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Socialmedia107howtosuccessfullygrowyourbusinesswithtwitter 111031212931 Phpapp02


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Social Media 101: Learn how to build your social media marketing plan …

Social Media 101: Learn how to build your social media marketing plan

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  • 1. Social Media 107: How to Successfully Grow Your Business with Twitter
  • 2. Michelle Hummel CEO of… Thanks for joining me today!
    • Web Media Expert: Social Media Agency
    • Like Social Media: Business Directory & Ranking Tool
    • Send Social Media: Social Media Management Dashboard
    • Social Media Matcher:   Social Media Applications Directory
    • Web Media University: Social Media Training and Certification
    • My book: The Social Media Magnet “ Everything you need to know to attract customers with social media” by Michelle Hummel
  • 3.
    • 9th most visited website
    • 80% of Twitter usage is outside of Twitter…people update anywhere, anytime…imagine what that means for bad customer experience
    • The average number of tweets per hour is around 1.3m
    Twitter Source: Socialnomics author Erik Qualman Do you have a Personal and/or Business Twitter?
  • 4. How to use Twitter for Marketing
  • 5.
    • Mention: @ Use to reply directly to a user "Glad your shipment arrived @ janesmith !"
    • Retweet: easily share a message you like to all your followers instantly
    • Private Tweet: start your Tweet with DM or D to direct-message them "DM @ joesmith234 what is your order number?"
    Twitter Communications How do you like to communicate on Twitter?
  • 6.
    • The # symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet
    • It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages
    • An easy way to group tweets together to be easily searched
    What are Hashtags? Have you ever used a Hashtag on your Tweets?
  • 7.
    • Example: VegNews added the hashtag before the word "vegan" in their message. The word is now a link to search results for all Tweets containing "#vegan" in the message.
    Hashtag Example Have you used Hashtags to market your business?
  • 8.
    • Events or conferences : “Crystal's presentation was great! #podcincy" 
    • Disasters : " #sandiegofire “A shelter has opened up downtown for fire refugees." 
    • Context : "I can't believe anyone would design software like this! #microsoftoffice" 
    • Recall : "Buy some toilet paper. #todo "
    • Quote: " Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." ~Eleanor Roosevelt  #quote
    Example Hashtag Uses Do you have more ideas for Hashtag uses?
  • 9.
    • Target your audience : teach social media? #socialmedia will help you reach your target audience
    • Get Retweeted : put your message in front of likeminded people
    • More Followers: likeminded people will follow you
    • Popularity: words that become very popular are often hot “Trending Topics”
    Hashtags Grow Your Business Can you think of good reasons to use a Hashtag?
  • 10. Business Ideas for Twitter
  • 11.
    • ComCast offers a friendly Twitter customer support option, they even use a real person’s photo instead of the company logo
    ComCast Customer Support
  • 12.
    • JetBlue offers Twitter-based customer service notice, they even provide the customer support number for more concerns
    JetBlue Customer Support
  • 13.
    • Dell has created a number of Twitter profiles, each meant for different types of deals DellOutlet posts recent refurbished Dell computer offers. It was reported they banked $3,000,000 from Twitter related sales
    Dell Outlet
  • 14.
    • Group of Twitter people with a common interest
    • It’s like Facebook or LinkedIn groups for Twitter
    • Search by keyword to find others to connect with
    • You can start and market your own Twibe
    • Who is your target market? Join that Twibe and start building relationships!
    Twibes What Twibe keyword can help your business?
  • 15.
    • Directory of Twitter users searchable by keyword
    • Easily find and follow people with similar interests or your target market
    • Engage in valuable conversations
    • Connect with the most influential people
    • Grow your business by partnering with influencers
    WeFollow What Twitter users could be influential for you?
  • 16.
    • A real-time online chat room for Twitter
    • Start sending and receiving tweets about your topic choice
    • Follow hashtags like #socialmedia and join in on conversation, build relationships and learn
    TweetChat How do you jump start Twitter conversations?
  • 17.
    • Real time targeted twitter marketing engine
    • TwitHawk searches Twitter and generates a list of the best tweets for you to respond to
    • Find people talking about your keyword
    • Reply to targeted conversations easily
    TwitHawk How do you find the right Twitter conversations?
  • 18.
    • Auto Tweet a welcome message to your followers
    • Setup targeted keywords and auto follow users
    • Monitor multiple Twitter streams and reply easily from one inbox
    SendSocialMedia How do you monitor your Twitter account?
  • 19. How do I find the right Twitter tools? Introducing Social Media Matcher
  • 20. Must Have Social Media Tools for Twitter
  • 21.
    • Share your Twitterstream with your fans on Facebook
    • Gives them an easy way to follow you on Twitter
    • Introduce them to your Twitter account
    • Easy installation, free service!
    Twitter For Fan Pages Do you have your Twitterstream on Facebook?
  • 22.
    • See how many people saw your Tweet and who they were
    • Run a free report for your hashtag, link or brand name
    • Find out the number of unique users who saw your Tweet
    TweetReach Do you monitor the effectiveness of your Tweets?
  • 23.
    • Backup your entire Twitter account into a CSV. File
    • Save your Tweets, followers and people your following in just a few minutes
    • Easily refer to older Tweets and protect yourself from losing your information in case the inevitable happens
    Tweetake How do you store your Twitter information?
  • 24.
    • Check the power of your Twitter profile compared to millions of other users
    • Get an instant grade and report
    • Monitor your grade to see how you are improving
    TweetGrader How do you monitor your Twitter success?
  • 25.
    • Easily clean up your Twitter account to remove those people who do not follow you back
    • Improve your ability to follow others by lowering you following to follower ratio
    JustUnfollow How do clean up your Twitter account?
  • 26.
    • Easily add a retweet button to your blog
    • Let your fans easily post your content to their entire network
    • Grow your social network fast
    Topsy Retweet Button Could you benefit from more Twitter followers?
  • 27. Takeaways
    • What Twibes can you join to start engaging with your target audience?
    • What tools can you start using to reach your target audience?
    • Who are the Twitter influencers that can help grow your business?
    • How do you plan on staying educated about social media?
  • 28. Continuing Education
    • Introducing
    • Social Media Toolkits Directory
    • Social Media Case Studies Library
    • Social Media Book Reviews
    • Social Media 40 Chapter Book
    • 8 Modules of Social Media Video Training
    • Social Media National Events Calendar
    • Access to all my recorded Webinars
    • Ability to get Social Media Certification
  • 29. Special Limited Offer Today Only
    • 1 Month WMU FREE (non-certification)
    • 1 Hour FREE One-on-One Marketing Consultation
    • 3-5 page Social Media Analysis Report
    • Total Value = *$550 FREE
    • *Be sure to signup for this offer before you leave!
    *4 month minimum membership required
  • 30. Questions and Answers
    • What questions can I help answer?
    • Thank you for participating!
    • Michelle Hummel
    • Web Media University
    • Phone: 513-204-9324
    • [email_address]