storyline and basic miseen scene. I used Slideshare as I presented allof this information in Microsoft word thenuploaded it to slide share. This made it easy toview on my blog and condensed all of theinformation.
  • 3. IMDB• Another way I researched trailers was throughIMDB. This is a website that showcases allforms of trailers and their posters. Thiswebsite was highly beneficial as it told mewhat genre the trailer was, showcased theposter relating to the film and trailers relatingto the one you have watched.
  • 4. Poll daddy• I have used poll daddy to gain feedback from myaudience and gather opinions on my work. Polldaddy has been a useful media technology due tothe fact that I can use it on my blog along with mywork that I want feedback on. In this particularsituation I have used poll daddy to gatherinformation on what my audience thinks of mytrailer ideas and if it applies to their interests. Inanother situation I used poll daddy to see whattrailer title was most liked by my audience.
  • 5. Tagxedo• This was a highly beneficial form of presentingmy work. I have used this in my research toexplain all of the words relating to a horrorgenre. This was so I didnt have to write a longlist of words relating to horror genres on myblog as this would look messy and too long.Thus using Taqxedo presents my work in amore fashionable and colourful way.
  • 6. Google images• I have used Google images to gather pictures ofposters and of characters. This has been highlyhelpful when looking at posters for trailers, it hashelped me to decide on what genre I wanted tocreate and has assisted me in gatheringinformation on what a poster should look likecompared to a film. Google images has easyaccess and has provided me with vital images forthe creation and assistance of my research i.e.images I have used to put behind my title ideas,and real media posters.
  • 7. Photoshop• I have used Photoshop to create all of theresearch and planning of my characters and mytrailer title ideas. Photoshop has assisted me inmanipulating pictures and adding text. I haveused it to showcase my character profiles,information on the characters as to why I havechosen them and to put my title ideas onto aphoto. It has been useful as I have added variousimages into one pictures and added informationwith effects such as changing the colour opacityand manipulating the image.
  • 8. Cannon camera• I have used this camera to film my charactersgive auditions to make the final trailer and togather audience feedback. I have used thiscamera as it is good quality and can capturethe clips clearly and loudly. This camera hasbeen essential in showing my feedback andauditions on my blog.
  • 9. Print screen• I have print screen when showing the websites Ihave visited and the colours and layout it has. I haveused this for my website research in showing whatwebsite I have found in relation to the trailer I haveviewed. I used print screen on the page I was on,focusing on what I wanted to know and explain.
  • 10. Excel• I have used excel to construct my Gantt chartto guide me on how much time I shouldbe allowing and spending on each topic tokeep on schedule. This was a clear way ofviewing how much time I has for each topicand can be reviewed regularly.
  • 11. TripodI have used a tripod to place the camera on top of when I want tofilm something steadily e.g. My audience feedback and mycharacter auditions.
  • 12. The end.