Blogalicious: Expanding Revenue Sources Outside The Blog


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Blogalicious: Expanding Revenue Sources Outside The Blog

  1. 1. Expanding  Revenue  Sources   Outside  Your  Blog   #Blogalicious12 #MakeItPersonal Wifi Network: Blogalicious Wifi Code: BlogHer4Blogalicious
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Basics You Should Know By Now •  You are not going to make money just by keeping a blog •  Enjoy blogging! You will get burned out if you are on the “money hunt” all day long •  Remember why you fell in love with blogging
  4. 4. Keypoints•  How you can create an ebook?•  What Thou Loves, Thou Will Teach!•  Speaking•  Creating Membership Sites•  Selling A Blog•  Sponsorship•  Working With a Business•  You Ready???
  5. 5. The Ebook•  Free  Ebook  to  Gain  Trust  and  Prove  Credibility  •  Pick  a  topic  you  are  confident  about  AND  are   able  to  do  extensive  research  on  •  Tap  into  what  you  love  to  write  about  and   what  you  love  to  learn  about  •  Time  Management,  How  to  Make  Your   Garden  Grow,  Chores  For  Toddlers,  Cleaning   Electronics…  (Yeah!)  
  6. 6. Complicated Yet Simple•  First thing you need to do is write!•  Organize•  Proofread, Proofread, Proofread•  Pull it together in a PDF•  Create a fun cover•  Voila!•  Hardest part is writing!!!
  7. 7. Solo? No No! •  You don’t have to write an Ebook by yourself! •  Partner up with the blogger beside you and create something awesome!
  8. 8. Creating An Online Course•  You  have  something  valuable  to  share!  •  It  doesn’t  have  to  be  fancy,  but  it  has  to  be   interesLng  and  well  put  together!  •  Online  Courses   –  Video   –  Email  Lists   –  Live  Online  Sessions   –  Local  Events  
  9. 9. Speaking Opportunities•  Plenty of Speaking Opportunities•  Trust Your Skills•  Be Confident•  Educate Yourself to Become Confident
  10. 10. Creating A Membership Site•  Membership sites are a community•  Build trust•  Offer something worthy of time/Bang For Your Buck –  Sessions with Experts –  Downloads –  Daily private content –  Discounts, Perks, Incentives•  Must offer unique content not found anywhere else  
  11. 11. Membership Site Ideas•  Weight loss•  New Pet Owners•  Mobile Bloggers•  Women Photographers•  Filmmakers Anonymous•  Endless Ideas!!!
  12. 12. Selling Blogs•  People pay money for blogs and social networks•  Why Sell? –  Lost passion –  Moving on to bigger projects –  New Direction•  Why Do People Buy? –  Solid content –  Loyal Followers –  SEO Ready –  Have a vision to take it to the next level  
  13. 13. Working With A Business•  Warning: Some Businesses Will Not Know How To Work With You!•  Write blog posts for the business on their blog or your blog•  Represent them at events•  Blog about Promotions•  Get everything in writing and make sure expectations are clear on both ends
  14. 14. The Most Important Thing…•  Maintain your blog and social media presence!•  The more you interact with your audience and peers, the more you will appeal to people wanting to work with you
  15. 15. The Secret…•  Mix & Match•  Real revenue comes from multiple sources•  Don’t be afraid to reach out –  Email that business –  Email that company –  Don’t wait!