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Creative Commons and presentations.


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How to develop a good presentation and a good powerpoint. These tips can help you to success in an oral presentation with a powerpoint.

How to develop a good presentation and a good powerpoint. These tips can help you to success in an oral presentation with a powerpoint.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Share your Name: “Creativity pinned on noticeboard”. Author: alpersahin2. Source: Flickr. Link:
  • 2. How? Author: Creative commons Source. Creative commons Link:
  • 3. With Creative Commons Name:”Creative commons a vessel ideas”. Author: opensourceway Source:Flickr Link:
  • 4. But there are differences between … Name: Author: Andrew* Source:Flickr. Linlk:
  • 5. And … d Name: Copyright symbols. Author: MikeBlogs. Source: Flickr. Link:
  • 6. Author: Gnomon- School of visual effects. Link:
  • 7. Name: Tech it out tips. Author: Source: Google Images. Link:
  • 8. Name: cc2 Author: Source: Google Images. Link: /?p=149
  • 9. Name:Rsnz-creative-commons Author: Source: Google Images. Link: z-creative-commons.jpg
  • 10. Name:5-large Source: Google Images Link:
  • 11. Steps for developing a good presentation. Name: “Crossroads: Success or Failure“ Author: Chris Potter Sources: Flickr. 1. START WITH THE END IN MIND.
  • 12. 2. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE AS WELL AS POSSIBLE. Name: “Audience for Richard Stallman's Talk at Teatro Alvear”. Author: Beatrice Murch. Source: Flickr. Date: 25 August 2009. http://commons.wikimedia.o
  • 13. 3. SOLID CONTENT. Name: Libros. Author: Jorge Mejía Peralta Source:Flickr. Date: 10 agosto 2011.
  • 14. 4. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Name: Keep it simple. Author: Simon Law. Source: Flickr.. Date: 18 mayo 2007.
  • 15. Name: Día 100:Frases vienen y van. Author: Angel Arcones. Source: Flickr. Date: 31 enero 2009. 57656@N06/3242364100/in/ 5. OUTLINE YOUR CONTENT.
  • 16. 6. CLEAR STRUCTURE. Name: Libros Ordenados. Author: Mike Entzheim. Source: Flickr. Date: 27 febrero 2011.
  • 17. 7. THE INFORMATION MUST BE CLEAR FOR THE AUDIENCE. Name: Interrogación. Author: Blanca. Source. Flickr. Date: 4 enero 2008.
  • 18. 8. YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DO THE PRESENTATION IN A HALF TIME. Name: Tiempo sin tiempo. Author: ser_grao. Source: Flickr. Date: 10 febrero 2011.
  • 19. 9. USE PERSONAL STORIES TO ILLUSTRATE THE MAIN POINTS. Name: Libro. Author: Mar Torres. Source: Flickr. Date: 24 abril 2010.
  • 20. 10. TRUST YOUR WORK. Name: Confidence. Author: Glenda Sims. Source: Flickr, Date: 4 mayo 2009. 92965764@N00/350818651 1/
  • 21. HOW TO DO A GOOD POWER POINT. 1. Name: Keep it simple. Author: Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha. Source: Flickr. Date: 9 marzo 2009.
  • 22. 2 LIMIT BULLET POINTS AND TEXT. Name: Hoja en blanco. Author: Yo, Mancebo Source: Flikcr. Date: 12 marzo 2006.
  • 23. 3. LIMIT TRANSITIONS AND BUILDS. Name: Reloj 6. Author: Diego Almanza Barrera. Source: Flickr. Date: 6 abril 2007.
  • 24. 4. USE HIGH-QUALITY GRAPHICS. Name: Soplando tinta china… Author: Nacho Piédrola. Source: Flickr. Date: 7 febrero 2010. 1366243@N00/4359842673/
  • 25. 5. USE ONLY ONE CONTENT. Name: DUDAS… Author: Tamara. Source: Flickr. Date: 1 diciembre 2009.
  • 26. Name: Gráfico de esmaltes por marca. Author: Marcela Dourado. Source: Flickr. Date: 19 octibre 2011. hotos/48608645@N04 /6261725353/i . 6. USE APPROPIATE CHARTS.
  • 27. 7. USE COLOR WELL. Name: Colours. Name: Gama de colores. Author: jqmj (Queralt) Author: Rmmateos. Source: Flickr Link: 81247@N00/6984961278/
  • 28. Name: Letras. Author: francisco daniel kaploean. Source: Flickr. Date: 21 enero 2012. os/69019029@N04/6742725 389/ 8. CHOOSE YOUR FRONTS WELL.
  • 29. 9. Name: Video Set for Episode 02 (Camera) Author: Ronaldo Ferreira. Source: Flickr. Date: 24 junio 2008. 648@N04/2607390077/i USE VIDEO OR AUDIO.
  • 30. Name: P1080336 Author: Xclusive bikes. Source: Flickr. Date: 30 abril 2011. 9638@N08/5672822759/ 10. INFORMATION MUST BE IN SMALL SEGMENTS.