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APSOTW - Yorkshire Tea
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APSOTW - Yorkshire Tea

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  • 1. Stephanie Kelly [email_address] stephanieakelly.wordpress.com Account Planning School of the Web Assignment
  • 2. Assignment: To develop a vision for Yorkshire Tea.
  • 3. Tea drinking is seen as a quintessential British tradition, with 130 million cups drunk every day. - Daily Mail Report , June 2008
  • 4. A. Cup. Of. Tea. If you ask 130 million people what they’re ideal cup of tea is, you’ll get 130 million different answers. Some would give you a specific brand. Or they’re favorite brew. Some would say ‘with honey.’ While others would contest that milk should be the only addition. And still, some wouldn’t even mention tea.
  • 5. Living the New York City: It’s my cup of tea.
  • 6. Tuesday Night Live Jazz: That’s my cup of tea.
  • 7. Making Cookies with Mom: That’s my cup of tea.
  • 8. Knitting A Scarf for Winter: That’s my cup of tea.
  • 9. Seeing The World: That’s my cup of tea.
  • 10. Falling From The Sky: That’s my cup of tea.
  • 11. Completing the New York Times Crossword: That’s my cup of tea.
  • 12. Changing The World, One Tree At A Time: That’s our cup of tea.
  • 13. Tea occasions represent an opportunity in the day to do something for yourself. Whether it’s enjoying a cuppa in the morning or before bed, chatting with girlfriends or gossiping with coworkers, reading a book or browsing your favorite magazine. These moments allow time for enjoyment and relaxation in a world plagued by chaos, overbooked schedules and deadlines. So, whether you cup of tea is a moment in your day - or a more figurative interpretation, it’s time to…
  • 14. ‘ Find your cup of tea.’
  • 15. Image Credits http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1208/1431110868_3ae4fd22e3.jpg?v=0 Treesforlife.co.uk Needled.wordpress.com Needled.wordpress.com http://wicr.uindy.edu/graphics/live%20jazz.JPG http://www.1a-versand.de/catalog/images/Pbilder/693812_mi.jpg marketing.istcnet.org/.../Bus_traveller.jpg http://www.viladdia.com/gift-ideas/images/JUMBO-TEACUP.jpg lh5.ggpht.com/.../crafts-knitting.jpg