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Présentation en anglais de la solution Barracuda Backup Services

Présentation en anglais de la solution Barracuda Backup Services

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  • Let’s look at these things in backup and archivingtalk about what Barracuda is doing to help our customers address the challenges.
  • One of the biggest changes is the shift from tape to diskHow many people using tape?How many people started using disk for part of your backup recently (say the last 2 years)?Talk about contributing factors
  • Backup has historically been fragmentedLike seen in earlier slide, you had to assemble products from many vendorsImagine each color on this triangle as a separate product you deploy to form your solutionIt’s nuts
  • The Barracuda Backup is a complete solution
  • It’s also an advanced backup technology, creating savings in both SPACE AND TIME
  • Even more savings is found through dedupeUp to 50X reduction in storage footprint!
  • Even more savings is found through dedupeUp to 50X reduction in storage footprint!


  • 1. Barracuda Backup
  • 2. Barracuda Networks in Data Protection A core company strength Data protection is one of our primary markets, making up 1/3 of our business. Market leading products – Barracuda Backup Service – Barracuda Message Archiver Barracuda Networks
  • 3. #1 Challenge is Storage Growth AllThings D website Barracuda Networks
  • 4. Data Protection is Evolving Retention Efficiency Users expect everything, fore ver. Deduplication required for large volumes. Barracuda Networks Virtualizatio n Physical & virtual servers need protected. The Cloud Redefined availability and capital needs.
  • 5. Continued Shift to Disk Backups Contributing Factors: – Shorter backup windows & quicker recovery. – Tape failure rates & replacement needs. – Superior redundancy of disk storage. – Affordability of disk & cloud storage. Barracuda Networks
  • 6. Consolidation of Backup Technology Historically Fragmented by many Vendors – Backup software – VM protection – Deduplication – Local storage device – Transportation offsite – Offsite storage facility Managing everything separately drives us crazy. Barracuda Networks
  • 7. Barracuda Backup End-to-End Solution – Includes software to storage – Physical & virtual backups – Public or private clouds – Central management Barracuda Networks
  • 8. Backup Software Included Systems Microsoft Windows NAS standard backup protocol Windows Server 2003 / 2008 Windows Storage Server 2003 Windows Vista, Windows 7 Applications Virtualization NO FEES Barracuda Networks per Server or App
  • 9. Always Incremental Backups Initial Complete Backup Intelligently Targets Changes Decreases Backup Window Requires Less Storage Intelligently targets new and changed data after initial backup. Barracuda Networks
  • 10. Deduplication Retention on 1 TB of backed up data. 37 TBs on Tape 1-2 TBs on Tape 10 Days 8 Weekly 12 Monthly 7 Yearly – Industry leading deduplication technology built in. – Dramatically reduces backup storage footprint up to 50X. – Enables efficient replication offsite over network connections. Barracuda Networks
  • 11. Backup Software for Windows – Point-in-time snapshot restore of entire system • Bare metal support for Windows Server 2008+ – Application recovery • Exchange, MS-SQL Server, HyperV – Granular file and message restore Barracuda Networks
  • 12. Microsoft Exchange Server Backup Incremental Smart Mode Backups Move Restore Support Recovery Storage Groups Message Level Backups Flexible and efficient backup and restore features. Barracuda Networks
  • 13. Integrated VMware Backup vSphere/ESXi Direct Connect Snapshot Recovery / Moves Barracuda Networks Granular File Recovery Live Boot from Dedup Archive
  • 14. VMware Walkthrough List of protected virtual machines Barracuda Networks
  • 15. VMware Walkthrough Live boot selected VM from archive Barracuda Networks
  • 16. VMware Walkthrough Live boot completed Barracuda Networks
  • 17. VMware Walkthrough File system in virtual machine snapshot Barracuda Networks
  • 18. Barracuda Networks Cloud Storage Business-grade cloud storage with high quality of service. Secure Scalable Barracuda Networks Fast Economical
  • 19. Cloud Storage Pricing Industry leading flat rate pricing model – €0.20 per GB monthly purchased in 200GB plans (€40) – Unlimited Cloud Storage, per model – Two copies of data stored on separate redundant hardware Barracuda Networks
  • 20. Cloud Storage Deployments Local Office Barracuda Cloud Storage Barracuda Backup Server Local Office Barracuda Cloud Storage Pure cloud storage or hybrid cloud backup. Barracuda Networks
  • 21. Replication and Private Clouds Local Office Barracuda Backup Server Remote Office 1 Remote Office 2 Remote Office 3 Barracuda Networks Barracuda Backup Server
  • 22. Central Management Barracuda Networks
  • 23. Barracuda Backup Server Models Barracuda Networks
  • 24. Thank You