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"Bridges" is a PowerPoint for primary and secondary students that provides an overview of the different types of bridges and their uses. It also highlights careers in infrastructure development specific to bridge building and maintenance. Additionally, this lesson can be paired with a "Bridge Building" activity.

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  1. 1. Bridges
  2. 2. Why do we need bridges? OGo over obstacles O River O Lake O Road O Canyon
  3. 3. Common Types of Bridges O Arch O Beam O Cantilever O Suspension O Truss
  4. 4. Arch
  5. 5. Beam
  6. 6. Cantilever
  7. 7. Suspension
  8. 8. Truss
  9. 9. Careers with Bridges •Salary: $51,000 – $61,000 •Education: Bachelor’s •Experience: 0-2 years Civil Engineer •Salary: $50,000 – $57,000 •Education: Bachelor’s •Experience: 0-2 years Geotechnical Engineer •Salary: $51,000 – $55,000 •Education: Bachelor’s •Experience: 0-2 years Structural Engineer •Salary: $26,000 – $34,000 •Education: High School Diploma/G.E.D. •Experience: 0-2 years Heavy Assembler •Salary: $43,000 – $57,000 •Education: Bachelor’s •Experience: 0-2 years Construction Coordinator
  10. 10. Civil Engineer O Designs and supervises construction projects such as airports, bridges, channels, dams, railroads and roads O Responsibilities also include estimating costs and personnel and material needs, preparing proposals and establishing completion dates
  11. 11. Geotechnical Engineer O Prepares and inspects projects involving drilling and exploration O Responsible for geological mapping, report writing, site characterization, numerical modeling and analysis of excavations/supports
  12. 12. Structural Engineer O Designs load-bearing structures or structural elements, such as buildings, bridges or roadways O Performs analysis of building materials for use in construction O Develops blueprints or specifications for use during construction and ensures all projects comply with applicable codes and regulations O Determines cause of structural failures, damages and defects through site investigations O Provides reports detailing investigations and assessment of damages to the structure
  13. 13. Heavy Assembler O Assembles fabricated parts to relatively large or heavy subassemblies and complete units O Tests and calibrates parts and mechanisms to meet tolerances and product specifications
  14. 14. Construction Coordinator O Coordinates construction scheduling and communication, and acts as a liaison to project management concerning bids, subcontracting, progress and delays O May be responsible for estimates, schedules, materials and purchase order O Supervises the installation of equipment and components in assigned field O Requires technical knowledge to assist installing contractors
  15. 15. Build Your Own Bridge O Using newspaper (1), masking tape (6 ft) and straws (15), create a bridge O Judging is based on O Mass of your bridge O Mass your bridge can support O Final score = mass supported/mass of structure O Bridge must span 1 foot
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