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Childhood Vaccinations: Questions All Parents Should Ask

Childhood Vaccinations: Questions All Parents Should Ask






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  • Childhood Vaccinations: Questions All Parents Should Ask. I’d like to thank you for coming this evening, afternoon etc. One of the most important health decisions facing parents today is whether or not to have their child vaccinated. This decision should be based on facts rather than coercion or pressure. We therefore ask you to keep an open mind to the information we’re going to present.
  • ACIP: Advisory Council on Immunization Practices
  • We want to do all we can to have healthy children who will live long, happy and fruitful lives. We certainly do not wish to do anything that would interfere with that process. Our goal as is yours, is to do what’s best for our children. The picture here subtly shows a mother giving her child natural immunity. Your introduction is very important. It is essential that you connect with your audience and let them know you understand their concerns, that this is a difficult subject, etc. Don’t forget the most important aspects of connecting with your audience: how you look (grooming, clothing), how you stand and hold yourself (are you cold and distant or warm and engaging?) and how you sound (do you appear confident or hesitant?). How you look, sound and act are as important (some would say more even important) than what you say in getting your message across. This is a very important subject but remember one thing above all – nothing replaces practice and experience. Giving your first lecture before a mirror and a recording device and listening to it is great feedback. Of course, nothing beats a critical (but caring) audience.
  • There are vaccine exemptions in every state. Unfortunately most health department officials, school officials and medical offices don’t know the law and try to intimidate or coerce parents into vaccinating their children. They almost never discuss adverse reactions, telling the parents that the vaccines are perfectly safe or the only reaction may be a sore arm, slight fever or fussiness. That is untrue, but in their defense, have been taught that vaccines are very safe and reactions are exceeding rare. Also they are usually untrained to recognize vaccine damage and therefore are unable to report it. Please check out the above organizations. The Foundation for Health Choice, www.foundationforhealthchoice.com is currently fighting for healthcare freedom to change laws to permit everyone to have the freedom to “just say no” to all drugs. Spanish site about vaccination, visit www.librevacunacion.com.ar
  • Many parents are refusing to vaccinate their children. They do so for a number of reasons. Some of the most common are…. You may wish to elaborate on each or simply read them that they consider the vaccines more dangerous than the disease. In fact, t here are hundreds of studies and many books documenting dozens of chronic immunological and neurological conditions children have gotten from shots. It may surprise you that most pediatricians and parents are completely unaware of this. Another reason is that they prefer natural rather than artificial immunity. Natural immunity lasts a lifetime. Artificial immunity – vaccination - does not. They have a vaccine-injured child (this is, sadly a growing number, far larger than most people realize.) Or some other health reason why their child should not be vaccinated. And some have religious or philosophical objections to vaccination. Most people want to be part of the crowd and fit in; they don’t want to stand out as an oddball. When you tell them that a growing number of parents are questioning and rejecting vaccination you are telling them they are not alone; they have a lot of good company, growing company. This eases their anxiety. The reasons presented here are those that parents may be able to relate to in whole or in part. You may have additional reasons; feel free to present them. I feel it very important to make your introduction personal so I recommend discussing your own feelings about vaccination, your family decision and your personal exploration on this topic. It’s good to mention chiropractic school, philosophy, health care and related topics. You might wish to ask audience members questions such as: “I’d like to know why you are interested in coming to this talk. Who here hasn’t vaccinated their children? Who has? Who is on the fence? Who is preparing to face this issue?,” etc. I have added this to my talks, you can tailor it to your life: “Since this is such a personal subject, on a personal note, I’ll tell you what got me interested in this subject: When our son Seth was born the question of vaccinations hit home. Although I was philosophically opposed to vaccination, in the back of my mind I was wondering, ‘Am I really doing the right thing by not vaccinating? Will my son be somehow unprotected? Is it worth bucking the school system? Family pressure. Is it worth dealing with my mother-in-law?’ “ So I began studying and researching this issue. By the time our daughter Shayna was born a few years later there was no doubt she’d remain non-vaccinated. Amongst all our siblings and cousins, my wife and I have the healthiest children in the family with none of the chronic health problems such as allergies, asthma, digestive problems, skin problems, hearing, vision, learning/behavioral disorders and other conditions that are so common today in vaccinated children. We’ve seen this in other families as well, not just our own.”
  • For example, the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn was one of the most well known pediatricians in the US. (You may wish to hold up his books). At first he gave shots just like other pediatricians, but gradually realized they were dangerous and ineffective and grew to oppose them. As he said (read slide) But it’s not only individual MDs and chiropractors… He favored giving parents information so they could make informed decisions: “What I advocate is that parents have access to the same controversies that are going on inside the medical journals.” Letting people know that MDs also oppose vaccination puts them more at ease.
  • “ Now medical groups are publicly opposing vaccine mandates, vaccine safety and effectiveness!” This is more significant than a lone chiropractor or MD’s statements. It lets parents know that this is a growing movement of lay people and professionals. Notice that in this slide we are first mentioning the adverse effects of vaccination.
  • In 1921 Johnny Gruelle’s 8-year-old daughter was vaccinated in school without her parent’s permission. Between the months she became ill from the vaccination and her death her body was completely limp – like a rag doll. It was this sick, vaccine-injured child that inspired Gruelle to create Raggedy Ann. What does Raggedy Ann have to do with vaccination? Take a look. Vaccination opposition has been around a long time. (slide) This vaccine story touches upon a bit of Americana. It is a very powerful story and I recommend you read it in full to the audience. Now they know the rest of the story. They’ll never look at Raggedy Ann the same way again. References: 1. Flynn, Barbara, Letter to State Epidemiologist of New Jersey. Jan. 10, 2001: p. 2 (quote re: vaccine-injured baby). 2. Tuleja, Tad. The New York Library Book of Popular Americana , Stonesong Press Inc. 1994; 35. 3. Hall, Patricia. Johnny Gruelle: Creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy. 1993; 87-92.
  • (Read slide) Isn’t this the most basic question of all? Shouldn’t any discussion about vaccinations ask whether vaccines actually make our children healthier?
  • It’s not just asthma and allergies that vaccinated kids get. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn said this…. (read slide)
  • This is the most important question we can ask. The justification for vaccination, in spite of all the damage it is known to cause, is that the damage is miniscule: “one in a million.” Whenever vaccination criticism surfaces, the media will interview some health department official or MD who will repeat the mantra: ‘Sure vaccines have some slight chance of causing damage, but (repeat after me) the benefits far outweigh the risks.’ The only problem with that statement is that it has never been proven.
  • (read slide) This is incredible. We are being forced to inject chemicals into our children and have no idea how many children can be hurt by it. Here is the proof…
  • (Read slide) Even though by law MDs must report vaccine injuries to the government’s vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS), only one in ten vaccine-injured children is ever reported according to the FDA. This government statistic may be conservative, the actual amount of underreporting may be far greater. Kessler D. JAMA , 1993; 269 (No.21): 2785. Only about 1% of serious events are reported to the FDA.
  • At an Institute of Medicine conference in Washington, DC. a representative of Connaught labs said this: (read quote above). “Only one in 50 damaged children was ever reported. http://www.nap.edu/books/0309048958/html/R1.html http://www.vaccinationnews.com/Adverse_Reactions/VAERS/credible_estimates.htm
  • Here’s another study. (read study). One in 500!!! And even with all this underreporting the rotavirus vaccine was so dangerous it was pulled from the market. Children were hospitalized and even died. How many children were really hurt or killed? We may never know. Congressional hearings on Vaccine Injury Compensation included the following exchange between Congressman Henry A. Waxman and Martin H. Smith, M.D., president of the American Academy of Pediatrics: Mr. Waxman. “In your opinion there is an accurate reporting of reactions to vaccines?” Dr. Smith. “Not at the present time.” Waxman asked the following to Dr. Edward N. Brandt, Assistant Secretary for Health in the Department of Health and Human Services: Mr. Waxman. “ I have been hearing that physicians don't even know a reaction when one occurs. That they assume that maybe it is from some other cause and are unaware of the fact that there can be a reaction...to a pertussis vaccine. Is that a fair statement?” Dr. Brandt. “Well, certainly there have been a number of people who have pointed that out.”
  • This is an example of an actual VAERS report. (Read slide)
  • In the early 1980s pharmaceutical companies were settling so many lawsuits (out of court – records sealed) from vaccine-injured children and their families that they threatened Congress that if they didn’t have protection from liability they were going to stop making vaccines. Congress then passed laws protecting the vaccine companies from liability and created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Extra fees were added to each vaccine to pay the damages for vaccine-injured children. Over a billion dollars has been paid, even though most parents do not know this system exists and most requests are rejected by Justice Department lawyers. Further, the government only compensates for a limited number of severe injuries and only if they’ve occurred a few hours after a shot. It is a very bad, broken system and its reform is being discussed in Congress and fought by the vaccine lobby.
  • (Read slide). These are what’s reported. What are the real numbers? God only knows. Is it ten or 50 or 500 the numbers above? No one knows and no one in the FDA is making any real effort to find out.
  • Prior to the existence of the Vaccine Program, civil lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers abounded. When vaccine manufacturers threatened to stop making vaccines due to the crippling costs of litigation, the nation’s health programs were also threatened and a crisis ensued. Congress responded by establishing the Vaccine Program in 1988 to ensure the availability of existing vaccines and to encourage the development of new ones. Congress accomplished this by prohibiting lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers and by requiring that people claiming vaccine injuries fi rst present their claims in the Vaccine Program. While Congress preserved the rights of claimants to fi le civil actions if the Vaccine Program failed to resolve their claims, Congress painstakingly designed the Program to minimize this likelihood. It designed a “no fault,” generous Program. §§ 15(a)(1-4). The Vaccine Program was designed to be “less adversarial, expeditious, and informal [with]. . .fl exible and informal standards of [the] admissibility of evidence $0.75/vaccine Example: $2.25 for MMR; $0.75 for IPV
  • (Read slide) Premature, low birth weight or ill babies are not permitted in the test group. If a test child has a bad reaction, they aren’t revaccinated and are removed from the study. However, in real life, what really happens? MDs vaccinate all children, sick and well, high and low birth weight, full term and premature, with predispositions for allergies, or neurological disease and other conditions. One example of sloppy science: the hepatitis B vaccine was declared safe to give to newsborns and premature babies but was only tested on older babies and children. There are however, some studies that do in fact compared vaccinated to non-vaccinated children….
  • (Read slide) Note: Mention that HiB stands for haemophilus influenza B vaccine, DPT = diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis and OPV = oral polio vaccine. ) I know it sounds crazy but they don’t compare vaccinated with non-vaccinated kids; they compare kids vaccinated with an approved vaccine and kids vaccinated with an experimental vaccine. If both groups of children have a similar amount of neurological disorders, seizures, shock and deaths then the experimental vaccine is approved, after all, it’s no worse than what’s already been approved. This is just one example, out of many, of the sloppy, weird so-called science of vaccination research. Another problem is – this research was done on Navajo babies. Would there be more or less damage in babies of English, Irish, Italian, Jewish, German, French, African, Polish, Russian or other ancestry? We don’t know. We do know, for example, that Italian and Jewish babies have more autism, believed caused by vaccination. And there’s one last problem – this is not independent research - the people doing this research work for the drug companies. This work should be done by independent researchers. “ The science we need that has not been done: Long-term studies using non-vaccinated control groups, so we can look to see if chronic diseases such as autism, childhood diabetes, Crohn’s disease, attention deficit disorder, childhood arthritis and other conditions show up more in vaccinated children as research today shows. Before-and-after studies that test children before and after immunization, to better assess the impact on the body. We especially need studies conducted by researchers who do not receive monetary support from the companies that produce the vaccines, as is the case today. “ Doug Collins, Washington Free Press , January 23, 2003 ”Most of the studies are designed in a way that will never detect many types of potential damage. In fact, the federal Institute of Medicine’s protocol for verifying causality of vaccine damage consists of comparing health problems of recently vaccinated children to health problems in background control groups of already vaccinated children (not comparisons to non-vaccinated subjects). Because the test group and the control group are both vaccinated, such tests will show only immediate effects of the vaccination, and are of course unable to detect any long-term or widespread damage in the vaccinated population, because any such damage would become a "normal" background parameter of the control group.” See more junk science expose at http://www.vaccinationnews.com/Out_of_Control/2003/Sept_9/OOC1.htm
  • How many children are really hurt? Dr. Harris Coulter, the great medical historian, gives this estimate… (read quote). That’s one in 5 or 6! Dr. Coulter’s statement doesn’t include other forms of vaccine damage such as asthma, allergies, immune system problems, etc. The actual number of children damaged by vaccines may be one in two or greater. We are creating a generation of vaccine-injured children.
  • One of the most powerful (and frightening) statements ever made regarding vaccination is this one by Dr. Coulter. (Read slide) It is impossible to biologically stress a population and have an all-or-nothing response, i.e. mild or no reaction or severe reaction and death. Rather, the damage (in this case vaccine damage) will take a bell curve approach, that is, some people will be mildly hurt, and some severely hurt or killed but the vast majority of those damaged will fall somewhere in the middle between those two extremes. They may be the ones with chronic illness, slight IQ loss that isn’t considered a problem, but they aren’t as intelligent, or able to connect. They may be emotionally distant, with just a mild form of damage. This may become the majority of Americans. Not quite right, but not bad enough to be hospitalized or institutionalized – our new definition of normal!
  • Hospitalization rate (%) versus the number of vaccine doses among infants, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990–2010.
  • This “educational material” downplays the adverse effects and exaggerates the benefits. If the research is faulty then these statements can’t be trusted. If at risk children are not included in the research, and those that are in the research that have a bad rxn are removed, the outcomes will look better than reality
  • Unlike the 1994 review which was mandated by congress, the 2011 made no recommendation. But it did have interesting findings, particularly that 85%... These vaccines are administered to healthy newborns, babies and children. Certainly they should be more adequately studied? Despite all this, headlines this year include ““IOM Finds Childhood Vaccine Schedule Safe - As It Always Has Been”” http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevensalzberg/2013/01/28/iom-finds-childhood-vaccine-schedule-safe-as-it-always-has-been/
  • (Read slide). That means people with high antibody counts may get sick while people with low antibody counts may not get sick. For example: Crone NE, Reder AT. Severe tetanus in immunized patients with high anti-tetanus titers. Neurology 1992;42:761-764. Article abstract: Severe (grade III) tetanus occurred in three immunized patients who had high serum levels of anti-tetanus antibody. The disease was fatal in one patient. One patient had been hyperimmunized to produce commercial tetanus immune globulin. Two patients had received immunizations one year before presentation.
  • (Read slide). Some say that when children are vaccinated the disease is milder; there’s less rash, discomfort and fever. However, that may not be a good thing, it may mean that the child is unable to externalize the poisons as well.
  • (Read slide) Many studies such as these are reported in the literature. You may wish to discuss all the following papers or just go over them quickly. Outbreaks have occurred in 100% vaccinated populations. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. US Govt. 12/29/89/38(S-9):1-18.
