Analysis of my music video

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  • 1. Analysis of my Music Video
  • 2. Magazine is an indie song about somebody ‘who lives there life through a pages of a magazine’, this associates with the person being a model, a fake who lives her life like that and is obsessed by her appearance, and gets into all sorts of problems as she is not comfortable in her own skin, however her partner loves her the way she is and can’t handle her change. The narrative relates to the story, and the words in the song are shown by her and his actions and emotions.
  • 3. Effects
    I used many effects in the editing area for the creation of my main construction for example I used the dissolve effect to dissolve images such as the beginning when she is looking in the mirror and then switches to her seeing somebody else in the mirror, I also dissolve the image to becoming black until it shows the next image to make it seem more smoothly edited. I used jump cuts as this flowed with the beat of my music as it was a fast song and sped up the movement of my shots however then showed them slowing down which fit very well although it was a fast song. It gave it variation in editing. To show the emotion of the character, i put on blurry effects, for instance, when she is ‘high’ from taking drugs it shows a blurry image as that is what she is seeing, nothing is steady. And when she is drunk it slows down movement as everything is confusing in her mind. I put on the effect of repeating a movement faster which goes with the instrument and sound in the video which gives off a more stronger effect and is more appealing to watch. Towards the end of the song i slowed all the movement down, which is like an outlook of her life is everything is a memory and it is in the present. It is her seriously thinking clearly what has happened and showing the audience the happiness giving them longer to reflect the ending being positive.
  • 4. The video begins with a long shot of the couple on a swing, and begins to zoom in to show their actions and faces which is happy, it then dissolves the image to black and then shows a close up shot of her looking in the mirror, this is to show her emotion or expression which is sad or confused as it switches the shot to show her seeing another girl. It also shows her playing with her face, looking at herself in the mirror, obsessing over her appearance. It then changes the shot to her stood in the kitchen, a medium shot reading through a magazine then shows a close up of a magazine of a model who looks ‘fake’. This collides with the words of ‘looking through the pages of a magazine’. It has shots of her repeating drinking the alcohol, and shows a birds eye view of her banging down many shot glasses to show the amount she has drunk and the audience instantly knows she has an alcohol issue. The angles of her drinking and pouring her drink differ to show the variation of shots and angle i have produced. I show tracking shots of charlotte walking with the vodka bottle as the camera follows her movement so the audience knows it is all about her as she clutches the vodka bottle, this is also the same with lewis and then zooms in on not the actors but the vodka bottle to show what the couple are arguing over and what is the cause of the problem. It then shows a ped down of lewis throwing the bottle on the couch and thge camera following the bottles movement.
  • 5. It then repeatedly goes back to charlotte necking the shots of vodka to show her problem, and then shows a tracking shot of lewis and charlotte running towards the camera with anger and confusion on their face and shows a high angle of them running up the stairs and a low angle of them doing the same, this again is showing camera angle variation of them doing the same movement but in different angles. It shows a tracking shot of them going into the bedroom and forcefully throwing make up on the floor, it uses a ped down to show charlottes reaction to this which is her being upset and then zooms in on her movements. When the words go back onto the chorus about a ‘magazine’ it shows a close up of the magazine pages turning and the movement is sped up which goes perfectly with the beat of the music and instruments. It reflects back on the close up image of herself in the mirror and slows down the movement as she is reflecting looking upon herself which again shows the audience her clear emotion. It shows an angle at the back of lewis repeatedly opening the cupboard then the angle changes and it shows the side of him, which again shows angle variation, and shows another ped down of charlotte falling as her clothes fall which shows her emotion towards them as clothes and appearance is all she is bothered about. The shot switches to a medium shot showing them arguing, it shows there closeness here and then shows them apart go into two separate rooms, like two worlds apart. It shows her at different angles before it zooms into her head showing her actions and it being wrong, it then has a medium shot on the side angle of her being high and everything being blurred, the shot jumps to a low angle of lewis on the other side of the door being devastated, although they are only on different sides of the door the shot is showing how separate and far apart as possible. This is then where the shot completely jumps to a different location, it shows a tracking shot of charlotte running and then switches of a tracking shot of lewis running. It then shows a medium long shot of them both meeting in the middle and them being close again. It switches to over the shoulder shots with a thoughtful look on their faces which shows their deep in thought and feel comforted by each other. It shows a close up of them holding hands to show their togetherness.
  • 6. It jumps back to the beginning long shot of them on the swing and ends with a close up of the magazine being closed. The ending gives off a positive effect to show a happy ending and that appearances don’t matter. I tried to give her a more casual and down to earth look and not as glamerous for the ending as it is showing she does not bother too much on her appearance she is happy in her own skin, which hopefully gives off a positive effect on my audience.
  • 7. Overall, i used variation of shots and angles to show i can use media technology and this also effected my music video to be more productive. The use of black and white and colour also had an intake of my main construction being successful as this also shows the variation in effects. These are all reasons and demonstrations on how camera and effects have helped me produce my main construction.
  • 8. By Kate Kenny