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How to leverage in house expertise on social media ?

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Ask the Experts

  1. 1. Ask the Experts How to Harness In-House Expertise for Greater Customer EngagementCopyright Dimelo SA
  2. 2. Your expert today Stephane LEE Dimelo CEO in charge of G&A and Product Computer Science Engineer, Master in International Marketing Real life : 45 years old Blogs : 8 years old Linkedin : 8 years old Xing : 7 years old Facebook : 5 years old Twitter : 4 years old Google+ : 1 year old Pinterest : 3 months old @stephaneleeliveCopyright Dimelo SA
  3. 3. Agenda «Ask the expert» Q&As real world examples Interactive session • What is your usecase Questions for you : • On which social media shall I create the operation ? • Where do I find my experts ? • What shall I ask them ? • How do I incentivize my experts ? • How will I manage the question flow ? • What are the KPIs ? • Who can help me build and run the campaign ? Wrap upCopyright Dimelo SA
  4. 4. Ask The Experts showcaseCopyright Dimelo SA
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  14. 14. Use Cases summary Product Launch Loyalty: Privileged relationships for loyal customers Seizing interest space (and Google ranks) Educate customers on a complex offer Create more proximity, intimacy Pre-sales situations • improve trust • justify pricingCopyright Dimelo SA
  15. 15. Interactive session : What is your usecase ? How would you use «Ask the Expert» Q&As in your company ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  16. 16. Your usecase Why would i do that ? On which social media shall I create the operation ? Where do I find my experts ? What shall I ask them ? How do I incentivize my experts ? How will I manage the question flow ? What are the KPIs ? Who can help me build and run the campaign ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  17. 17. Why would a brand do that ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  18. 18. Why would I do that ? Take a share of conversation SPACE by creating content and relevant INFORMATION • Information is the lifeblood of Internet, my customers want it, Google likes it ENGAGE my customers or prospects in a dialog • Customers asking questions show a real interest in my company offering • Personalized answers create emotional link HUMANIZE my brand • Yes, real people work daily for my customers. They need to know. BALANCE my social media initiatives • Entertainment, media, fans VS qualified people, real questions Get valuable customer INSIGHTS • Questions hint at true intentsCopyright Dimelo SA
  19. 19. On which social media shall I create the operation ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  20. 20. Points of presence Website Mobile App or Site Facebook Page Twitter Account Youtube channel 3rd party Forums Mutualize as much as possible ! • One user community • One knowledge baseCopyright Dimelo SA
  21. 21. Where do I find my experts ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  22. 22. Type of experts In-house experts • Identify experts • Identify social media savvy employees • Volunteers Community experts • Superfans, influencers • Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Forums,... Market or Industry gurus • Hire guest stars For retailers: invite brands delegates Experts should be on par, the panel shoud be consistent • don’t mix your CEO with the latest hiredCopyright Dimelo SA
  23. 23. Copyright Dimelo SA
  24. 24. Copyright Dimelo SA
  25. 25. Meet the WoobeesCopyright Dimelo SA
  26. 26. Experts + Community + Customer ServiceCopyright Dimelo SA
  27. 27. What shall I ask them ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  28. 28. Checklist Sign the participation charter Give us a nice picture of you and the right to use it Produce a short bio and answer a few questions Explain that they will be public figures, their name and picture will end up in Google Express your expectations Warn HR and managers Organize a kick-off meetingCopyright Dimelo SA
  29. 29. How do I incentivize my experts ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  30. 30. Incentives Most experts will just enjoy the conversation • the customer comes to their desk • they can understand the consequences of what they are working on • they can grab valuable customer insights You can give them points and rewards Displaying their engagement in public is a good way to avoid laggardsCopyright Dimelo SA
  31. 31. How will I manage the question flow ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  32. 32. Workflow The manual way • The community manager (CM) dispatches questions to experts (emails) • Experts answer his emails • CM copy/paste/edit answers and publish them on the site Social Media Contact Center • Give experts a professional tool to answer questions • Automatic classification and notification Better to separate experts from categories • users ask questions in a category, and several experts can answer in this category • on the UI, users still have the impression that they are asking their question directly to the expertCopyright Dimelo SA
  33. 33. Copyright Dimelo SA
  34. 34. What are the KPIs ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  35. 35. Returns Brand seen as being helpful, approachable, providing privileged conversations • Presales : brand preference • Loyalty : brand intimacy Collect qualified contact emails for direct marketing Search Engine Marketing (earned media) • Traffic generation • Keywords used to capture traffic Measure customer engagement rate • Number of questions, comments, votes Call deflection • number of questions answered, viewed Customer insights • discover question trends and categories Start building your own communityCopyright Dimelo SA
  36. 36. Who can help me build and run the operation ?Copyright Dimelo SA
  37. 37. Partners Your social media agency • Very good in design and campaign communication • Struggling on the technical side A SocialCRM software company like Dimelo • Not so bad in design and overall campaign management • Quick set-up, flexible ramp-up • Strong response processing and workflow Both • To get the best of both worlds Don’t forget internal partners : champion, HR and managersCopyright Dimelo SA
  38. 38. More questions ?Copyright Dimelo SA