  • Look at this: (Read slide) Want to increase the chances your child will get pertussis – vaccinate him or her.
  • There’s more pertussis now than before vaccination started and increased deaths in infants. Some vaccine! Why do they still give it? Doctors refuse to admit mistakes. The rate of pertussis was declining consistently until 1978 when the DPT vaccine was mandated for school entry in 41 states. The decline immediately slowed, then stopped and began to rise again, and it has been rising ever since. This is comparing epidemic peaks with other epidemic peaks and inter-epidemic troughs with other inter-epidemic troughs, which is the only kind of comparison that reasonably can be done.
  • There are more examples of this in the “bonus” slides.
  • Mass vaccination is promoted because of the concept of herd immunity (read slide). But as you can see, how can herd immunity work if epidemics have occurred in 90 to 100% vaccinated populations?
  • A serious problem with vaccination is that it interferes with transplacental immunity. (read slide). When a girl is vaccinated she does not develop natural immunity and years later, when she gets pregnant she is not able to give her unborn child as much protection through the placenta so her newborn may be born vulnerable to measles, whooping cough and other diseases at birth. Among newborns these diseases can be fatal. (next slide) Reduced passive measles immunity in infants of mothers who have not been exposed to measles outbreaks. Ohsaki M, Tsutsumi H, Takeuchi R, Kuniya Y, Chiba S. Scand J Infect Dis. 1999;31(1):17-19. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=10381212&dopt=Abstract
  • Because of interference in transplacental immunity we’re seeing headlines like this… (read slide) . And in spite of all the vaccinations, pertussis returns on a cyclical basis. You can’t fool mother nature. However there is some good news. When Sweden stopped pertussis vaccinations, the disease all but disappeared in infants, adolescents and adults and returned to young children, where it should be. That’s why they’re called childhood diseases, you get them in childhood, not in infancy and not in adulthood. What can you do if you were vaccinated as a young girl and now are pregnant? Breastfeed. Breast feeding offers a wide variety of natural protections. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should be breastfed for a minimum of one year and a maximum of – when the baby decides. Average age of weaning in the world is about 4 ½ years. To further promote natural health all children should have healthcare that promotes natural immunity, should be fed natural, healthy, immune-system-promoting foods and – very importantly – feel loved and cared for.
  • Apart from lack of protection, the vaccines cause a lot of sickness and disease. This is from a survey in the UK conducted by a law firm engaged in a class-action suit representing thousands of families of children injured by the measles shot after a government promoted measles campaign. Keep in mind that these conditions have been associated with other childhood vaccinations too. (read slide)
  • Some diseases were unknown before vaccination. (read slide)
  • Another useless vaccine is the hepatitis B vaccine. Hepatitis B is a disease usually found in prostitutes and IV drug users. Why do they give the shot to babies? This condition is practically unknown in US children; and even so almost all children who get this condition recover completely. (read slide). Dr. Orient is Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She spoke at a subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources of the Committee on Government Reform US House of Representatives. June 14, 1999.
  • Additional notes: With the decline in the capsular form of Hib, there has been an increase in the non-capsular form and also an increase in bacterial meningitis as a whole - mostly meningococcal and pneumococcal. Its reached the point where today in Australia there are more cases of bacterial meningitis annually than before the Hib vaccine was used. Dr. J. Bart Classen, an immunologist at Classen Immunotherapies, published data in the British Medical Journal ( BMJ. 1999;319:1133) supporting a causal relationship between the hemophilus vaccine and the development of insulin dependent diabetes. The vaccine has been incriminated in causing over 58 cases of insulin dependent diabetes per 100,000 children immunized in Finland. Dr. Classen told the FDA at a recent meeting that the 7 valent pneumococcal vaccine may be 7 times as toxic as the hemophilus vaccine, possibly causing an estimated 400 to 700 children to develop insulin dependent diabetes/100,000 children immunized. These cases of diabetes may not occur until 3.5 to 10 years following immunization. Press release: Classen Immunotherapies, Inc., 6517 Montrose Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21212 U.S.A., Tel: 410-377-4549, Fax: 410-377-8526 Classen@vaccines.net, http://vaccines.net A reduction in Hib meningitis is not the same as a reduction in meningitis. It is merely a reduction in those cases of meningitis in which Hib is found. But there are no reports of a reduction in total meningitis in children. In addition to the 98 percent decline in hib in children ages four years or younger, there was a shift in the age groups under four that were most affected with Hib invasive disease. Before Hib conjugate vaccine availability and use, children between six and 17 months of age were affected most commonly. During 1994 and 1995, however, the age dropped to five months or younger (The Epidemiology of Haemophilus influenzae Invasive Disease in the US, 1994-1995: Near Disappearance of a Vaccine- Preventable Childhood Disease, " Journal of Emerging Infectious Disease , April 1998).
  • (read slide) Again we ask the question: ‘are vaccinated children healthier?’ or are we just trying to kill bugs while harming our children? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Prevnar is one of the most reactogenic vaccines causing ER visits, seizures, diabetes and SIDS. Technical Report: Prevention of Pneumococcal Infections, Including the Use of Pneumococcal Conjugate and Polysaccharide Vaccines and Antibiotic Prophylaxis (RE9960) American Academy of Pediatrics, Gary D. Overturf, MD, and the Committee on Infectious Diseases (last visited on 9/14/2000) http://www.aap.org/policy/re9960t.html Pneumoccocal 7-valent Conjugate Vaccine (Diphtheria CRM197 Protein) Package Insert (last visited on 9/13/2000) http://www.pneumo.com/vaccine/PI.html According to the 1994 Red Book Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who are at risk of pneumococcal infections are those with specific predisposing factors. The Redbook states: (Pneumococcal Infections) are more likely to occur when predisposing conditions exist, including immunoglobulin deficiency, Hodgkin’s disease, congenital or acquired immunodeficiency (including HIV), nephrotic syndrome, some viral upper respiratory tract infections, splenic dysfunction, splenectomy and organ transplantation.“ (1994 Red Book Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases (23 rd Ed.) American Academy of Pediatrics. 1994; 371.) Most healthy children do not have these risk factors. Dr. J. Bart Classen told the FDA that Prevnar "may be seven times as toxic as the hemophilus vaccine, possibly causing an estimated 400 to 700 children to develop insulin dependent diabetes per 100,000 children immunized. These cases of diabetes may not occur until 3.5 to 10 years following immunization.” (New`Tuskegee-Like Experiment' Planned with Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine, Reported by Classen Immunotherapies (last visited on 9/18/2000) http://vaccines.net/pneumoco.htm) For more prevnar info go to: http://www.whale.to/v/prevnar2.html No carcinogenic, mutagenic, fertility long-term studies done. http://www.whale.to/v/prevnar2.html
  • The chicken pox shot was not produced for health reasons but for economic reasons - so that parents would not have to miss work taking care of a sick child. This is the first time such a reason for vaccination was promoted. It is extremely rare for a child to die from chicken pox. A review of some of the records of such deaths shows the children received suppressive medical care (anti-fever drugs, steroids etc.).  The chicken pox vaccine may result in significantly increased risk of shingles, an extremely painful, often difficult to treat, sometimes fatal condition among adults. Voilá, a shingles vaccine!  Note: In order to prevent shingles adults appear to need repeated exposure to the virus. 
  • (Read slide) There are between 50 and 130 cases of tetanus each year in the US irrespective of vaccination status. It appears to be most dangerous in the elderly. For example, of the approximately 130 cases/year from 1998-2000 in the US, not one fatality was in individuals under 30 years of age. Almost all fatalities were in intravenous drug users or diabetics, all over 30 years old. So why inject children with this? Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report . 7/98;47(5-2):13. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/ss5203a1.htm#tab1 Severe and fatal reactions to the tetanus vaccine include Guillain-Barre syndrome, brachial neuritis, demyelinating disease, arthritis, joint inflammation, anaphylactic shock, asthma, allergy and death. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 47 (July 1998, 5-2):13. pub by the CDC http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/ss5203a1.htm#tab1
  • Meningitis too is associated with vaccination. (Read slide) For years it was noticed that meningitis outbreaks would occur in military bases, among the freshly vaccinated recruits. Many members of the military have become seriously ill from vaccinations. Gulf War Syndrome is one example.
  • (Read title on slide) Congressman Dan Burton, who is investigating vaccine safety said this… (Read slide) This is one of the most important slides I can show you. We don’t know if a vaccine given to your child today may cause a disease in 5, 10, 20 or more months or years! How long do they observe children given new, experimental vaccines? What should be done? A controlled study: You take two large groups of people, match them by age and other factors, vaccinate one group and don't vaccinate the other. Then compare incidence of disease over a period of several years. That's a long-term study. Short-term studies don't give us any information about vaccination efficacy. How many long-term controlled studies are there for all vaccines for all diseases in the world since the beginning of science? Zero!
  • Four days! This is from the package insert for the Hepatitis B vaccine! After observing the vaccinated kids for 4 days, the vaccine was reported to have no serious long-term side effects.
  • (Read slide) What is crib death? The baby is placed in the crib and the parents come back a few minutes later and it’s cold. Dead. Sometimes they blame the parent and call it Shaken Baby Syndrome and the grieving parent who just lost a child is arrested and imprisoned. There is growing evidence that most crib deaths are vaccine deaths.
  • One of the most powerful vaccine-crib death correlations is what occurred in Japan. (Read slide) Until 1975 the Japanese followed the American schedule of giving vaccines at 2, 4, 6 months, etc. After 37 babies died in one prefecture in Japan the law was changed making it illegal to vaccinate under the age of two. Crib death and infantile seizures virtually disappeared. Japan went from 17 th in infant mortality to Number 1 – the best infant mortality in the world. However now they had a new crop of neurologically damaged 2-year- olds. From Childhood Vaccination – Questions all parents should ask (p. 22) : When Japan moved the vaccination age to two years in 1975 crib death and infantile convulsions virtually disappeared (Cherry et al. Pediatrics Supplement. 1988;973). Japan then recorded the lowest incidence of infant mortality in the world. (American babies receive their first shot at two months and America has a distressingly high infant mortality rate – nearly twenty countries are better than the US.).
  • Since 1988 they relaxed the vaccination rules and doctors may vaccinate a child under the age of two. Crib deaths dramatically increased.
  • Dr. Robert Mendelsohn said it well… (read slide). About 61,900 baby deaths were classified as SIDS between 1983 and 1994 by the CDC. By definition, SIDS is something that you don't know the cause for.
  • We’ve heard it said, ‘Before childhood vaccinations, thousands of children died every year from measles and whooping cough.’ And they’ll give you a statistic from 1910, 1920 or 1930 to prove it. It’s true, thousands of children died from these diseases in 1910, 1920 and 1930, but is vaccination the reason why these diseases are no longer the scourge they once were? The quote from Dr. Ivan Illich, the world famous sociologist was based on extensive analysis of health data.” (read slide) What made deaths from childhood disease fall? Less crowding, better nutrition, clean, running water, indoor plumbing and an overall higher standard of living were responsible.
  • “ The following graphs are from Vaccines, Are They Really Safe and Effective? by Neil Miller, used by permission of the author. You’ll see that deaths from childhood diseases were falling dramatically for decades before vaccination was introduced.”
  • Measles death rate had decreased by 98% before the vaccine was introduced.
  • The pertussis death rate had already declined by 79% before the vaccine was introduced in 1935. In 1935 there were no compulsory immunization laws and it didn’t get used much until the 1950s at which time the death rate had declined by about 99%.
  • (Read title) It’s been predicted that we’d have massive epidemics and lots of deaths. (Read slide) This is a h ypothetical cost/benefit analysis from the CDC and Harvard School of Public Health. The authors predicted doom and gloom. However they ignored what had actually occurred when pertussis vaccination stopped or decreased in other countries. See next slide.
  • (Read slide) However MDs did diagnose more whooping cough. They did that because they were told to look for more whooping cough because vaccination rates were dropping. So instead of diagnosing bronchitis, a cold or some other condition, they called it whooping cough and suddenly there was an epidemic and they said, “See, we told you so.” However the real measure is the death rate and after parents stopped pertussis vaccination the death rate from whooping cough in the UK was the lowest in recorded history.” “ Neither in England and Wales, nor in West Germany has the decline in pertussis immunization been associated with increases in pertussis associated mortality. In fact both countries reported more fatal cases in 1970 when the immunization rate was relatively high, than during the later half of the decade, when the immunization rates had fallen.” Trollfors B. and Rabo E., 1981. Whooping cough in adults. British Medical Journal. 1981; 696-697. There was one instance where DPT vaccination rates dropped and the death rate from pertussis was reported to increase. This occurred in Japan. (Noble, GR et al. Acellular and whole cell pertussis vaccines in Japan: report of a visit by US scientists. JAMA. 1987; 257:1351-1356) where 41 deaths from pertussis were recorded in 1979. Why would the Japanese experience be opposite that of 3 others countries? One explanation is that pertussis peaks every 3-4 years whether or not there is vaccination and the lowering of vaccination just happened to coincide with a peak pertussis cycle in Japan. Also, as vaccination rates increased in Japan the amount of pertussis increased as well (from 1976 to 1979) and then dramatically dropped (before the new acellular vaccine was used – 1981). Why did that happen? One possible explanation is manipulation of the figures (not unusual). Also, the Japanese did not stop vaccinating for long, but instead raised the age of vaccination to two years because of so many deaths (37) and injuries reported from the pertussis vaccine. Of course the true measure of science is reproducibility and the Japanese reports must be analyzed in that light.
  • This is from a letter in Mothering Magazine. (read slide) Parents have often noted that MDs will not diagnose a disease if the child is vaccinated against it. Gordon Stewart, MD, the renown Scottish epidemiologist observed: “In some practices whooping cough is never notified in a vaccinated child. ( A Shot in the Dark p. 165). Dr. Robert Mendelsohn put it this way: “Whenever vaccination rates drop, every time a baby clears his throat the MD will diagnose pertussis.” Why don’t MDs report injuries? A number of reasons: 1. MDs don’t want to acknowledge vaccine injuries; it is human nature to deny you did anything wrong. 2. MDs are not taught about vaccine damage in medical schools. They have no idea vaccines can be dangerous. 3. They don’t know what to look for or acknowledge as a vaccine injury. 4. They believe vaccines are very safe and any untoward reactions are coincidental. 5. MDs can lose hospital privileges and risk professional isolation and censure if they publicly question vaccination. 6. Pediatricians make a large percentage of their income from “well baby visits” (a euphemism for vaccination visits, well babies don’t need to go to the MD) and they therefore have a conflict of interest in promoting vaccines.
