Diseases and how you can get them


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Diseases and how you can get them

  1. 1. Diseases and how you can get them By Emerald Stenglein
  2. 2. Bubonic plague• is a disease circulating mainly among rats and the fleas on them
  3. 3. Monkey pox• Monkey pox is an exotic infectious disease caused by the monkey pox virus. The disease was first identified in laboratory monkeys, hence its name, but in its natural state it seems to infect rodents more often than primates. located mainly in Africa.
  4. 4. West Nile virus• it is found in both tropical and temperate regions. It mainly infects birds, but is known to infect humans, horses, dogs, cats, bats, chipmunks, skunks, squirrels, domestic rabbits, crocodiles and alligators. The main route of human infection is through the bite of an infected mosquito. Approximately 90% of West Nile Virus infections in humans are without any symptoms.
  5. 5. Malaria• Malaria is a mosquito-borne diseases it manly in sub tropics and the tropics this includes some of Africa, Asia and the Americas the diseases is a virus it needs a body to live in.
  6. 6. AIDS/HIV• HIV is a type of aids Hiv’s proper name is Human immunodeficiency virus it weakens the immune system HIV can come into the body by sexual means and breast feeding. It uses your immune system to progress Aka grow and make more of it’s self
  7. 7. Smallpox• Smallpox is an infectious diseases that only humans can get the way you know you have smallpox is if the bumps on you have a dimple in the center of them. Smallpox is located in blood vessels in your mouth and throat it emerged in 10,000B.C.
  8. 8. Ebola• Ebola the virus messes with our blood vessels and people who have this their blood vessels become damaged and they end up going into shock
  9. 9. Dysentery• very bad cases of diarrhea that can be fatal if left untreated
  10. 10. Hepatitis• Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver it’s a virus and the term of it is limited once it progresses to a certain stage it changes names fibrosis or cirrhosis.
  11. 11. Whooping Cough/Pertussis• It is a bacterial disease severe coughing fits are related to whooping cough the disease lasts for six weeks
  12. 12. Cholera• it is a infection of the small intestine it is brought into the body by drinking or eating contaminated food or water it is symbolized by diarrhea and vomiting this leads to dehydration
  13. 13. Polio• Is an a disease spread by having drinking after someone or kissing someone polio is disease that paralyzes someone it is usually found near the spinal cord
  14. 14. Typhoid Fever• Typhoid fever is passed by eating or drinking after someone who has typhoid fever it you have a high fever profuse sweating you may have a bloody nose you may die
  15. 15. Swine Flu• Swine flu is also called H1N1 it is related to a some other diseases influenza A and its subtype/ seasonal influenza these two are called H1N2 andH3N1
  16. 16. Hookworm• Hookworm is a parasite not a d
  17. 17. Rubella
  18. 18. Measles
  19. 19. Mumps
  20. 20. Oropouche Virus
  21. 21. Yellow Fever
  22. 22. Spotted Fever
  23. 23. African Trypanosomiasis
  24. 24. Cancer
  25. 25. Onchocerciasis/ River blindness