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  • Talking Dogs and Kung-Fu Kitties: Guerrilla Pedagogy in the Age of Social Media Presentation by:Erika CravathStephanie DavisTeresa Koons
  • Access to immediate information via the internet has created a generation of students different from any before in history. These students can perform google searches and watch youtube videos to find any information they are looking for. Unfortunately, sometimes a search for a report on cats will result in youtube videos of a kung-fu kitty and a talking dog. Our presentation focuses on a way to filter the incredible amount of information available.
  • TED-ED is a resource for teachers that includes only the very best in educational video. TED-ED is an outgrowth of TED, which stands for Technology, Education, and Design, a program that started in 1984 and focuses on providing a platform for people with great ideas to share their creative thoughts. They are able to speak about what they are passionate about, without having to meet the wishes of a sponsor or employer.
  • TED-ED is a platform that shares youtube videos created as a result of collaboration between educators and animators. These lessons are visually appealing, interesting to watch, and content rich.These videos include topics such as: “How did English evolve”, “The genius of Mendeleev’s periodic table”, and “Why docompetitors open their stores next to one another?”
  • This is one of my favorite TED-Ed videos explaining a mathematical principle. In addition, it is one of the shortest videos so that we can watch the whole video during this short presentation!
  • Now let’s take a look at the Think and Dig Deeper sections. The video will continue to play while you explore these options when you are one your own computer.The Think section has eight multiple choice and short answer questions that will be saved for grading if students are registered users. You can compile information about what they learned immediately.In “Dig Deeper” you see several resources that continue learning in this subject. They are available for students to continue researching about the topic.

Group35618module13 (1) Group35618module13 (1) Presentation Transcript

  • Talking Dogs and Kung-Fu Kitties: Guerrilla Pedagogy in the Age of Social Media Presentation by: Erika Cravath Stephanie Davis Teresa Koons
  • DesignTechnology Education
  • Click here!
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  • References• http://ed.ted.com/• http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-power-of-simple-words• http://www.google.com• http://www.learninglive.co.uk/teachers/primary/litera cy/materials/visual_literacy/visual_img.gif• http://www.ted.com• http://www.youtube.com• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQDgE_eJGTM• Social Maximizer. (2012). "Making Social Media Work for Your Business." Retrieved from blog.socialmaximizer.com