  • (Read slide) This is a very important chart and it helps illustrate one of the major hurtles in the vaccine debate: many of the people who tell us how many kids are hurt and how many kids get diseases are MDs who have a financial interest in vaccinations. All they have to do is report that a child has measles, whopping cough, rubella, chicken pox, etc. without laboratory conformation and it becomes part of official statistics. However as this report from England shows, they checked the reported cases using laboratory confirmation. In some cases the MDS were over 99% wrong in their diagnosis of measles (read an example from above) . As you can see only a tiny fraction of the children who the MDs reported as having the measles actually, really had measles. Are we “protecting” children from diseases that no one is getting? There are diseases that look like measles, pertussis and other childhood diseases. Doctors usually don’t confirm their diagnosis with a lab test - that is time consuming and expensive. In a sense we have the fox guarding the hen house.”
  • “ People often ask, ‘But what about polio?” (Read slide) “Polio was a dangerous disease and an epidemic and did disappear. But there is no proof that the vaccine had anything to do with it’s disappearance.”
  • Polio was disappearing on its own. It disappeared in Europe even though the vaccine was not so extensively used.
  • However the number of cases of polio peaked immediately after the vaccine came out and then continued its downward slide.
  • After the polio shot came on the market, if a person had polio-like symptoms AND had the polio shot he/she was diagnosed as having meningitis (after all they couldn’t have polio if they got the shot). People who had polio-like symptoms and didn’t have the polio shot were diagnosed with polio. They rarely did lab confirmation. (Read slide). Today, much of what was once diagnosed as polio is aseptic meningitis and other conditions. In Congressional hearings it was revealed that statistics were "cooked" to "prove" that the mass inoculation campaign was working. Cases formerly reported as polio were instead called meningitis. Statistics for the incidence of polio decreased, but those for meningitis soared. (Intensive Immunization Programs. Hearings before the Committee on Interstate & Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, 87th Congress, 2nd Session on H.R. 10541, Washington, DC.)
  • People ask, what about smallpox? Smallpox was disappearing on its own. Vaccination was not effective so countries were instituting the traditional method of dealing with infections: quarantine. Smallpox would have disappeared much sooner if there had been no smallpox vaccination. In studying historical documents smallpox grew from small outbreaks to major epidemics in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries after vaccination began. In places where smallpox vaccination stopped or was not used, epidemics did not occur.” (Leicester, England and Australia are two examples).
  • This is a partial list. Parents who are very careful about their child not eating junk food with artificial colors and flavors would be shocked to find out what is injected into their child’s body. Aluminum and mercury in foods for example, is a serious issue and not to be taken lightly but an injected substance is far more dangerous than an ingested substance. Injected substances bypass the immune defenses (skin and mucus membranes etc.) and have direct access to internal organs.
  • Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain, Biomed Central Medicine ; Zakir Khan, Christophe Combadière, François-Jérôme Authier, Valérie Itier, François Lux, Christopher Exley, Meriem Mahrouf-Yorgov, Xavier Decrouy, Philippe Moretto, Olivier Tillement, Romain K Gherardi, and Josette Cadusseau; doi:10.1186/1741-7015-11-99 http://gaia-health.com/gaia-blog/2013-04-14/vaccines-alum-adjuvant-path-to-brain-found-studyvaccines-alum-adjuvant-path-to-brain-found/
  • Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain, Biomed Central Medicine ; Zakir Khan, Christophe Combadière, François-Jérôme Authier, Valérie Itier, François Lux, Christopher Exley, Meriem Mahrouf-Yorgov, Xavier Decrouy, Philippe Moretto, Olivier Tillement, Romain K Gherardi, and Josette Cadusseau; doi:10.1186/1741-7015-11-99 http://gaia-health.com/gaia-blog/2013-04-14/vaccines-alum-adjuvant-path-to-brain-found-studyvaccines-alum-adjuvant-path-to-brain-found/
  • Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain, Biomed Central Medicine ; Zakir Khan, Christophe Combadière, François-Jérôme Authier, Valérie Itier, François Lux, Christopher Exley, Meriem Mahrouf-Yorgov, Xavier Decrouy, Philippe Moretto, Olivier Tillement, Romain K Gherardi, and Josette Cadusseau; doi:10.1186/1741-7015-11-99 http://gaia-health.com/gaia-blog/2013-04-14/vaccines-alum-adjuvant-path-to-brain-found-studyvaccines-alum-adjuvant-path-to-brain-found/
  • (Read slide) The mercury used in vaccines is ethylmercury. However, the toxicity research that has been done is on methylmercury, not ethylmercury. It’s worth noting that mercury moves readily across the placenta into fetal tissue. Regardless of the chemical form administrated fetal tissues attain concentrations of mercury at least equal to those of the mother. (Doull J., Klassen CD and Amdur MD (Eds.). Casarett and Doull's Toxicology . (3 rd Ed). New York: Macmillan Co. Inc. 1986; 606.) At an October 2001 Institute of Medicine conference, Thomas Verstraeten of the Centers for Disease Control (who had since left and is working for GalaxoSmithKlein) stated that it is "biologically plausible" that thimerosal causes autism. This study was not released to the public, it was repressed. About a year later it was discovered and released. From Consumer Reports (not known for balanced vaccination reporting): “Even minuscule doses of mercury can impair the cognitive development of babies and young children. Just this year, the FDA warned pregnant and nursing women and very young children to avoid certain mercury-containing fish. Yet until last year, the same agency permitted the use of childhood vaccines containing mercury in quantities that many, including Consumers Union, consider unsafe.” At the time, three vaccines routinely given to newborns and infants, hepatitis B, Hib, and DTP, contained thimerosal. Note: The mother’s mercury fillings can also poison children in-utero. Is thimerosal still in vaccines (2003)? “ A simple review of the 2003 PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) indicates that thimerosal is present at 25 mcg. per dose (ie in full strength) in multidose vials of DTaP vaccine manufactured by Aventis Pasteur, and all influenza vaccines (influenza vaccine is now recommended for most children). Additionally, the PDR indicates that Merck makes a pediatric hepatitis B vaccine that contains 12.5 mcg per dose. The package inserts of these vaccines also indicate that they still contain the original amounts of thimerosal. In addition, a sequential review of previous PDRs indicates that in 2002 and 2001 there were even more vaccines listed as containing thimerosal.” Geier MR and Geier D. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. 2003;8(1); 6-11.
  • Some recent research on the connection between mercury and autism. (read slide) Holmes AS, Blaxill MF, Haley BE. Reduced levels of mercury of first baby haircuts of autistic children. Int’l J of Toxicology 22:277-285 Sept 2003 Also reported in New Scientist and BBC News World Editionhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/3000884.stm
  • (Read slide) Do childhood diseases, and acute (sudden) diseases in general, serve a purpose? The Hygienic (Empirical or Vitalistic) school, which dates back thousands of years, has always looked upon symptoms as the body’s way of detoxifying and cleansing.
  • Hippocrates, known as “The father of Medicine” said (Read slide). He was a Greek physician born in 460 BC on the island of Cos, Greece. He became known as the founder of medicine and was regarded as the greatest physician of his time. He based his medical practice on observations and on the study of the human body. Hippocrates held the belief that the body must be treated as a whole and not just a series of parts. He accurately described disease symptoms and was the first physician to accurately describe the symptoms of pneumonia, as well as epilepsy in children. He believed in the natural healing process of rest, a good diet, fresh air and cleanliness. He noted that there were individual differences in the severity of disease symptoms and that some individuals were better able to cope with their disease and illness than others. He was also the first physician that held the belief that thoughts ideas, and feelings come from the brain and not the heart as others of his time believed. He founded a medical school on the island of Cos, Greece and began teaching his ideas. He soon developed an Oath of Medical Ethics for physicians to follow. This Oath is taken by physicians today as they begin their medical practice. He died in 377 BC.
  • “ Physical, emotional and intellectual growth spurts are often observed after a child has experienced an acute infectious disease. (In India measles is referred to as “Visitation by a goddess.”) Dr. Philip Incao expresses this very well in the following: (Read slide) .” “ Philip Incao, MD writes, lectures and practices anthroposophic medicine. He is presently located in Boulder, Colorado. When patients call him and say, “My child has a fever” he says, “wonderful.” He tells parents to keep the child comfortable and not to give any products with sugar or dairy, and stay away from wheat. Chiropractors would, of course, add a spinal adjustment so the child is unsubluxated and is therefore better able to fight infections and keep their body healthy.”
  • In this study, it was found that children that were permitted to have acute febrile infectious childhood diseases had less cancer as adults. Are we really doing our kids a favor when we vaccinate them? Are we setting them up for cancer in adulthood?” (Read slide)
  • This study from the International Journal of Cancer showed that subjects who reported a history of infectious diseases (cold, flu) had 30% less chance of getting brain tumors.
  • (Read slide) Childhood illnesses protect children from hay fever, asthma and eczema. Are we protecting our children from being sick for a week in exchange for their being sick for the rest of their lives?
  • Half of all Americans have at least one chronic disease; 1/5 th have 2 or more chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses cause 70% of all deaths. http://www.whale.to/m/illness.html AP Nov 2000. Hoffman C., Rice D, Sung H., Persons with chronic conditions. JAMA. 1996;l 276(18):1473-1479. Is the dramatic increase in chronic illness such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, learning disorders, dyslexia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, skin conditions, diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, seizure disorders, Crohn’s and cancer due to vaccination? “ For hundreds of years natural healers have warned us that symptoms serves a purpose, to expel toxins, to cleanse the body, to externalize disease. When we suppress symptoms such as fever, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, aches and pains with drugs and vaccines we are preventing the body from eliminating toxins. The result appears to be chronic or long-standing disease which we never get rid of – we’re always sick.” (Read slide) (This discussion can be a lecture all by itself, discussing the difference between allopathic [mechanistic] medical thinking and chiropractic [vitalistic] chiropractic thinking.)
  • “ Others have also commented on the vaccine/cancer connection…”
  • This article appeared in the British Journal, The Lancet in 1985. (Read slide) Notice the title: “ Measles virus infection without rash leads to disease in adult life.” Every vaccine is technically an infection. The goal is to infect a child “just a little” to invoke antibodies, but not cause symptoms. However the rash and other symptoms are part of the healing process, the way the body externalizes the infection. Are we keeping a child infected for life is we inject bacteria and viri and other substances but don’t stimulate a healing response?
  • Read slide. The polio virus was grown in monkey kidneys. There was a problem, many viruses live and grow in monkey tissues and not all were filtered out when making the vaccine. The SV40 was the 40 th virus found, and it caused cancer when injected into laboratory animals. Nonetheless it was not removed from the polio vaccine and continued to be sold and wasn’t recalled.”
  • This is from The American Journal of Medicine June 2003. (Read slide)
  • Of particular interest is the alarming rise in childhood cancers. Is vaccination the reason why we have so much cancer in children and adults today? (read slide) Are vaccines tested for their ability to cause cancer before they are put on the market?
  • This chart was created by parents whose baby died of a brain tumor at age 2 ½. A biopsy found SV40 in the tumor. The parents were tested and had no SV40 in their bodies; it came from the vaccine the child received. Read the chart, at least across the first few columns. I just read the first and second and last column.” I don’t expect you to review every line and column here. Just read a few of the remarks in the last column: no studies conducted” over and over again. It’s shocking, we mandate injecting chemicals into our children to protect them from relatively harmless childhood diseases and don’t even know if the chemicals are safe.
  • In this study, women who did not have mumps were more likely to get ovarian cancer. (Read slide)
  • In this study adults with brain cancer were less likely to have had chickenpox. Does getting chickenpox help prevent certain types of brain cancer? (Read slide)
  • Criminals often have neurological disorders. You cannot function properly if your nerves are damaged. (Read slide)
  • As more and more vaccines are administered at younger and younger ages, we see behavioral problems affecting more, and younger children. (Read slide)
  • Vaccines are being implicated as the reason why diabetes is dramatically increasing. The pertussis toxin, which is part of the DPT shot, affects the Islets of Langerhans that make insulin. As Dr. Coulter writes…” (Read slide)
  • (Read slide) Scared yet? The relationship between autism or autism spectrum disorder and vaccines has been noticed by parents for many years, only most doctors refused to listen to the parents. As Mark R. Geier, MD, Ph.D in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (Vol. 8 No. 3) Fall 2003 writes: “The United States is in the midst of a devastating epidemic of neurodevelopment disorders. From 1992-93 to 2001-02 there was a 714% increase (statistics from US Dept of Ed) See statistics at http://www.jpands.org/ [This epidemic is a] threat…to the very existence of our society.” It is not surprising that our recent article, in which we have shown an epidemiologic link between thimerosal and neurodevelopment disorders, has generated a tremendous controversy. (Geier MR, Geier DL. Thimerosal in childhood vaccines, neurodevelopment disorders and heart disease in the United States. J Am Phys Surg; 2003;8(1):6-11. It seems that any vaccine can cause autism. The MMR shot has been implicated, as has the DPT shot (given at two months of age) and even the Hepatitis B shot (given at birth!) or it could be a combination of shots. Some children may not exhibit autistic symptoms until weeks or months after their shots. I sometimes ask an audience “Anyone here know of any autistic children,?” “Anyone have an autistic child?” If someone raises their hand I ask them if the autism occurred after they received their shots. Note: In the UK now between the ages of 4 and 11 the National Statistics Society reports one in 86 has autism (2002).
  • Here is a study showing how chiropractic helped autistic children.
  • This study shows that it is possible to affect a person’s DNA with injections. (read slide)
  • Dr. Lanctot puts it this way…
  • “ When scientists have objectively looked at vaccine research, their conclusions are often startling. Dr. Bart Classen is a former National Institutes of Health researcher. He says this” (Read slide)
  • Dr. J. Anthony Morris was Chief Control Officer of the FDA. He was fired the day after making this statement. (Read slide) His firing served as a warning to others working for the FDA and other government agencies: if they questioned vaccinations they could look for another job. He fought and get his job back. He later criticized President Ford’s swine flu vaccination program, saying that there was no swine flu coming and the flu vaccine was very dangerous. He was right on both counts, but lost his job again after saying it.
  • Dr. Harris Coulter is marvelous at bursting bubbles, he writes this (read slide) . So much of vaccine “science” is not really science but belief. When you begin reading the journal articles and other studies on which vaccination policy is based you begin to realize that “the Emperor has no clothes.” The entire vaccine edifice is built on belief and poor science.
  • Thank them for coming, be available for any questions afterwards. Send them home with information to read, the handouts included in this kit (the booklet, pads, brochures) and a list of books that are available, etc. Remind them to bring in their children for chiropractic care and natural immunity. This is a great time to discuss your next seminar on natural health – natural childbirth, breastfeeding, organic food, chiropractic care, natural healthcare, mind-body healing, vitalism, etc. Feel free to write me (Dr. Tedd Koren) at tkoren1@aol.com with any questions.
  • I’d like to end the talk with these words by Marcel Proust… (read slide). Vaccinations will one day go the way of bloodletting. Doctors of tomorrow would be shocked that, without any good research showing any benefit and with much research showing harm, we continued using this bizarre 18 th century medical practice of injecting viri, bacteria, toxins and other chemicals into our children well into the 21 st century. Add your closing remarks, i.e. “Don’t follow advice blindly. Question authority, think for yourself, read, learn, don’t do anything unless you are sure the benefits outweigh the risks. Remember, you can’t fool mother nature.”
