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  1. 1. The Tea Truck Ya Wen Lu + Jin Sun Park May 11, 2010
  2. 2. Brand Mission Our tea truck delivers the ultimate tea experience by providing easy and quick access to a variety of quality tea from various regions around the world
  3. 3. We proudly present new means of relaxation and self-realization: Our tea truck represents peace of mind on busy streets of New York. Through our tea truck, tea drinking and its unique culture will penetrate into your daily life, changing the perception of tea and building a closer and stronger relationship with tea. It will also replace the traditional morning rituals of drinking coffee by introducing the art of tea.
  4. 4. Quality Our Tea Truck Convenience Price Brandscape Analysis Identifying the white space
  5. 5. price convenience availability wide range of choice availability wide range of choice convenience friendly staff convenience friendly staff wide range of choice specialty pros friendly staff atmosphere assurance (established brand) toilet lack of choice limited availability quality price unfriendly staff lack of seating area price crowd cons quality crowd time-consuming unhygienic Brandscape Analysis Pros & Cons
  6. 6. • Two locations a day • Serving the highest demand for tea depending on the time of the day • 6:30am - 2:30pm : Midtown • 3pm - 8pm: Washington Square Park Brandscape Analysis Location
  7. 7. Persona 1: Carolyn Fowler, 40 Occupation: Volunteer Coordinator (Non-Profit) Location: West Village, New York City Favorite Tea: Floral tea • not satisfied with options so brings her own tea and drink it at her office • loves to go to tea houses during weekend • doesn’t mind spending money for quality tea • loves to read and watch movies, especially indie films, but doesn’t watch TV
  8. 8. Persona 2: Alexia Neely, 23 Occupation: College Student Location: Lower East Side, New York City Favorite Tea: White tea • does not understand the complexity of the art of tea but drinks tea because it’s “cool” to be different and is also good for health • weight-conscious and crazy about antioxidants and buys “packaged” teas • loves shopping at vintage stores
  9. 9. Persona 3: James Smith, 34 Occupation: Financial Analyst Location: Tribeca, New York City Favorite Tea: N/A • looking for alternatives for coffee to be more health-conscious and wants to know more about tea • financially stable and well-traveled • sophisticated and modern, sometimes attends gallery openings to socialize • has the-state-of-art audio system at his loft
  10. 10. Brand Drivers • Approachable • Nostalgic/Quaint ( “updated version of childhood ice cream truck) • Playful/Innocent • Comforting/Warm • Authentic/Original • Refreshing • Gourmet/Artisan/ Bon Vivant
  11. 11. Approachable
  12. 12. Nostalgic/Quaint
  13. 13. Playful/Innocent
  14. 14. Comforting/Warm
  15. 15. Authentic/Original
  16. 16. Refreshing
  17. 17. Vehicle Design: Updated version of childhood ice cream truck
  18. 18. Interior Design: Vintage-inspired space
  19. 19. Tea Truck Signature Cup Design
  20. 20. Special Instructions: How to fully enjoy our Tea Truck
  21. 21. Tea Tags: Used for fun games (‘Tea Truck Scribble’) Inside Tea Tags: Used for ‘Happy Surprises’ - Midtown: free ride to downtown - WSP: free pastries + tea
  22. 22. Receipts: Used for selecting the lucky winner of our special weekend trips Twitter + Blog: Used for following us and tracking our new moves + tea selection
  23. 23. Consumer Journey
  24. 24. Scented Tea Menu (Scratch + Sniff)
  25. 25. Mood Tea Menu
  26. 26. Special Event: Starry Evening at Central Park - Enjoy the show with our glowing tea
  27. 27. Sponsorship: Yoga to the People NY - Promoting healthy lifestyle
  28. 28. The Tea Truck