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Student quotes


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  • 1. I’M NOT STUPID. ~Peter
  • 2. my teachers think I’m weird and assume I have problems because I’m up one minute and down the next… ~Daria
  • 3. … I have issues learning… ~latricia
  • 4. I used to have positive motivation from my mom, but since she passed away, I have a very difficult time keeping my self-motivation. ~Lauren
  • 5. About a year ago someone dear to me was killed. She was everything to me. Since then, I don’t really talk or smile. ~Dennis
  • 6. When I was 12 I got heart disease and had heart surgery when I was 14. Before that I always had honor roll classes, but then I got addicted to drugs after surgery. ~Julian
  • 7. Teachers think that I am a bad student because of who I hang out with and how I dress, but to me, it doesn’t matter because I come to school to get an education. ~Christopher
  • 8. I think I might have a learning disorder ~Thomas
  • 9. I like to be loud and active and that’s why I walk around. ~Antonio
  • 10. I’m not a very good listener and I am not a good learner. ~Adam
  • 11. Even though I’m young, I’ve struggled a lot. I lost my favorite cousin last year. We did everything together. He was in a coma for two days until his mom told his doctors to take him off life support. I wasn’t there and because of that I didn’t feel worthy of being at his funeral, so I didn’t go. I wonder if he forgives me. ~Vera
  • 12. Although I’ve had difficult times and made bad decisions, I’ve learned and have slowly put my priorities in place. ~Alice
  • 13. I am a pretty unique person. I’m very quiet, and lots of the time shy. I don’t know why… ~Kevin
  • 14. I’m a slow reader. ~Demetri
  • 15. I am quiet, hardworking, and attentive, but sometimes my procrastination gets the best of me. ~Chase
  • 16. I get distracted easily… ~Anonymous
  • 17. Sometimes it takes forever for me to learn something… just have patience with me… ~Anonymous
  • 18. My teachers think I am a drug addict and that I am just like my brother and sister because I am easily distracted and fall asleep in class. I am just tired because I am taking care of my nephew. ~Wilma
  • 19. I learn better when I am listening to music because somehow I concentrate better. ~Octavio
  • 20. Just because they are teachers doesn’t mean they know everything. Everyone knows a lot about different things. ~Andrew
  • 21. I worry about everything more than needed and it is exhausting. ~Rhonda
  • 22. I am not giving up on myself. ~Jessica
  • 23. Be careful how and what you say to your students. You never know what’s going on in their lives. ~Anonymous
  • 24. My teachers should give me time to understand them first before they understand me…sometimes I’ve got a lot of things on my mind. ~Anonymous
  • 25. I feel proud of myself when I do well. ~Anonymous
  • 26. I am a teen mother. I want my teachers to understand when I come late or I’m not here. I put a lot of effort into being here and trying hard. ~Karina
  • 27. I listen better when I am taught one-on-one. ~Daphne
  • 28. I am actually a good person. ~Jack
  • 29. I am an ex-drug addict. ~Anonymous
  • 30. I get depressed often and don’t even have a reason why. Some think it’s all in my head, but it really is a problem with me and I can’t control it.. ~Collin
  • 31. My parents got a divorce and my father didn’t give my mom any money. My mother had to work 16 hours a day and I’ve had to take care of my sister. My mother is the only reason I am still attending school so that one day her hard work will pay off and she can be proud of me. ~Jayla
  • 32. When I was young I was raised in the street. My parents were never home and they never talked to me. I was on drugs at age 8 and quit at age 12. I was abused physically and mentally. Now I am a happy teen mom…and I’m not ever going to treat my baby the way I was treated. ~Ellen
  • 33. All my teachers need to show more attention to EVERYONE in the classroom. ~Nicole
  • 34. When my brother went to jail I fell into depression and pretty much gave up on life. I didn’t go to school for weeks, I wouldn’t come out at all, and I just felt the world had come down. ~Anonymous
  • 35. I don’t like to be screamed at (by teachers). I have enough at my house every day. It gets me really pissed off. ~Val
  • 36. I’m trying my best to do good in school, but I still know I’m not going to graduate. ~Ignacio
  • 37. I am paying the consequences for the things I’ve done in the past, but now that I know I messed up and want to fix my life it seems harder…sometimes I want to give up… ~Marla
  • 38. I work and have a job that requires long nights and hardly any sleep, so I have a really hard time learning… I wish they (teachers) could understand… ~Tom
  • 39. I have a job and I also have a kid and I have to take care of her. It’s hard to do school work at home. ~Omarion
  • 40. I’m trying to do better, and be a better person, and I’m trying to make something out of myself. ~Beth
  • 41. It disturbs me to know that the world is changing without me… ~Anonymous
  • 42. I’m different. ~Anonymous
  • 43. I’m a very focused person, and I strongly believe that high school is the stepping stone to success in life. ~Carrie
  • 44. I got hit with a hockey stick in 6 th grade and had 3 surgeries in my left eye. ~Anonymous
  • 45. I just want to get a high school diploma and get a job as a pediatrician although I have no clue on how to get to BE a pediatrician. The most annoying and yet hurtful thing is when my aunts and uncles talk smack telling me I’m dreaming too high. ~Marsha