  • I’d like to end the talk with these words by Marcel Proust… (read slide). Vaccinations will one day go the way of bloodletting. Doctors of tomorrow would be shocked that, without any good research showing any benefit and with much research showing harm, we continued using this bizarre 18 th century medical practice of injecting viri, bacteria, toxins and other chemicals into our children well into the 21 st century. Add your closing remarks, i.e. “Don’t follow advice blindly. Question authority, think for yourself, read, learn, don’t do anything unless you are sure the benefits outweigh the risks. Remember, you can’t fool mother nature.” Breastfeed. Breast feeding offers a wide variety of natural protections. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should be breastfed for a minimum of one year and a maximum of – when the baby decides. Average age of weaning in the world is about 4 ½ years. To further promote natural health all children should have healthcare that promotes natural immunity, should be fed natural, healthy, immune-system-promoting foods and – very importantly – feel loved and cared for.
  • (Read slide). How can we “Just say no?” to all drugs, including vaccines? Dr. Thomas Szasz, echoing Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, understands that this is not a scientific matter but a religious matter, based on faith and emotion rather than science. “ Using the coercive apparatus of the state to force people to submit to the ministrations of doctors of medicine is persecution in the name of health, exactly as using the coercive apparatus of the state to force people to submit to the ministrations of doctors of divinity was persecution in the name of God.” Thomas Szasz, M.D.
  • No matter where you stand on the issue of vaccination, the right to choose to accept or decline a medical intervention is a fundamental human right. Top health authorities have officially stated that exemptions have played no part in the nation's recent whooping cough outbreaks 90% of Vermont pertussis cases had been vaccinated. There is no pertussis-only vaccine, so this bill attempts to mandate tetanus and diphtheria vaccines as well. A similar amendment to last year's legislation which would have set such a 90% threshold was briefly considered, but soundly rejected. H.114 and H.138 are solutions to problems that do not exist, and they place your right to informed consent, health choice and parental decision making at risk. Although these new bills appear to impact only 475 children, parents want to keep the right to make medical decisions for their children, and an increasing number of teachers feel strongly they should decide for themselves and not have their job held hostage to medical politics.
  • No matter where you stand on the issue of vaccination, the right to choose to accept or decline a medical intervention is a fundamental human right. Top health authorities have officially stated that exemptions have played no part in the nation's recent whooping cough outbreaks 90% of Vermont pertussis cases had been vaccinated. There is no pertussis-only vaccine, so this bill attempts to mandate tetanus and diphtheria vaccines as well. A similar amendment to last year's legislation which would have set such a 90% threshold was briefly considered, but soundly rejected. H.114 and H.138 are solutions to problems that do not exist, and they place your right to informed consent, health choice and parental decision making at risk. Although these new bills appear to impact only 475 children, parents want to keep the right to make medical decisions for their children, and an increasing number of teachers feel strongly they should decide for thmselves and not have their job held hostage to medical politics.

Childhood Vaccinations: Questions All Parents Should Ask Childhood Vaccinations: Questions All Parents Should Ask Presentation Transcript

  • Childhood VaccinationsChildhood VaccinationsQuestionsQuestionsAll ParentsAll ParentsShould AskShould AskDr. Heather RiceBurlington, VermontMay 2, 2013
  • Vermont “Immunization” RegulationsVermont “Immunization” Regulations ““Following release by ACIP of aFollowing release by ACIP of arecommendation related to a new ACIPrecommendation related to a new ACIPvaccine, there will be avaccine, there will be a two-year phase-intwo-year phase-inperiod before children will be requiredperiod before children will be requiredto have the vaccineto have the vaccine in order to enroll in ain order to enroll in achild care facility or school.”child care facility or school.” http://healthvermont.gov/regs/documents/imm_regulations.pdfhttp://healthvermont.gov/regs/documents/imm_regulations.pdfwww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Parents wantParents wantwhat’s best for their childrenwhat’s best for their children
  • www.BeLifeful.comwww.BeLifeful.com http://www.vermonthealthyimmunesystem.com/http://www.vermonthealthyimmunesystem.com/for special report: 10 Secrets to a Healthyfor special report: 10 Secrets to a HealthyImmune System for Your Child: How to ReduceImmune System for Your Child: How to Reducethe Risk of Infectious Disease Without a Vaccinethe Risk of Infectious Disease Without a Vaccinewww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Pro’s and Cons of VaccinesPro’s and Cons of VaccinesPro’sPro’s ConsCons
  • To find exemptions in your stateTo find exemptions in your state Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choicehttp://www.vaxchoicevt.com/http://www.vaxchoicevt.com/ Vaccine Liberation organizationVaccine Liberation organizationhttp://www.vaclib.org/pdf/exemption.htmhttp://www.vaclib.org/pdf/exemption.htm National Vaccine Information CenterNational Vaccine Information Centerhttp://www.909shot.com/Issues/state%20exemptions.hhttp://www.909shot.com/Issues/state%20exemptions.h Foundation For Health ChoiceFoundation For Health Choicewww.foundationforhealthchoice.comwww.foundationforhealthchoice.com www.healthvermont.govwww.healthvermont.gov
  • More parents are rethinkingMore parents are rethinkingvaccinations for their childrenvaccinations for their childrenThey consider the vaccines moreThey consider the vaccines moredangerous than the diseasedangerous than the diseaseThey prefer natural rather thanThey prefer natural rather thanartificial immunityartificial immunityThey have a vaccine-injured child (aThey have a vaccine-injured child (agrowing number)growing number)They have religious or philosophicalThey have religious or philosophicalobjections to vaccinationobjections to vaccination
  • Robert Mendelsohn, MDRobert Mendelsohn, MD““There is no convincingThere is no convincingscientific evidence that massscientific evidence that massinoculations can be creditedinoculations can be creditedwith eliminating any childhoodwith eliminating any childhooddisease…I urge you to reject alldisease…I urge you to reject allinoculations for your child."inoculations for your child."Mendelsohn R.Mendelsohn R. How to raise a healthy child...inHow to raise a healthy child...inspite of your doctor.spite of your doctor. Chicago: Contemporary Books.Chicago: Contemporary Books.1984:210.1984:210.
  • Medical groups oppose vaccineMedical groups oppose vaccinemandatesmandatesThe Association of AmericanThe Association of AmericanPhysicians and Surgeons calls for anPhysicians and Surgeons calls for anend to mandatory childhood vaccines.end to mandatory childhood vaccines.“Our children face the possibility of“Our children face the possibility ofdeath or serious long-term adversedeath or serious long-term adverseeffects from mandated vaccines thateffects from mandated vaccines thataren’t necessary or that have veryaren’t necessary or that have verylimited benefits.”limited benefits.” Jane M. Orient, MD, AAPS ExecutiveJane M. Orient, MD, AAPS ExecutiveDirector. Nov. 2, 2000.Director. Nov. 2, 2000. www.aapsonline.orgwww.aapsonline.org
  • Raggedy Ann – the rest of the storyRaggedy Ann – the rest of the story
  • Question: Are vaccinated childrenQuestion: Are vaccinated childrenhealthier than non-vaccinatedhealthier than non-vaccinatedchildren?children?
  • Vaccinated versusVaccinated versusunvaccinatedunvaccinatedNo study of health outcomes ofvaccinated people versusunvaccinated has ever beenconducted in the U.S. by CDC orany other agency in the 50 yearsor more of an acceleratingschedule of vaccinations.However, a German studyreleased in September 2011 ofabout 8000 UNVACCINATEDchildren, newborn to 19 years,show vaccinated children have atleast 2 to 5 times more diseasesand disorders than unvaccinatedchildren.www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.comhttp://www.vaxchoicevt.com/science/studies-comparing-vaccinated-to-unvaccinated-populations/
  • Robert Mendelsohn, MDRobert Mendelsohn, MD““Immunization against relativelyImmunization against relativelyharmless childhood diseases may beharmless childhood diseases may beresponsible for the dramatic increaseresponsible for the dramatic increasein autoimmune diseases…such asin autoimmune diseases…such ascancer, leukemia, rheumatoidcancer, leukemia, rheumatoidarthritis, multiple sclerosis, Louarthritis, multiple sclerosis, LouGehrig’s disease, lupus and Guillain-Gehrig’s disease, lupus and Guillain-Barre syndrome.”Barre syndrome.”
  • Question: Do the “benefits” ofQuestion: Do the “benefits” ofvaccination outweigh the risks?vaccination outweigh the risks?
  • No one knows…No one knows…No one knows what the chances areNo one knows what the chances arethat your child may be hurt or killed bythat your child may be hurt or killed bya vaccine. Why?a vaccine. Why?In order to do a risk/benefit analysisIn order to do a risk/benefit analysiswe need to know how many childrenwe need to know how many childrenare being hurt. We do not know thatare being hurt. We do not know thatbecause MDs and health officialsbecause MDs and health officialsrarely report vaccine injuries.rarely report vaccine injuries.
  • Doctors rarely report damageDoctors rarely report damage““DoctorsDoctorsunderreportunderreportadverse vaccineadverse vaccinereactions byreactions by90%.”90%.” US Food andUS Food andDrug AdministrationDrug Administration"Investigative Report on the"Investigative Report on theVaccine Adverse Event ReportingVaccine Adverse Event ReportingSystem.“ NVIC.System.“ NVIC.
  • “The company estimates about a 50-foldunderreporting of adverse events in thepassive reporting system.” Froeschle, J. ConnaughtLaboratories. Adverse events associated with childhood vaccines, evidence bearing oncausality. Washington DC: Institute of Medicine presentations. 5/11/92; 328 Appendix.B. http://www.nap.edu/books/0309048958/html/R1.html
  • One in 500 injuries reported…One in 500 injuries reported… An analysis of the CDC’s own dataAn analysis of the CDC’s own datademonstrates that the number of actualdemonstrates that the number of actualinjuries from the rotavirus vaccine is 500injuries from the rotavirus vaccine is 500times the injuries reported to VAERStimes the injuries reported to VAERS(Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting(Vaccine Adverse Event ReportingSystem).System). http://search.cdc.gov/search97cgi/s97is.dll?queryText=Kaiser http://www.cdc.gov/nip/ACIP/minutes/acip-min-oct01.rtf
  • Example of a VAERS reportExample of a VAERS report(filed 6/19/01)(filed 6/19/01) Approx two weeks postApprox two weeks post measlesmeaslesvaccination, patient experienced acutevaccination, patient experienced acutedemyelinating encephalomyelitis,demyelinating encephalomyelitis,deteriorated rapidly and died. The causedeteriorated rapidly and died. The causeof death was encephalomyelitis. Anof death was encephalomyelitis. Anautopsy was performed, but the brain wasautopsy was performed, but the brain wasliquified.liquified. Vaers ID Report TextVaers ID Report Text134548134548http://www.vaccinationnews.com/Adverse_Reactions/vaers/vachttp://www.vaccinationnews.com/Adverse_Reactions/vaers/vacc
  • CompensationCompensationNational Vaccine InjuryNational Vaccine InjuryCompensation ProgramCompensation Program Health Resources and Services Administration, Parklawn Building,Health Resources and Services Administration, Parklawn Building,Room 7-90, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857, 800-338-Room 7-90, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857, 800-338-2382. Compensation totals to date with statistical breakdown2382. Compensation totals to date with statistical breakdownavailable with written request.available with written request.
  • What are the real numbers?What are the real numbers? ByBy March 12, 2013March 12, 2013,VAERS received 424,135,VAERS received 424,135reportsreports (>25% were under age 3 yrs)(>25% were under age 3 yrs) of possible reactions toof possible reactions tovaccines including:vaccines including:150,393 emergency room visits150,393 emergency room visits (>27% were under(>27% were underage 3 yrs)age 3 yrs)44,038 hospitalizations44,038 hospitalizations (>42% were under age 3 yrs)(>42% were under age 3 yrs)9,896 disabilities9,896 disabilities (>23% were under age 3 yrs)(>23% were under age 3 yrs)5,299 Died by 2013 report. Nine (9) were from5,299 Died by 2013 report. Nine (9) were fromVermontVermont ((58% were under age 3 yrs)58% were under age 3 yrs) 5,309 deaths by 2002 hmmmmmm…5,309 deaths by 2002 hmmmmmm…68% of cases of vaccine-associated polio are reported to VAERS, but only68% of cases of vaccine-associated polio are reported to VAERS, but only4% of MMR-associated thrombocytopenia4% of MMR-associated thrombocytopeniaWith the eradication of poliomyelitis, GBS is the most common cause ofWith the eradication of poliomyelitis, GBS is the most common cause ofacute motor paralysis in children; The first case of pediatric GBS wasacute motor paralysis in children; The first case of pediatric GBS wasshortly after Gardasil introductionshortly after Gardasil introduction
  • US Childhood Vaccine InjuryUS Childhood Vaccine InjuryActAct Limited civil lawsuits against vaccineLimited civil lawsuits against vaccinemanufacturers.manufacturers. Began in 1988 (DPT, polio, MMR).Began in 1988 (DPT, polio, MMR). All claims must go through the “vaccineAll claims must go through the “vaccinecourt.”court.” Vaccine Injury Compensation Program:Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Funded via “vaccine excise tax.”Funded via “vaccine excise tax.” $$2.7 billion2.7 billion paid out for vaccine injuries.paid out for vaccine injuries.www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.comVaccine injury table: http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/vaccinetable.htmlStatistics reports: http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/statisticsreports.html#StatsSearch/read claims reports: http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/search_vaccine
  • Vermont VAERS dataVermont VAERS dataLast Five YearsLast Five Years Actual numbers may be 10-100x HigherActual numbers may be 10-100x Higher David Kessler, former Commissioner of the FDA reported in an article in JAMADavid Kessler, former Commissioner of the FDA reported in an article in JAMA— June 2,1993, Vol. 269, No.21; "...it is estimated that only between 1-10% of— June 2,1993, Vol. 269, No.21; "...it is estimated that only between 1-10% ofimmunization events are reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reportingimmunization events are reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events ReportingSystem"System" How are these families supported?How are these families supported? What is the cost?What is the cost? Who follows up?Who follows up? www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Vermont VAERS reports, 2011Vermont VAERS reports, 20113 fatalities after vaccination3 fatalities after vaccinationFebruary, 2011 – Boy, age 5February, 2011 – Boy, age 5 Epilepsy and cerebralEpilepsy and cerebralpalsypalsy Shots: DTaP, IPV, VZVShots: DTaP, IPV, VZV Found dead in bed 20Found dead in bed 20hours after vaccinationhours after vaccinationDecember, 2011 – Girl,age 7• Healthy• Shots: Fluzone• Died 5 days later of“myocarditis of unknownetiology”December, 2011 – Male, age 52• Medical history unremarkable except for psychiatric disorder• Shots: HepA/B combo (“twinrix”)• Died 21 days later of liver failurewww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • We also do notknow if any vaccine issafe becausevaccinated children are notcompared to non-vaccinatedones in safety tests.Also test children are healthy,unlike those often vaccinatedin real life.
