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Glimt fra en studietur til london

Glimt fra en studietur til london






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  • From left to right: Pamela Mounter, committee member of CIPR International, Jane Wilson, chief executive officer of the CIPR and Eva Maclaine, Secretary of CIPR International.
  • London 2012 HQ: Julia Manning-Cooper, Head of Media London 2012 and Stian Arnesen, Communications Officer at FOKUS Bank
  • The Olympic Values and the Paralympic Values are at the heart of Get Set and all the resources and activities available through it. The key message for young people is that athletes live these values every day as they work to achieve their sporting goals and young people can all live these values in everyday life – at school, at home and in the community.
  • In their application, Park Hill Primary School (Coventry, West Midlands) said that they wanted to raise children’s awareness of London 2012, making them enthusiastic about this historic event and helping them to understand what motivates athletes. It would be also a chance to encourage children and their families to participate in a wider range of sports on a regular basis. Joining the Get Set network meant an opportunity to share resources and ideas with other schools. Of huge importance to Park Hill was gaining support in coordinating their ambitious European project which was to be based on sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Values. ‘ As our project involves schools across Europe, we are hoping to achieve a level of global cohesion through our Olympic and Paralympic activities.’
  • Jen Kantan

Glimt fra en studietur til london Glimt fra en studietur til london Presentation Transcript

  • Glimt fra en studietur til London 31. august – 3. september 2011Arrangør: Kommunikasjonsforeningen i Trøndelag
  • Kommunikasjonsforeningens London-seminar 31.08. - 2.09. -2011Wednesday • How to reach different groups with community safety messages - London Fire BrigadeThursday • Nigel Green (Den Danske Bank): Origins of the financial crisis. • CIPR: International group • Building successful Online Communities.Friday • Presshandling on a large scale - Julia Manning Cooper, Head of Media, London 2012 • Ed Gillespie & Jen Kantan : Strategic PR in the context of the UK sustainability industry, Futerra.
  • London, Saturday 6 August – Wednesday 9August 2011:Fire crews attended 109 fires in propertieswhere lives were believed to be at risk. Firecrews were also called to hundreds of firesaffecting cars, bins and grassland. Controlofficers received more than 5,000 emergencycalls over a four day period
  • Divya Patel and Heena Bagia from the LFB Community Action Team
  • LFB Communications Department• Community Action Team: Stopping fires from happening• Skreddersy informasjon til målgrupper som:• Older People• Children and Young People• Ethnic Minorities or Faith Groups• People with learning or Physical Disabilities• People with alcohol or drug use problems• People with mental illness• People in poor housing• Forstå målgruppenes situasjon og behov.• Tilnærming med omtanke og respekt.
  • Safe and sound advice Some of the specific messages we want people to remember are:• Fit smoke alarms on each level in your home and test them once a week.• Take special care when you are tired or when youve been drinking.• Make sure cigarettes are stubbed out properly. Never smoke in bed.• Keep matches and lighters where children cannot see or reach them.• Never leave lit candles in rooms that are unoccupied and make sure they are in secure holders on a surface that doesn’t burn.• Take extra care when cooking with hot oil.• Make an escape plan so that everyone in your home knows how to get out if there is a fire.• Take time every now and then to check on your family and neighbours to make sure that they are safe from fire. Help the fire brigade to spread the message.
  • Emma Cullen, Senior Communications Officer London Fire Brigade:”We also used Twitter to update the public about what wasgoing on. This proved to be a reliable source of informationwhich was so poular it saw the number of people followingthe Brigade rise from 4,100 to over 10,000.Facebook also came into its own, with people from across theworld leaving messages of support for our staff.” Shout, the newsletter for London Fire Brigade Staff, Isssue 13 August 2011
  • Presentation to Norwegian Delegation September 1st 2011 Nigel Green
  • Origins of the financial crisis (Nigel Green)• Saving too little and borrowing too much• Low national savings (PIGS & al)• Collateral debt• Borrowing to spend on the ’flifferies’ of life• Collapse in the value of property (USA 1988-2010)• Loss of trust and collective reponsibility• Governments lack resolve• Governments must demonstrate grip• Communicators are spear-bearers, not generals
  • CIPR The Chartered Institute of Public Relations 9 000 members Mission• We provide and encourage education, knowledge building and sharing, research, excellent governance, conduct and ethics.
  • Values• honesty – we will be honest and transparent in everything we do• integrity – we will make the right decisions for our members and the profession, unencumbered by politics or short-term gain• diversity – we will reflect the diversity of our membership and the broader public relations community, in our activities and dialogue• respect – for opinion, expression, experience and contribution. All colleagues, members, partners and practitioners are valued and treated equally• professionalism – we will operate with integrity and respect; we will deliver the highest professional and ethical standards; we will not bring the profession into disrepute• sustainability – we will carry out our activities in a sustainable way and encourage our members and partners to do the same• collaboration – we are part of a global community - we will bring together talent to generate new ideas, opportunities and to tackle challenges.
  • Developing successful online communities:online, offline – it’s a people thing CIPR Social Summer, #ciprsm by Paul Wilkinson
  • Meetings via Skype Meetings in Second Life Google Groups Google DocsTimeAndDateto organisemeeting times blog, forum on Ning Conversations via Twitter Just 2 emails
  • Who will manage the online community?A community manager• supports, stimulates, monitors and moderates• welcome new members, weeds-out inappropriate content and behaviours, expands and retains the membership, cultivates and creates content• straddles dividing line between organisation and community
  • Communications Strategy 2011 Ticket The Power New Year Torch Relay Sales of One 2011/12 People Transformation Athletes London Youth Accessibility & Legacy Sport THE place Participation Engagement inspiration to be legacy Bringing the Games to Life BRILLIANT BASICS Staging Legacy Delivery Partner OP / Venue Progress Progress Progress Progress LOCOG milestones, Physical / Social / Transport / Security / City ODA milestones BOA / BPA Milestones Economic / Sport Operations etc
  • London 2012 The Olympic GamesBudsjett: £ 2000 000 000 – 25 pressehenvendelser per dag i 2011 –22 000 akkrediterte journalister til sommerolympiaden 2012
  • Paralympic Values:Equality Inspiration Determination Courage
  • Goal for the Paralympic Games: Change people’s views of athletes /individuals with disabilities
  • Park Hill Primary School, Coventry and the Get Set network4 reasons for joining:• Help children to understand what motivates athletes.• Encourage children and their families to participate regularly in sport.• Share ideas and resources with other schools.• Support for co-ordinating an ambitious pan-European project based on sport and the Values.
  • The Earth’s Sustainable Resources …were exhausted in the 1980’s
  • Jen Kantan explains how not to deliver a boring message while Futerra co-founderEd Gillespie pretends to listen.
  • Communicating sustainabilityThere are four key ingredients forsustainability communications:• sustainable development knowledge,• communications expertise,• knowing the psychology• and the sociology of behaviour change. Futerra sustainability communications agency: http://www.futerra.co.uk/
  • SwishingLike wife swapping but without the sex,Swishing is Futerras ultra glam approach toclothes recycling. Get onto the site andorganise your own swish. www.swishing.com
  • The Message• Sell the ”sizzle”• Be positive• Show ’emotional’ empathy• Stories work• Give feedback, say thank you• Make it a pleasure• Make the solution heroic