Ideas and Plans<br />Genre: Indie<br />Music Video: Narrative<br />Length: 3 minutes, usual length of a music video<br />M...
Ideas and plans
Ideas and plans
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Ideas and plans


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Ideas and plans

  1. 1. Ideas and Plans<br />Genre: Indie<br />Music Video: Narrative<br />Length: 3 minutes, usual length of a music video<br />Me and my partner Jennifer Sutton, devised a plan in which we would both do particular jobs such as I would film for an hour while she would direct, afterwards we would switch roles and I would direct and she would film. This is so we both contributed to the music video contributing with different jobs. We both thought up our own original ideas for our album cover and music video ideas, we would share ideas and compromise in using both which we hope to give the video originality. <br />There were a number of locations for a music video such as lilfod park, the train station, the city, however with our actors being in college and the lightening issues we had to keep out locations close by. We firstly took many shots inside our college, a classroom however with the narrative of our story the lyrics of the words and the location did not compliment each other therefore we relocated and decided to use my home, using numerous rooms, we also took some outside shots on Astley park to change the scene. <br />Storyline draft: Our first initial idea for our music video was of a teenage girl consisting of an eating disorder, however she had a romance with a teenage boy and nobody understood how life threatening her illness was. <br />Final storyline: With the locations being difficult with our first storyline we decided to change our story to our music video. We also wanted to choose a more upbeat song so we changed the song and the narrative. As the song we chose was called ‘Magazine’ we thought a teenage girl could be a model/destined to be a model, to look like the girls in the magazine, however along with her job came problems and as she was so young she was vulnerable. She got mixed up with alcohol and drugs and her romance was in jeopardy as her boyfriend did not understand he just wanted the old girlfriend back. <br />Narrative: Our protagonist begins with a happy teenage normal life, however she then sees a ‘different’ person in the mirror not herself, she results in drinking shots of vodka (replaced by water) and then drugs begin and her life becomes more of a mess than it did before, her boyfriend becomes angry every time he is with her as her problems are effecting her whole entire life. However our song has a conventional happy ending. <br />Research: music and videos were researched and analysed carefully to help me produce my music video, I produced ancillary tasks such as C.D covers and posters and researched the different types of audiences most common music videos. My particular target audience is for teenagers and young adults, nobody under 16 as you would need an understanding of drugs and alcohol. Narrative is the most common music video. <br />