  • Example of vaccine “science”Example of vaccine “science” 2,588 Navajo infants were given Hib, DPT2,588 Navajo infants were given Hib, DPTand OPV (the “vaccine” group).and OPV (the “vaccine” group). 2,602 Navajo infants were given DPT,2,602 Navajo infants were given DPT,OPV AND lactose (the “placebo” group).OPV AND lactose (the “placebo” group).Santosham M, Wolff M, Reid R, et al. The efficacy in Navajo infants of a conjugate vaccine consisting ofSantosham M, Wolff M, Reid R, et al. The efficacy in Navajo infants of a conjugate vaccine consisting of Haemophilus influenzaHaemophilus influenza type btype bpolysaccharide andpolysaccharide and Neissereia meningitidisNeissereia meningitidis outer-membrane protein complex.outer-membrane protein complex. New England J of MedNew England J of Med; 1991, 324(25):1767-1772.; 1991, 324(25):1767-1772.Note:Note: study was ended earlystudy was ended earlybecause of the large number ofbecause of the large number ofdeaths and injuries in bothdeaths and injuries in bothgroups. Death and injury from agroups. Death and injury from aplacebo?placebo?
  • How many children are hurt?How many children are hurt? ““Between 15 and 20%Between 15 and 20%of American schoolof American schoolchildren are consideredchildren are consideredlearning disabled withlearning disabled withminimal brainminimal braindysfunction directlydysfunction directlycaused by vaccinecaused by vaccinedamage.”damage.” Coulter HL.Coulter HL. Vaccination,Vaccination,Social Violence and Criminality: TheSocial Violence and Criminality: TheMedical Assault on the American Brain.Medical Assault on the American Brain.Washington, DC: Center for EmpiricalWashington, DC: Center for EmpiricalMedicine. 1990.Medicine. 1990.
  • The Bell CurveThe Bell Curve ““The symptoms manifested withThe symptoms manifested withpathological intensity in a smallpathological intensity in a smallgroup will of necessity appear ingroup will of necessity appear inmilder form in a much largermilder form in a much largerproportion of the population. Forproportion of the population. Forevery ‘autistic’ who is shut away inevery ‘autistic’ who is shut away inan institution there will be a thousandan institution there will be a thousand[affected] individuals functioning as[affected] individuals functioning asnormal taxpaying citizens.”normal taxpaying citizens.” Coulter HL.Coulter HL.Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: The Medical AssaultVaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: The Medical Assaulton the American Brain.on the American Brain. Washington, DC: Center for EmpiricalWashington, DC: Center for EmpiricalMedicine. 1990; 37.Medicine. 1990; 37.
  • Figure 3. Hospitalization rate (%) versus the number of vaccine doses among infants, VaccineAdverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990–2010.Goldman G , Miller N Hum Exp Toxicol 2012;31:1012-1021Copyright © by SAGE Publicationswww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • YELLOW portion of chart= 38 vaccines by Kindergarten (24 shots)= exemption form needed if any deviation from “The Schedule”= 11 diseases by age 27/2012www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.comhttp://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/vt_schedule_kids.pdf
  • discontinued+ (NEW!) in 20132 vaccinesIN UTERO(flu and Tdap)..and morewww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Source: ACIP Minutes, June 25, 2009 (slide credit: Karl Kanthak)http://www.scribd.com/doc/120430481/CDC-MMRV-Vaccine-Data-Safety-Link-Slideswww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • 2013 Form:2013 Form:““In signing thisIn signing thisform, Iform, Iacknowledge thatacknowledge thatI have reviewedI have reviewedthe evidence-the evidence-basedbasededucationaleducationalmaterialmaterial providedprovidedby the Vermontby the VermontDepartment ofDepartment ofHealth regardingHealth regardingimmunizations…immunizations…http://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/Philexemption_2013.pdf
  •  FDA has approved MANY drugs later determined to be very dangerousEx: Vioxx, Thalidomide, DES FDA does not access all trials data; only that selected by the company* View product labeling/package inserts with selected data here:http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/ucm09383http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/ucm09383 “Perfectly safe”… compared to what?! Vaccines are ‘unavoidably unsafe’ (US Supreme Court)www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com“What About Vaccine Safety?Before a vaccine can be approved for use, it must first beextensively tested, and those results are then reviewed by theFood and Drug Administration (FDA). Only vaccines that aresafe and effective are recommended for use” VT DPH Educational MaterialSee: Eliot Spitzer v. GlaxoSmithKline and Undisclosed Clinical Trials Data Regarding Paxil
  • $2.7 billion paid by US gov’t for injuriesAre Vaccines Perfectly Safe?Are Vaccines Perfectly Safe?“Unavoidably Unsafe”“Unavoidably Unsafe”www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.comhttp://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/09-152.ZS.html
  • www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com“What About Vaccine Safety? Continued…An analysis of more than 1,000 research articles was published in 2011by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The results revealed that vaccinesare not free from side effects or adverse events, but most are very rareor very mild such as swelling at the injection site, slight fever andheadache. The IOM concluded that: “... few health problems arecaused by or clearly associated with vaccine. Experts foundevidence of 14 health outcomes --including seizures, inflammation ofthe brain, and fainting -- that can be caused by certain vaccines,although these outcomes occur rarely.”• The IOM report stated: “for the majority ofcases {135 (out of 158) vaccine adverse-eventpairs}, the evidence was inadequate to acceptor reject a causal relationship” … not enoughdata• An absence of data does not mean somethingis safe.
  • Institute of MedicineInstitute of MedicineAdverse Effects of VaccinesAdverse Effects of Vaccines::Evidence and Causality Consensus Report of August 25,Evidence and Causality Consensus Report of August 25,20112011www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.comhttp://books.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=13164&page=629““
  • Should We be Concerned?Should We be Concerned? Every US manufacturer/supplier ofEvery US manufacturer/supplier ofpediatric vaccines has pled guilty topediatric vaccines has pled guilty tofraud within the last 3 years.fraud within the last 3 years.Bribery of doctorsBribery of doctorsLying to the FDALying to the FDAHiding clinical trial dataHiding clinical trial dataFraudulent marketingFraudulent marketingFor products forFor products forwhich theywhich they cancan be held liable…be held liable…http://www.omsj.org/blogs/bribery-big-pharmahttp://www.vaxchoicevt.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/pharma-fraud-update8-29-2012.docxhttp://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/washington/story/2012-03-05/health-drugmakers-fraud-fines/53372792/1 www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.comPfizer settlement 2013: “This is yet another example of a drug manufacturer that makesunsubstantiated claims about drug benefits, despite the danger of such statements to the public.This office is committed to pursuing companies who violate our consumer protection laws andexpose Vermonters to harm,” said Attorney General Sorrell.
  • Question: are vaccinationsQuestion: are vaccinations“effective?”“effective?”What does effective mean?What does effective mean?CDC: “Effective” means antibodiesCDC: “Effective” means antibodiesare produced, not clinicalare produced, not clinicaleffectiveness (i.e. no disease).effectiveness (i.e. no disease).However, there is often no correlationHowever, there is often no correlationbetween antibodies and resistance tobetween antibodies and resistance todisease.disease.
  • Natural disease vs. injectedNatural disease vs. injecteddiseasedisease Diseases contracted naturally areDiseases contracted naturally areordinarily filtered through a series ofordinarily filtered through a series ofimmune system defenses (i.e.immune system defenses (i.e. skinand mucous membranes). But when the vaccine virus andBut when the vaccine virus andchemicals are injected directly intochemicals are injected directly intothe child’s blood stream theythe child’s blood stream theyhave access to all of the majorhave access to all of the majortissues and organs of the bodytissues and organs of the bodywithout the body’s normal advantagewithout the body’s normal advantageof a total immune response.of a total immune response.
  •  The last part ofThe last part ofimmuneimmunerecognition isrecognition issaved for when asaved for when apathogen gets thatpathogen gets thatfar along into thefar along into thebody and requiresbody and requiresthe greatest energythe greatest energyto be produced asto be produced asan emergencyan emergencyaction.action. This is the part thatThis is the part thatis triggered inis triggered invaccine immunity.vaccine immunity.
  • IMMUNE RESPONSEIMMUNE RESPONSETheThe natural immunity seems toshow a more robust coverage forany antigenic shift or naturalmutations or variations from theoriginal exposure… as well aslasting a lifetime.
  • “[Pertussis] infections are common inan immunized population…moreprevalent than previously documented.”98% were vaccinated in this population.He Q, Vijanen MK, Arvilommi H et al. Whooping cough caused by Bordetellapertussi and Bordetella parapertussis in an immunized population. Journal ofthe American Medical Association. 1998;280:635-637.
  • “The increase in pertussis incidencewas higher among vaccinated thanamong non-vaccinated persons of allages.” De Melker HE, Schellekens JFP, Neppelenbrock SE et al.Reemergence of pertussis in the highly vaccinated population of TheNetherlands: Observations on surveillance data. Emerging Infectious Diseases.2000; 6(4).
  • More pertussis since vaccinationMore pertussis since vaccinationWith mandatory vaccination and 5 doses ofWith mandatory vaccination and 5 doses ofDPT vaccine, pertussis occurs at a farDPT vaccine, pertussis occurs at a farhigher rate now than before thehigher rate now than before theintroduction of the vaccine. “There isintroduction of the vaccine. “There issubstantial underreporting of pertussis…substantial underreporting of pertussis…including hospitalizations.”including hospitalizations.” Sutter RW and Cochi SL.Sutter RW and Cochi SL.Pertussis hospitalizations and mortality in the United States, 1985-1988.Pertussis hospitalizations and mortality in the United States, 1985-1988. JAMA.JAMA.1992;1992;267(3):386-390.267(3):386-390.
  • An outbreak of 137 cases of measles…98.7% of students were appropriatelyvaccinated. Davis RM, Whitman ED, Orenstein WA, A persistentoutbreak of measles despite appropriate prevention and control measures. Am JEpidemiol. 1987;126(3):438-449.
  • Vaccines and herd immunityVaccines and herd immunity ““The AMA encourages and supportsThe AMA encourages and supportschildhood vaccination requirementschildhood vaccination requirementsbecause of ‘herd immunity,’”because of ‘herd immunity,’” Alan Nelson, MDAlan Nelson, MD Herd immunity was developed by A.W.Herd immunity was developed by A.W.Hedrich in 1933 who said when 68% ofHedrich in 1933 who said when 68% ofchildren under 15 were immune tochildren under 15 were immune tomeasles, epidemics did notmeasles, epidemics did notoccur. His research wasoccur. His research wasbased on natural, notbased on natural, notartificialartificial immunity.immunity.
  • Herd Immunity, Measles ExampleHerd Immunity, Measles Example Measles is highly contagious but not necessarily aMeasles is highly contagious but not necessarily adangerous disease for mostdangerous disease for most Mortality in 1953 ( BEFORE vaccination ) was 3 perMortality in 1953 ( BEFORE vaccination ) was 3 per10,000,000 We now know that simple nutritional10,000,000 We now know that simple nutritionalinterventions ( especially Vit A ) will greatly mitigate seriousinterventions ( especially Vit A ) will greatly mitigate seriouscomplications from measles, and we have antibiotics to treatcomplications from measles, and we have antibiotics to treatotitis media and pneumonia.otitis media and pneumonia. Statistics routinely cited from outbreaks in Africa,Statistics routinely cited from outbreaks in Africa,refugee camps, etc. are not relevant to the situationrefugee camps, etc. are not relevant to the situationhere in VT and US.here in VT and US. Because certain children do not respond, and in mostBecause certain children do not respond, and in mostothers vaccine immunity wanes over time:others vaccine immunity wanes over time: measles is "safest" in children, but with the current policy,measles is "safest" in children, but with the current policy,outbreaks are now common in "vaccinated" young adults, inoutbreaks are now common in "vaccinated" young adults, inwhom the illness is more severe, with more seriouswhom the illness is more severe, with more seriouscomplications.complications. DITTO CHICKENPOX / SHINGLES ..... MUMPS /DITTO CHICKENPOX / SHINGLES ..... MUMPS /STERILITYSTERILITYwww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Vaccines interfere withVaccines interfere withtransplacental immunitytransplacental immunityGirls who are vaccinated haveGirls who are vaccinated haveless protection to pass on toless protection to pass on totheir unborn child. (a) More measlestheir unborn child. (a) More measlesnow occurs in children less than 1now occurs in children less than 1and adults 25+and adults 25+ (b) (a) Papania M, Baughman AL, Lee S, et al Increased(b) (a) Papania M, Baughman AL, Lee S, et al Increasedsusceptibility to measles in infants in the United States. Pediatrics. 1999;104(5):e59 National Immunizationsusceptibility to measles in infants in the United States. Pediatrics. 1999;104(5):e59 National ImmunizationProgram, Epidemiology Program Office, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia 30333,Program, Epidemiology Program Office, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia 30333,USA. (b) MMWR 1991;40:369-372 inUSA. (b) MMWR 1991;40:369-372 in JAMA;JAMA;1991;265(24).1991;265(24).
  • Whooping cough deaths increaseWhooping cough deaths increasedespite all the vaccinationsdespite all the vaccinations““The number of infants dying from whoopingThe number of infants dying from whoopingcough is rising despite record highcough is rising despite record highvaccination levels.vaccination levels. All the deaths in 2000All the deaths in 2000occurred among infants under the age of 4occurred among infants under the age of 4months.”months.”““Since the early 1980s, reported pertussisSince the early 1980s, reported pertussisincidence hasincidence has increasedincreased cyclically withcyclically withpeaks occurring every 3-4 years.”peaks occurring every 3-4 years.”Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Feb 1, 2002;51:73-76.Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Feb 1, 2002;51:73-76.http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5104a1.htmhttp://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5104a1.htm
  • There is evidence that measlesThere is evidence that measlesvaccination causes…vaccination causes… Encephalitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome,Encephalitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome,convulsions, seizures, anaphylaxis,convulsions, seizures, anaphylaxis,atypical measles, thrombocytopenia, opticatypical measles, thrombocytopenia, opticneuritis, ocular palsies, retinitis, deafness,neuritis, ocular palsies, retinitis, deafness,otitis media, ulcerative colitis, bowelotitis media, ulcerative colitis, boweldisease, Crohn’s disease, headache,disease, Crohn’s disease, headache,dizziness, rash, autism, hearing and visiondizziness, rash, autism, hearing and visionproblems, arthritis, arthralgia, behaviorproblems, arthritis, arthralgia, behaviorand learning problems, chronic fatigue,and learning problems, chronic fatigue,diabetes, multiple sclerosis and death.diabetes, multiple sclerosis and death.Richard Barr, Alexander Harris, Mumps, Measles and RubellaRichard Barr, Alexander Harris, Mumps, Measles and Rubella(MMR) Vaccines and Measles Rubella (MR)(MMR) Vaccines and Measles Rubella (MR)www.whale.to/vaccines/dawbars.htmlwww.whale.to/vaccines/dawbars.html Dawbars (UK) 1997Dawbars (UK) 1997
  • Subacute SclerosingSubacute SclerosingPanencephalitis (SSPE)Panencephalitis (SSPE) ““The measles vaccine is associated withThe measles vaccine is associated withSSPE, which causes hardening of theSSPE, which causes hardening of thebrain and is fatal.”brain and is fatal.” Robert Mendelsohn, MDRobert Mendelsohn, MD SSPE was first recorded followingSSPE was first recorded followingmeasles vaccination in 1968 in childrenmeasles vaccination in 1968 in childrenwho had the vaccine but not naturalwho had the vaccine but not naturalmeasles.measles. Fact sheet distributed by Dawbars Law Firm, BankFact sheet distributed by Dawbars Law Firm, BankHouse, King’s Straithe Square, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 1RD, UK.House, King’s Straithe Square, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 1RD, UK.1997.1997.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine – moreHepatitis B vaccine – moredangerous than the diseasedangerous than the disease“The risk of a serious vaccine reactionmay be 100 times greater than the risk ofhepatitis B….asthma and diabetes…autism and attention deficit/hyperactivitydisorder have [increased greatly ] sincethe introduction of many new vaccines….”Jane Orient, MD, Executive Director Association of AmericanAssociation of Physicians and Surgeons.
