LPScocoon®: A virtual constellation tool to enhance e-coaching                                                            ...
Online session with LPScocoon®                                      The e-coaching process.With the coach´s support, clien...
the emotional significance they have for us. Through a virtual simulation we can represent ourinternalized images in a tim...
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Lps cocoon


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Article by Christiane Grabow, business coach and developer of the LPS Cocoon® coaching tool.

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Lps cocoon

  1. 1. LPScocoon®: A virtual constellation tool to enhance e-coaching by Christiane GrabowLPScocoon® is a coaching tool, which enables coaching clients to visualize their thoughts and tosimulate their developmental process. This simulation tool is designed for use in businesscontexts. It exists since 2007 as a physical application, used in face-to-face coaching. Since 2008it exists as interactive 3D software in German and English, and it is used during remote coachingsessions.LPScocoon® consists of 13 symbolic, lava stone sculptures in different shapes. Their abstract andarchaic forms support clients in finding their own meaning and interpretation for each sculpture.The online user handles the application intuitively via comupter keyboard and mouse. Specialfeatures of the software, such as soft and natural motions enhance the illusion of cyberspace.The coach moderates the client´s simulation process via telephone. If the internet connection isstable, voice over IP is also possible. Both partners can see the same screen, and each changewill simultaneously be transferred onto the partner´s computer, allowing the figuratively presentedissue to be examined by both partners.LPScocoon® allows visualization of systemic relationships in business environments, throughSystemic Change Management Simulation. Based on the principles of systems theory, SystemicChange Management Simulation has been used in family systems therapy with the name “familyconstellation”. Meanwhile it has established itself in commercial enterprises as Systemic ChangeManagement Simulation. Previously applicable only face to face, new technical solutions enable itsuse in a virtual environment. Classified somewhere in between serious games, e-learning andsecond life, the LPScocoon® software is used for strategic coaching and consulting via onlinecommunication.The LPScocoon´s® strengths lie in supporting visualizations of conflict or problematic issues andin clarifying complex relationships. Although clients are not restricted in the topics they simulate,the software is mostly used to simulate issues that require a strategic solution, thereby equippingthe client with new options for action. In effect these topics may refer to career planning andpossibilities, decision-making in business processes, meeting preparation, conflict situations atwork, analysis of team and management constellations and questions concerning the organization.Physical simulation with LPScocoon®
  2. 2. Online session with LPScocoon® The e-coaching process.With the coach´s support, clients work through their coaching issues and formulate a question onhow they can solve these issues. Examples of such questions may include the following:"How do I get my team to work constructively?""How can we streamline our production processes, without sacrificing quality? "" How can I get reliable and in time the information I need? "Clients are usually most successful in finding an answer, if they have formulated their questionopenly and actively, by including themselves in their question using the words "I, me, myself". Thismight be the first criterion in measuring the quality of the coaching process: Have you answeredyour question? Yes/No.After formulating their question, clients are asked to identify possible factors, such as personalblocks, or values, or anything else that might be preventing them from solving their issue. Thisrequires the coach´s support in helping clients focus on the most influential factors, which asexperience shows, should not exceed ten factors. Up to this point the coach´s competence andskills are crucial. From this point onwards LPScocoon® plays an important role in the process.Subsequently, clients select a sculpture to represent each of the factors they defined. The stonesdon´t resemble anything familiar and thus, clients use their intuition to make associations. As anext step, clients select a representative figure of themselves and position their own representativein relation to the following sculptures, also indicating the direction of their supposed gaze.Deciding on the sculptures´ spatial relationships and on the direction they are looking, indicatesclients´ personal viewpoint on things. With the support of the coach, thus, clients becomeobservers of their inner visualized image, and increase their awareness of the situation from thesesimulated systemic relationships. The coach understands the perceptions and viewpoint of theclient, free from interpersonal misunderstandings and enters mentally into the situation of theclient. The meaning of visualizations in 3-D.The visualization of coaching issues in 3-D has several advantages. Firstly, our brain producesimages of what we experience. For how long these images are stored into our brain depends on
  3. 3. the emotional significance they have for us. Through a virtual simulation we can represent ourinternalized images in a time-efficient way. In addition, clients´ visualized ideas can be easilyunderstood by the coach. The coach has direct access to the visualized thoughts of the client andthus, is able to see through the client´s viewpoint and provide support. In the coaching process,this also means time effectiveness. Thirdly, the 3-D systemic constellation allows an examinationand analysis of the coaching issue from different perspectives. The client´s developmental andgoal- oriented coaching process is thus, facilitated through the 3-dimensional digital visual processthat the LPScocoon® software offers. Downloading the SoftwareThe client version is free of charge and can be downloaded from www.LPScocoon.de onto the user´scomputer, minimizing this way data transfer and allowing high resolution graphics. Furthermoreeach user can chose his favorite language. The coach purchases a license for the application,which allows invitations to online sessions. Licenses are available from CSG Medien.