  • Hib vaccineHib vaccineHaemophilus influenza type b bacteriaHaemophilus influenza type b bacteria Hib is a usually harmless bacteriaHib is a usually harmless bacterianormally found in children. “Hib disease”normally found in children. “Hib disease”can be any disease, with any symptomscan be any disease, with any symptomswhere Hib is present. It is defined entirelywhere Hib is present. It is defined entirelyby laboratory tests.by laboratory tests. Hib infections increased 4 fold afterHib infections increased 4 fold aftervaccination programs were instituted.vaccination programs were instituted.Medicine is apparently creating a problemMedicine is apparently creating a problemand then treating it.and then treating it.
  • Hib vaccineHib vaccineSince the vaccine Hib meningitis hasSince the vaccine Hib meningitis hasdeclined but other types of meningitisdeclined but other types of meningitishave increased to levels higher thanhave increased to levels higher thanbefore the Hib vaccine was used.before the Hib vaccine was used. Replacement chapter for “immunization against infectious disease”Replacement chapter for “immunization against infectious disease”1996: Chapter 23, Meningococcal. [British] Dept of Health. [Pub by1996: Chapter 23, Meningococcal. [British] Dept of Health. [Pub byNHS Executive.)NHS Executive.)www./doh.gov.uk/meningitis-vaccine/chapter23.htmwww./doh.gov.uk/meningitis-vaccine/chapter23.htm Beattie G.Beattie G. Vaccination: A Parent’s Dilemma.Vaccination: A Parent’s Dilemma. Australia: BunyaAustralia: BunyaBooks. 1997.Books. 1997.
  • Hib VaccineHib VaccineEvidence that Hib VaccineEvidence that Hib Vaccinecauses type 1 diabetescauses type 1 diabetesReports of death from HibReports of death from Hibinfection after Hib vaccinationinfection after Hib vaccination““The potential risk of the vaccineThe potential risk of the vaccineexceeds the potential benefit.”exceeds the potential benefit.”British Medical JournalBritish Medical Journal October 23, 1999.October 23, 1999.
  • Prevnar increases infectionsPrevnar increases infectionsPrevnar vaccine is given to kill somePrevnar vaccine is given to kill somebacteria but actually increases thebacteria but actually increases thenumber of other infections babies get.number of other infections babies get.Prevnar vaccine increases the number of other infections babies getPrevnar vaccine increases the number of other infections babies getThe Scientist,The Scientist, May 23, 2003May 23, 2003http://www.biomedcentral.com/news/20030523/05http://www.biomedcentral.com/news/20030523/05Evidence shows Prevnar vaccineEvidence shows Prevnar vaccinecauses diabetes.causes diabetes. New`Tuskegee-Like ExperimentNew`Tuskegee-Like ExperimentPlanned with Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine, Reported by ClassenPlanned with Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine, Reported by ClassenImmunotherapiesImmunotherapies http://vaccines.net/pneumoco.htmhttp://vaccines.net/pneumoco.htm))
  • Chicken pox (varicella)Chicken pox (varicella)A mild self-limiting disease that givesA mild self-limiting disease that givespermanent life long immunity if caughtpermanent life long immunity if caughtas a child but is much moreas a child but is much moredangerous in adults.dangerous in adults.The chances of a child becomingThe chances of a child becomingseriously ill and dying from chickenseriously ill and dying from chickenpox are about equalpox are about equalto winning the lottery.to winning the lottery.
  • TetanusTetanus Associated with improper wound cleaning,Associated with improper wound cleaning,malnutrition and a weak immune system.malnutrition and a weak immune system. Decreased 92% from mid-1850s to earlyDecreased 92% from mid-1850s to early1900s (before vaccination). US cases1900s (before vaccination). US cases1990-1999: 473 - 70 deaths. Most occur in1990-1999: 473 - 70 deaths. Most occur inthose over 50 (95% of fatalities);those over 50 (95% of fatalities);5% of tetanus occurs under age 20.5% of tetanus occurs under age 20.Fatalities are rare among younger peopleFatalities are rare among younger people You can get an immunoglobulinYou can get an immunoglobulininjection if you get a wound of concern!injection if you get a wound of concern!
  • Tetanus vaccine reactionsTetanus vaccine reactions……include Guillain-Barreinclude Guillain-Barresyndrome, brachial neuritis,syndrome, brachial neuritis,demyelinating disease, arthritis,demyelinating disease, arthritis,joint inflammation, anaphylacticjoint inflammation, anaphylacticshock, asthma, allergy andshock, asthma, allergy andothers.others.
  • Do vaccines cause meningitis?Do vaccines cause meningitis?Meningitis increased in 1990 afterMeningitis increased in 1990 afterthe MMR-vaccine was introducedthe MMR-vaccine was introducedin New Zealand. A meningitisin New Zealand. A meningitisoutbreak in Brazil was linked tooutbreak in Brazil was linked toMMR vaccination 3 weeks afterMMR vaccination 3 weeks after“National vaccination Day.”“National vaccination Day.” AmericanAmericanJournal of Epidemiology.Journal of Epidemiology. 2000;151:524-530.2000;151:524-530.
  • Question: Can vaccines causeQuestion: Can vaccines causedamage months or years later?damage months or years later?““Instead of hiding our heads inInstead of hiding our heads inthe sand to protect the status quo,the sand to protect the status quo,it is time to admit that [there are]it is time to admit that [there are]no adequate studies to determineno adequate studies to determinethe long-term effects of vaccinesthe long-term effects of vaccineson our children andon our children andfuture generations.”future generations.”US Rep. Dan Burton, April 24, 2000 LA Times.US Rep. Dan Burton, April 24, 2000 LA Times.
  • Hepatitis Bproduct insertThe vaccine wasreported to haveno long-termserious side effects,based on 4 DAYS.
  • Question: Can vaccines causeQuestion: Can vaccines causecrib death (SIDS)?crib death (SIDS)?“‘“‘Crib death’ was so infrequent in theCrib death’ was so infrequent in thepre-vaccination era that it was notpre-vaccination era that it was noteven mentioned in the statistics, but iteven mentioned in the statistics, but itstarted to climb in the 1950s with thestarted to climb in the 1950s with thespread of mass vaccination.”spread of mass vaccination.” Harris L.Harris L.Coulter, PhDCoulter, PhD
  • Crib death in JapanCrib death in Japan In 1975 Japan raised the minimum age ofIn 1975 Japan raised the minimum age ofvaccination from 2 months to 2 years. Cribvaccination from 2 months to 2 years. Cribdeath, infantile seizures, meningitis anddeath, infantile seizures, meningitis andother infectious diseases in infantsother infectious diseases in infantsvirtually disappeared. Japan went from 17virtually disappeared. Japan went from 17ththin infant mortality to 1in infant mortality to 1stst.. However serious infectious diseases suchHowever serious infectious diseases suchas meningitis sharplyas meningitis sharplyincreased in 2 year olds.increased in 2 year olds.Cherry, et. al. Pediatrics Supplement. 1988; 973.
  • Since 1988 Japanese parents havethe choice to vaccinate under theage of 2, SIDS dramaticallyincreased. Daily Yemuri 5/13/94
  • Sudden Infant Death SyndromeSudden Infant Death SyndromeThe CDCThe CDCclassified 61,900classified 61,900baby deaths asbaby deaths asSIDS from 1983-SIDS from 1983-94. By definition,94. By definition,SIDS is death withSIDS is death withan unknownan unknowncause.cause.
  • Question: Did vaccines eliminateQuestion: Did vaccines eliminatediseases?diseases?““Nearly 90% of the total decline inNearly 90% of the total decline inmortality (scarlet fever,mortality (scarlet fever, diphtheria,,whooping cough, and measles)whooping cough, and measles)between 1860 and 1965 occurredbetween 1860 and 1965 occurredbefore the introduction ofbefore the introduction ofantibiotics and widespreadantibiotics and widespreadimmunization.”immunization.” Illich, I.Illich, I. Medical NemesisMedical Nemesis. Chapter 1-The. Chapter 1-TheEpidemics of Modern Medicine, NY: Bantam Books 1976Epidemics of Modern Medicine, NY: Bantam Books 1976
  • The followinggraphs are from:
  • Scarlet fever, typhoid fever andScarlet fever, typhoid fever andpertussispertussisScarlet fever, typhoid fever andScarlet fever, typhoid fever andpertussis were major killers.pertussis were major killers.No vaccine was introduced for scarletNo vaccine was introduced for scarletfever and typhoid fever.fever and typhoid fever.All three diseases declined to virtuallyAll three diseases declined to virtuallyzero.zero.
  • Question: What if we stoppedQuestion: What if we stoppedvaccinating?vaccinating?Prediction: if vaccinationsstopped there would be a 71-fold increase in pertussis anda 25-fold increase in pertussisdeaths. Koplan JP, Schoenbaum SC, WeinsteinMC and Frasier DW. Pertussis vaccine – an analysis ofbenefits, risks and costs. New England Journal ofMedicine. 1979; 301(17):906-911.
  • What really happened?What really happened?When pertussis vaccinationWhen pertussis vaccinationdecreased (Sweden, the UK anddecreased (Sweden, the UK andGermany) pertussis deathsGermany) pertussis deathsdecreased.decreased.Trollfors B. and Rabo E. Whooping cough in adults.Trollfors B. and Rabo E. Whooping cough in adults.British Medical Journal.British Medical Journal. 1981; 696-697 (September 12)1981; 696-697 (September 12)cited in Coulter H. & Fisher BLcited in Coulter H. & Fisher BL A Shot in the Dark.A Shot in the Dark. NY:NY:Warner Books 1985; 255-6.Warner Books 1985; 255-6.
  • MDs don’t report the immunizedMDs don’t report the immunized ““We had a mild “epidemic” of pertussisWe had a mild “epidemic” of pertussis...some of the kids were immunized, some...some of the kids were immunized, someweren’t. The un-immunized ones wereweren’t. The un-immunized ones weregiven the test to confirm the diagnosis, thegiven the test to confirm the diagnosis, theimmunized ones were not, even at theimmunized ones were not, even at themom’s request! The Ped would not evenmom’s request! The Ped would not evenconsider it as a possibility because theconsider it as a possibility because thechild was fully immunized!”child was fully immunized!”
  • How many people are really gettingdiseases? We don’t know. There is ahuge difference between measles casesreported, tested and confirmed. Source:Notifications of infectious diseases confirmed by salivary antibody detectionat the PHLS enteric and respiratory virus laboratory (18 Feb 2002).www.phls.co.uk/facts/Measles/meas.htm
  • Question: What about polio?Question: What about polio? ““It is commonly believedIt is commonly believedthat the Salk vaccine wasthat the Salk vaccine wasresponsible for halting theresponsible for halting thepolio epidemics…if so, whypolio epidemics…if so, whydid the epidemics also enddid the epidemics also endin Europe, where polioin Europe, where poliovaccine was not sovaccine was not soextensively used?”extensively used?”Mendelsohn R.Mendelsohn R. How to raise aHow to raise ahealthy child...in spite of your doctor.healthy child...in spite of your doctor.Chicago: Contemporary Books.Chicago: Contemporary Books.1984:210.1984:210.
  • SmallpoxSmallpox““It is pathetic and ludicrous to sayIt is pathetic and ludicrous to saywe ever vanquished smallpox withwe ever vanquished smallpox withvaccines, when only 10% of thevaccines, when only 10% of thepopulation was ever vaccinated.”population was ever vaccinated.”Glen Dettman, MDGlen Dettman, MD
  • Millions of Lives Saved in 50 yrs?Millions of Lives Saved in 50 yrs?http://www.healthsentinel.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2654:united-states-disease-death-rates&catid=55:united-states-deaths-from-diseases&Itemid=55www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • In addition to live and killedbacteria, viri and their toxins, children areinjected with lethal poisons and allergensincluding: formaldehyde, mercury,aluminum, phenol (carbolic acid), borax (antkiller), ethylene glycol (antifreeze), dye,acetone (nail polish remover), latex, MSG,glycerol,polysorbate 80/20 (knowncarcinogen)Question: What’s in a vaccine?Question: What’s in a vaccine?
  • …monkey, cow, chick, pig, sheep anddog tissues and cells (which may becontaminated with animal viruses),gelatin, casein, human fetus cells,human viruses, antibiotics, geneticallymodified yeast, and animal, bacterialand viral DNA (which may affect therecipients DNA).
  • AllergensAllergensFrom: Food Allergy Education, MA Citizens for Health Choicewww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Formalin/AluminumFormalin/Aluminum Formalin is a dilute formaldehyde solution.Formalin is a dilute formaldehyde solution.Nearly 50 studies have shown a linkNearly 50 studies have shown a linkbetween formaldehyde exposure withbetween formaldehyde exposure withcancer of the brain, colon, lymphaticcancer of the brain, colon, lymphaticsystem and with leukemiasystem and with leukemia Aluminum is a neurotoxin that crosses theAluminum is a neurotoxin that crosses thebrain/blood barrier.brain/blood barrier. Neustaedter R.Neustaedter R. The Vaccine Guide,The Vaccine Guide,Berkley, CA: North Atlantic Books. 1996.Berkley, CA: North Atlantic Books. 1996.
  • This study has demonstrated that injecting alumadjuvants with vaccines results in transference tothe brain, where it persists indefinitely.Newborns, the elderly, and people with acertain genetic variation are particularly at risk.2013 Research:Aluminum Adjuvant in VaccinesTransfers to the Brain.
  • It took up to 90 days to accumulate in the brain.One year later, the amounts in the brain werepersistent.The study also documented that an inefficientblood-brain barrier, as is found in the youngestbabies, allows significantly more alum through tothe brain.The toxic potential of aluminum is high.Consideration needs also to be givento the association of aluminum in thebrain with Alzheimer’s disease2013 Research:Aluminum Adjuvant in VaccinesTransfers to the Brain.
  • Tolerance to alum may be challenged by:•overimmunization•BBB immaturity [blood-brain barrier]•Individual susceptibility factors•genetic variants•autoimmune syndromes•aging that may be associated with both subtle BBBalterations and a genetic variantWith the rapidly increasing number ofvaccinations recommended, and evenmandated, in schedules, along with theincreasing number of people suffering fromchronic neurological and autoimmune disorders,surely it’s past time to sound the alarm2013 Research:Aluminum Adjuvant in VaccinesTransfers to the Brain.
  • Trying to avoid combinationvaccines may sometimes meanincreasing exposure to moreadditives in extra singlevaccines
  • MercuryMercury One of the most poisonousOne of the most poisonoussubstances known to exist in nature.substances known to exist in nature. Children have received up to 125Children have received up to 125times the safe limit of mercury set bytimes the safe limit of mercury set bythe EPA (autism skyrocketed).the EPA (autism skyrocketed). Symptoms of mercury toxicitySymptoms of mercury toxicityresemble those of autism.resemble those of autism. Mercury is still in use (as of 2013.)Mercury is still in use (as of 2013.)
  • MercuryMercury Most childhood vaccinations are available withoutMost childhood vaccinations are available withoutmercury.mercury. If you choose to have your child vaccinated, get a singleIf you choose to have your child vaccinated, get a singledose vial.dose vial. Mercury may still be in multiple dose vials.Mercury may still be in multiple dose vials. Mercury is in many flu vaccines.Mercury is in many flu vaccines. Mercury is still used in the processing of vaccines andMercury is still used in the processing of vaccines andthen is removed, but residual amounts (.3mcg) are stillthen is removed, but residual amounts (.3mcg) are stillfound that can accumulatefound that can accumulate Aluminum interferes with the removal of mercury fromAluminum interferes with the removal of mercury fromthe bodythe body
  • MercuryMercuryHair samples (18 mo.) showedHair samples (18 mo.) showedmercury levels among 94 autisticmercury levels among 94 autisticchildren was 1/8children was 1/8thththat of the 45that of the 45normal children.normal children.The lower the level of mercury, theThe lower the level of mercury, theworse the autism. Autistic childrenworse the autism. Autistic childrencannot get rid of mercury so it maycannot get rid of mercury so it mayaccumulate in their brains.accumulate in their brains. Holmes AS, BlaxillHolmes AS, BlaxillMF, Haley BE. Reduced levels of mercury of first baby haircuts ofMF, Haley BE. Reduced levels of mercury of first baby haircuts ofautistic children.autistic children. Int’l J of Toxicology:2003;Int’l J of Toxicology:2003;22:277-28522:277-285
  • David AyoubAlzheimers Cases to Triple by 2050 -http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/778941?nlid=28087_1049&src=wnl_edit_dail www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Question: Are there benefits toQuestion: Are there benefits toacute illness?acute illness?
  • HippocratesHippocrates"Diseases are crises of"Diseases are crises ofpurification, of toxic elimination.purification, of toxic elimination.Symptoms are the naturalSymptoms are the naturaldefenses of the body. We calldefenses of the body. We callthem diseases, but in fact theythem diseases, but in fact theyare the cure of diseases."are the cure of diseases."
  • ““Let your children get sick”Let your children get sick” ““One of the best ways to ensure your childrensOne of the best ways to ensure your childrenshealth is to allow them to get sick. At firsthealth is to allow them to get sick. At firsthearing, this concept may sound outrageous.hearing, this concept may sound outrageous.Yet childhood illnesses, such as measles,Yet childhood illnesses, such as measles,mumps, and even whooping cough, may be ofmumps, and even whooping cough, may be ofkey benefit to a childs developing immunekey benefit to a childs developing immunesystem and it may be inadvisable to suppresssystem and it may be inadvisable to suppressthese illnesses with immunizations. Evidence isthese illnesses with immunizations. Evidence isalso accumulating that routine childhoodalso accumulating that routine childhoodvaccinations may directly contribute tovaccinations may directly contribute tothe emergence of chronic problemsthe emergence of chronic problemssuch as eczema, ear infections,such as eczema, ear infections,asthma, and bowel inflammations.”asthma, and bowel inflammations.”Philip Incao, MDPhilip Incao, MD
  • Harris Coulter, Ph.D.Harris Coulter, Ph.D.““Contracting and overcomingContracting and overcomingchildhood diseases are part of achildhood diseases are part of adevelopmental process that actuallydevelopmental process that actuallyhelps develop a healthy, robust, adulthelps develop a healthy, robust, adultimmune system able to meet theimmune system able to meet thechallenges that inevitable encounterschallenges that inevitable encounterswith viruses and bacteria will presentwith viruses and bacteria will presentlater on.”later on.” Coulter HL.Coulter HL. Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: TheVaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: TheMedical Assault on the American Brain.Medical Assault on the American Brain. Washington, DC: Center for EmpiricalWashington, DC: Center for EmpiricalMedicine. 1990.Medicine. 1990.
  • Question: Do acute diseasesQuestion: Do acute diseasesprotect against cancer?protect against cancer?“This study investigates thehypothesis that febrile infectiouschildhood diseases (FICDs) areassociated with a lower cancer risk inadulthood…The study consistentlyrevealed a lower cancer risk forpatients with a history of FICD.” Albonico HU, Braker HU, Husler J. Febrile infectious childhood diseases in the history ofAlbonico HU, Braker HU, Husler J. Febrile infectious childhood diseases in the history of cancer patients and matched controls.cancer patients and matched controls. Medical Hypotheses.Medical Hypotheses. 1998;51(4):315-320.1998;51(4):315-320.
  • Subjects who reported a history ofinfectious diseases (e.g., colds, flu)showed a 30% reduction in risk [ofbrain tumor]. Schlehoper B, Blettner M, Preston-Martin S.et al. Role of medical history in brain tumor development results fromthe international adult brain tumor study. International Journal of Cancer:82, 155-160 (1999)
  • Childhood illnesses protect childrenChildhood illnesses protect childrenfrom allergiesfrom allergiesRelatively few cases of hay fever,Relatively few cases of hay fever,asthma and eczema [were found] inasthma and eczema [were found] inthose from large families or fromthose from large families or fromsmall families that used day caresmall families that used day carebefore the child’s first birthday. Theybefore the child’s first birthday. Theycredit the lack of these conditions tocredit the lack of these conditions toearly exposure to normalearly exposure to normalchildhood diseases.childhood diseases.The Lancet.The Lancet. Feb. 6, 1999.Feb. 6, 1999.
  • We are among the most vaccinatedpeople in the worldAnd the sickest.And the sickest.More than half of allAmericans have atleast one chronicdiseaseOne in five have 2 ormore chronic illnesses
  • Keeping Children “Healthy”?Keeping Children “Healthy”?www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Slide courtesy of the Center for Personal Rights,http://www.vaccineepidemic.com/images/ve9-2012rev.pdfwww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Question: Do vaccines causeQuestion: Do vaccines causecancer?cancer?““Have we traded mumps andHave we traded mumps andmeasles for cancer andmeasles for cancer andleukemia?”leukemia?” Mendelsohn, R.Mendelsohn, R. How To Raise AHow To Raise AHealthy Child In Spite Of Your DoctorHealthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor Chicago:Chicago:Contemporary Books. 1984.Contemporary Books. 1984.
  • Suppression of disease and cancerSuppression of disease and cancer““The results of suppressingThe results of suppressingmeasles and other infectiousmeasles and other infectiousdiseases [by vaccinations] arediseases [by vaccinations] arecancer and other auto-immunecancer and other auto-immuneand chronic diseases.”and chronic diseases.” Scheibner V.Scheibner V.Immunization: TheImmunization: The Medical Assault on the Immune SystemMedical Assault on the Immune System..Blackheath, Australia: Author, 1993; xxii.Blackheath, Australia: Author, 1993; xxii.
  • Polio vaccine and cancerPolio vaccine and cancerIn the 1950s government scientistsIn the 1950s government scientistslearned that the polio vaccine waslearned that the polio vaccine wascontaminated with monkey virus SV40,contaminated with monkey virus SV40,a known carcinogen. The public wasa known carcinogen. The public wasnot notified. The vaccinenot notified. The vaccinecontinued to be sold.continued to be sold.By 1961 over 90% of US childrenBy 1961 over 90% of US childrenreceived the contaminated vaccinereceived the contaminated vaccine(100 million shots given).(100 million shots given).
  • Polio/cancer connectionPolio/cancer connection62 studies from 30 worldwide62 studies from 30 worldwidelaboratories link the polio vaccine tolaboratories link the polio vaccine tobrain tumors, bone cancers, lung liningbrain tumors, bone cancers, lung liningcancers and leukemia.cancers and leukemia.The rates of these cancers have goneThe rates of these cancers have goneup dramatically in the last 30 years.up dramatically in the last 30 years.American Association for Cancer ResearchAmerican Association for Cancer Research, San Francisco, CA. April, San Francisco, CA. April10, 2002.10, 2002. www.bmn.comwww.bmn.com
  • SV40 in human cancersSV40 in human cancers““SV40 is associated significantlySV40 is associated significantlywith brain tumors, bone cancers,with brain tumors, bone cancers,malignant mesothelioma, andmalignant mesothelioma, andnon-Hodgkins lymphoma.”non-Hodgkins lymphoma.” VilchezVilchezRA, Kozinetz CA, Arrington, AS.RA, Kozinetz CA, Arrington, AS. Simian virus 40Simian virus 40in human cancersin human cancersI The AmericanI The American Journal ofJournal ofMedicine 2003;114(8): 675-684Medicine 2003;114(8): 675-684
  • Alarming rise inAlarming rise inchildhood cancerschildhood cancersPediatric cancer has beenPediatric cancer has beenrising 1% a year since 1974rising 1% a year since 1974and is the 2and is the 2ndndleading cause ofleading cause ofdeath in children (after accidental injuries).death in children (after accidental injuries).Leukemia and brain tumors are the mostLeukemia and brain tumors are the mostcommon childhood malignancies; a 35%common childhood malignancies; a 35%rise in pediatric brain cancer betweenrise in pediatric brain cancer between1973 and 1994.1973 and 1994. ScienceScience 1999; 286:1832.1999; 286:1832.
  • “The benign controls gave a history ofmumps parotitis far more often thandid the patients with ovarianmalignancies. A causal associationwith a possible protective value issuggested.” West RO. Epidemiological study of malignancies ofthe ovaries. Cancer. 1996;19(7):1001-1007.
  • “Adults with glioma were less likelythan controls to have had priorchickenpox infection…”Wrensch M, Weinberg A,Wiencke J, Does prior infection with varicella-zoster virus influence risk ofadult glioma? American Journal of Epidemiology. 1997;145:594-597.
  • Cancer and vaccinesCancer and vaccines““I am convinced that theI am convinced that theincrease of cancer is due toincrease of cancer is due tovaccination.”vaccination.” Forbes Laurie, MD, MedicalForbes Laurie, MD, MedicalDirector of the Metropolitan Cancer Hospital, LondonDirector of the Metropolitan Cancer Hospital, London““The most frequent disposing conditionThe most frequent disposing conditionfor cancerous development is …for cancerous development is …vaccination and re-vaccination.”vaccination and re-vaccination.” DennisDennisTurnbull, MD (30 years cancer researcher).Turnbull, MD (30 years cancer researcher). All quotes cited inAll quotes cited in Vaccines,Vaccines,Are They Really Safe and Effective?Are They Really Safe and Effective? by Neil Millerby Neil Miller
  • Personality disordersPersonality disorders“The so-called ‘sociopathicpersonality, which is at the root ofthe enormous increase in crime ofthe past two decades, is also largelyrooted in vaccinedamage.” Coulter Ibid.Coulter Ibid.
  • The number of 2 to 4-year-oldstaking psychiatric drugs likeRitalin™ and Prozac™ soared50% between 1991 and 1995.The results are troubling since thelong-term safety and effects ofthese drugs on a child’sdeveloping brain are largelyunknown. Zito JM, Safer DJ, dosReis S et al. Trends in theprescribing of psychotropic medications to preschoolers. JAMA.2000;283(8):1025-30 also see Coyle JT. Psychotropic drug use in veryyoung children. JAMA. 2000;283(8):1059-1060.
  • Juvenile diabetesJuvenile diabetesPertussis toxin (part of the DPTPertussis toxin (part of the DPTshot) is also known as Isletshot) is also known as Isletactivating factor. The Islets ofactivating factor. The Islets ofLangerhans make insulin. JuvenileLangerhans make insulin. Juvenilediabetes increased 300% fromdiabetes increased 300% from19621962to 1976. There isto 1976. There isabsolutely no officialabsolutely no officialexplanation...explanation...Harris Coulter, Ph.D.Harris Coulter, Ph.D.
  • • One in 10,000 births were autistic in 1970sOne in 10,000 births were autistic in 1970s• One in 500 in 1980sOne in 500 in 1980s• One in 100 in 1990sOne in 100 in 1990s•One in 86 in 2002One in 86 in 2002•One in 50 in 2012(CDC)One in 50 in 2012(CDC)•What does the future hold?What does the future hold?•There are over a million people with ASDThere are over a million people with ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder) in the US today.(Autism Spectrum Disorder) in the US today. JJAm Phys Surg;Am Phys Surg; 2003;8(1):6-11.2003;8(1):6-11.Question: Do vaccines causeQuestion: Do vaccines causeautism?autism?
  • 26 randomly selected autistic childrenreceived 9 mos. chiropractic care. Changesincluded: going off all medication (i.e. Ritalin™, Dexadrine™), improved bladder control,improved digestion, starting tospeak/speech improved, decreased earinfections, chronic colds stopped ordecreased, improved sleep, improvedeye/vision, improved behavior; 5 childrenenrolled for the first time in full timeclassroom settings. Aguilar AL, Grostic JD, Pfleger B.Chiropractic care and behavior in autistic children. Journal of ClinicalChiropractic Pediatrics 2000;5(1)
  • Question: do vaccines affect ourQuestion: do vaccines affect ourgenes?genes?Can vaccines weCan vaccines wereceive today asreceive today as(adults and(adults andchildren) affectchildren) affectour grandchildrenour grandchildrenor great-or great-grandchildren?grandchildren?No one knows.No one knows.
  • Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.,Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.,““No one knows the long-termNo one knows the long-termconsequences of injecting foreignconsequences of injecting foreignproteins into the body of yourproteins into the body of yourchild…”child…” Mendelsohn R.Mendelsohn R. How to raise a healthy child...in spite ofHow to raise a healthy child...in spite ofyour doctor.your doctor. Chicago: Contemporary Books. 1984.Chicago: Contemporary Books. 1984.
  • DNA can be affected by injectionsDNA can be affected by injectionsAnimal, bacterial and viral DNA,Animal, bacterial and viral DNA,when injected, can bewhen injected, can beincorporated into the recipient’sincorporated into the recipient’sDNA.DNA.Stroun M, Anker P.Stroun M, Anker P. World Medicine.World Medicine. September 22, 1971.September 22, 1971.Stroun M, Anker P.Stroun M, Anker P. International Review of Cytology.International Review of Cytology. 1977;51.1977;51.
  • Guylaine Lanctot, MDGuylaine Lanctot, MD““The medical authorities keep lying.The medical authorities keep lying.Vaccination is a disaster to the immuneVaccination is a disaster to the immunesystem. It actually causes a lot ofsystem. It actually causes a lot ofillnesses. We are changing our geneticillnesses. We are changing our geneticcode through vaccination.”code through vaccination.” GuylaineGuylaineLanctot, MD, author ofLanctot, MD, author of Medical MafiaMedical Mafia
  • Question: Does research supportQuestion: Does research supportvaccination efficacy/safety?vaccination efficacy/safety?"My data proves that the studies used"My data proves that the studies usedto support immunization are so flawedto support immunization are so flawedthat it is impossible to say ifthat it is impossible to say ifimmunization provides a net benefit toimmunization provides a net benefit toanyone or to society in general. Thisanyone or to society in general. Thisquestion can only be determined byquestion can only be determined byproper studies which have neverproper studies which have neverbeen performed.”been performed.” John B. Classen, M.D., M.B.A.John B. Classen, M.D., M.B.A.former researcher for National Institutes of Health.former researcher for National Institutes of Health.
  • J. Anthony Morris, Ph.D.J. Anthony Morris, Ph.D."There is a great deal of"There is a great deal ofevidence to prove thatevidence to prove thatimmunization of children doesimmunization of children doesmore harm than good.”more harm than good.” J. AnthonyJ. AnthonyMorris, Ph.D. former Chief Vaccine Control Officer, USMorris, Ph.D. former Chief Vaccine Control Officer, USFood and Drug Administration.Food and Drug Administration.
  • What about Gardasil (HPV)80 percent of females acquire HPV by the time they are 15.“90 percent of women clear the infection themselves, withoutany treatment.” Cancer may occasionally occur with apersistent infection (easily found with PAP smears) not simplyfrom the presence of the virusVaccine may increase warts and cancer if the woman has thevirus at the time of vaccinationIngredients in the vaccine may cause infertility and blood clotsOver 29,362 reports to VAERS and 133 deaths reportedhttp://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Vaccine-News/August-2009-(1)/Gardasil-Swine-Flu-Vaccines-Inconvenient-Truths.aspx
  • Harris Coulter, Ph.D.Harris Coulter, Ph.D.““When I once pointed out to an officerWhen I once pointed out to an officerof the United States Public Healthof the United States Public HealthService that articles on vaccinationService that articles on vaccination‘adverse reactions’ often‘adverse reactions’ oftenmisrepresented the facts and weremisrepresented the facts and wererarely supported by statistical or otherrarely supported by statistical or otherevidence, he responded: ‘That’s true,evidence, he responded: ‘That’s true,but it doesn’t make any difference; webut it doesn’t make any difference; wealready know that these vaccines arealready know that these vaccines areentirely safe.’”entirely safe.’” Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. A word aboutHarris L. Coulter, Ph.D. A word aboutofficial US pro vaccination literature. Inofficial US pro vaccination literature. In The Coulter ReaderThe Coulter Reader..Philadelphia, PA: Koren Publications. 2003.Philadelphia, PA: Koren Publications. 2003.
  • SummarySummaryEvidence Suggests…Evidence Suggests…• Vaccinated children are not healthier thanVaccinated children are not healthier thannon-vaccinated children.non-vaccinated children.• ““Benefits” don’t outweigh the risks.Benefits” don’t outweigh the risks.• There is no proof vaccinations are effective.There is no proof vaccinations are effective.• There are no long-term safety studies.There are no long-term safety studies.• Vaccinations can cause illness and disease.Vaccinations can cause illness and disease.• Vaccines can cause crib death (SIDS).Vaccines can cause crib death (SIDS).• Deaths from the diseases were mostly goneDeaths from the diseases were mostly gonebefore vaccines.before vaccines.• Vaccines contain toxins and allergens.Vaccines contain toxins and allergens.
  •  Childhood diseases strengthen and matureChildhood diseases strengthen and maturethe immune system.the immune system. Vaccines are linked to cancer, encephalitis,Vaccines are linked to cancer, encephalitis,and autism (ASD).and autism (ASD). Vaccines may cause genetic damage.Vaccines may cause genetic damage. Sale of vaccines generates a lot of money.Sale of vaccines generates a lot of money. YouYou cancan legally avoid vaccinations.legally avoid vaccinations.Summary ContinuedSummary ContinuedEvidence Suggests…Evidence Suggests…
  • Marcel ProustMarcel Proust““Even the wisest of doctors areEven the wisest of doctors arerelying on scientific truths, therelying on scientific truths, theerrors of which will be recognizederrors of which will be recognizedwithin a few years time.”within a few years time.”
  • Boosting Immunity NaturallyBoosting Immunity NaturallyBreastfeed.Feed natural, healthy, immune-system-promoting foods.Proper rest.Lots of outdoor play and sunshine.Feel loved and cared for.Healthcare that promotes naturalimmunity.Get nervous system checked regularly.
  • ExemptionsExemptionsIn the US there are three kinds ofIn the US there are three kinds ofvaccination exemptions: religious (invaccination exemptions: religious (inall states except West Virginia andall states except West Virginia andMississippi), medical (every state),Mississippi), medical (every state),and philosophical (in about 30 states).and philosophical (in about 30 states).The Canadian Constitution permitsThe Canadian Constitution permitsexemption from vaccination.exemption from vaccination.
  • Vermont Vaccine ExemptionVermont Vaccine ExemptionFormFormNew (1/2013)New (1/2013)OLD: 1/2011 NEW: 1/2013
  • Implementation of Act 157Implementation of Act 157Required parent educationalRequired parent educationalmaterialmaterialemphasizes benefitsemphasizes benefitsdownplays risksdownplays risksHeavy-handed language onHeavy-handed language onrisks to others for notrisks to others for notvaccinatingvaccinating on exemption formon exemption formwww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.comForm: http://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/Philexemption_2013.pdfEducation:http://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/Revisedparenteducation_2013.pdf
  • New Form:New Form:““In signing this form, I acknowledge that IIn signing this form, I acknowledge that Ihave reviewedhave reviewed the evidence-basedthe evidence-basededucational materialeducational material provided by theprovided by theVermont Department of Health regardingVermont Department of Health regardingimmunizations, including:immunizations, including:The informationThe informationthat failure tothat failure tocomplete the requiredcomplete the requiredvaccinationvaccination schedulescheduleincreases risk to theincreases risk to theperson and othersperson and othersof contracting,of contracting,carrying or spreadingcarrying or spreadinga vaccine-a vaccine-preventable infectiouspreventable infectiousdisease;disease;http://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/Philexemption_2013.pdf
  • New Form:New Form:““In signing this form, I acknowledge that IIn signing this form, I acknowledge that Ihave reviewedhave reviewed the evidence-basedthe evidence-basededucational materialeducational material provided by theprovided by theVermont Department of Health regardingVermont Department of Health regardingimmunizations, including:immunizations, including:••The information thatThe information thatthere are people withthere are people withspecial health needsspecial health needsattending schools andattending schools andchild care facilities whochild care facilities whoare unable to beare unable to bevaccinated or who are atvaccinated or who are atheightened risk ofheightened risk ofcontracting a vaccine-contracting a vaccine-preventablepreventablecommunicable diseasecommunicable diseaseand for whom such aand for whom such adisease could be life-disease could be life-threatening.threatening.http://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/Philexemption_2013.pdf
  • What about thoseWhat about thosewho cannot be vaccinated?who cannot be vaccinated? Students:Students:43 medical exemptions out of 13,349 students43 medical exemptions out of 13,349 studentsTheoretic riskTheoretic risk Immunocompromised personsImmunocompromised personsWould 100% vaccination rate protect them?Would 100% vaccination rate protect them?Live vaccine shedding (MMR, VZV, Flumist)Live vaccine shedding (MMR, VZV, Flumist)Common cold?Common cold?Special accommodations if too sick (fundingSpecial accommodations if too sick (fundingfor homeschooling)for homeschooling)www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.comhttp://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/ImmSurv.aspx
  • http://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/Revisedparenteducation_2013.pdfhttp://www.cbsnews.com/8301-500690_162-4296175.htmlhttp://www.immunize.org/aboutus/funding.asphttp://www.xconomy.com/national/2011/06/24/mercks-julie-gerberding-former-cdc-director-on-the-future-of-vaccines/ CDC: “Revolving door” between the agency and pharmaceuticalemployment AAP: Takes millions from Pharma in donations and advertisingrevenue for journalCHOP: Director Paul Offit sits in a $1.5 million dollar researchchair, funded by MerckIAC: Only purpose is promoting vaccines; accept grants fromPharma and CDCEducational MaterialEducational Material“Required Parent Education”“Required Parent Education”from Vermont Department of Healthfrom Vermont Department of Health“Evidence-Based Immunization Information”www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • 2013 Vermont Bills2013 Vermont Bills H.114 / S.103 (Till, Mullin)H.114 / S.103 (Till, Mullin)Proposed forced vaccination for pertussisProposed forced vaccination for pertussis+ T + D+ T + DForced vaccination with vaccine known toForced vaccination with vaccine known tobe failing.be failing.Removes all “non-medical” vaccineRemoves all “non-medical” vaccineexemptions from Vermont parentsexemptions from Vermont parentsNo shots no school!No shots no school!Requires all adults to be vaccinated inRequires all adults to be vaccinated inorder to work/volunteer in, or attend, anyorder to work/volunteer in, or attend, anydaycare, childcare, school or universitydaycare, childcare, school or universityNo jabs no job!No jabs no job! www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • 2013 Vermont Bills2013 Vermont Bills H.138 / S.102 (Till, Mullin)H.138 / S.102 (Till, Mullin) Transfer of power from Legislature to HealthTransfer of power from Legislature to HealthCommissioner/AgencyCommissioner/Agency Forced Vaccination if rates drop below “90% Trigger”Forced Vaccination if rates drop below “90% Trigger”Adult employees, Volunteers and ChildrenAdult employees, Volunteers and ChildrenFor any ONE vaccineFor any ONE vaccineSchool by SchoolSchool by School How do you determine which 10% get to exerciseHow do you determine which 10% get to exercisetheir rights?their rights? Unvaccinated already go home during epidemics.Unvaccinated already go home during epidemics.www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • TREATMENT FOR TOXIC VACCINE EXPOSUREBY RUSSELL BLAYLOCK,MD• Vitamin C• Astaxanthin• Zinc• Avoid all immune stimulatingsupplements (mushroomextracts, whey protein) exceptbeta-glucan• multivitamin/mineral (onewithout iron)• Magnesium citrate/malate• Vitamin D3• Avoid all mercury-containingseafood• Avoid omega-6 oils• Blenderize parsley and celery• Jatoba tea extractDr. Russell Blaylock http://www.russellblaylockmd.com/• Place a cold compress onthe site of the injectionimmediately after theinjection and continuethis as often as possiblefor at least two days. Ifsymptoms of fever,irritability, fatigue or flu-like symptoms reoccur --continue the coldcompresses until theyabate. A cold shower orbath will also help.• Take fish oils• Curcumin, quercetin,ferulic acid and ellagicacid• Vitamin E
  • Nearly 300 Vaccines are in Development*Nearly 300 Vaccines are in Development*Photo credit: Alliance for Natural Healthhttp://www.anh-usa.org/vaccinating-newborns-is-no-longer-enough/* http://www.phrma.org/media/releases/nearly-300-vaccines-development-prevention-treatment-disease www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com2013 U.S. vaccine policy: (click for links)• Four vaccines (given in two shots) in-utero age 0• 48 vaccines (given in 34 shots) newborn to age 6• 19 vaccines (given in 17 shots) for age 7-18• 14 vaccines (given in 10 shots) for age 19-65+
  • What YOU Can DoWhat YOU Can Do Stay Informed. Spread the word.Stay Informed. Spread the word.- Sign petition: http://signon.org/sign/support-freedom-of-health- Sign petition: http://signon.org/sign/support-freedom-of-health- Join the coalition on facebook, twitter- Join the coalition on facebook, twitter- Contact Us: admin@vaxchoicevt.com- Contact Us: admin@vaxchoicevt.com Teachers: contact the NEATeachers: contact the NEA Educate your legislators!Educate your legislators! They want and need your input.They want and need your input. They really do not know very much about this issue and some are easilyThey really do not know very much about this issue and some are easilyinfluenced by lobbyists during their hectic days in Montpelier.influenced by lobbyists during their hectic days in Montpelier. Donate your time, talent, or dollars.Donate your time, talent, or dollars. Whatever you can …. This is truly a volunteer effort.Whatever you can …. This is truly a volunteer effort. Sign up to receive timely updates as events unfold.Sign up to receive timely updates as events unfold.www.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Further ReadingFurther Reading Websites:Websites: Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice:Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice:www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com Inside Vaccines: www.InsideVaccines.comInside Vaccines: www.InsideVaccines.com SafeMinds: www.safeminds.org/SafeMinds: www.safeminds.org/ Vermont Department of Health – Read Full EducationVermont Department of Health – Read Full EducationFormFormhttp://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/Revisedparhttp://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/Revisedparenteducation_2013.pdfenteducation_2013.pdf CDC:CDC:http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/index.htmlhttp://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/index.html www.BeLifeful.com:www.BeLifeful.com:http://vermonthealthyimmunesystem.comhttp://vermonthealthyimmunesystem.comhttp://thetruthaboutvaccines.com/http://thetruthaboutvaccines.com/www.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com
  • Further ReadingFurther Reading Videos:Videos: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:www.drtenpenny.com/multimedia/www.drtenpenny.com/multimedia/ The Greater Good Movie:The Greater Good Movie:www.greatergoodmovie.comwww.greatergoodmovie.com Books:Books: Vaccine EpidemicVaccine Epidemic by Mary Holland and Louise Kuoby Mary Holland and Louise KuoHabakusHabakus Vaccine Safety ManualVaccine Safety Manual by Neil Millerby Neil Miller How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your DoctorHow to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctorby Robert Mendelsohn, MDby Robert Mendelsohn, MD A Thoughtful Parents GuideA Thoughtful Parents Guide, by Aviva Jill Romm, by Aviva Jill Romm Vaccine IllusionVaccine Illusion, by Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D, by Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.Dwww.VaxChoiceVT.comwww.VaxChoiceVT.com