Super Bowl 2013 Brand Activation Index


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A measure of which brands generated extended and positive engagement beyond Super Bowl Sunday–and, ultimately, received significantly greater value via their broadcast investments.

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Super Bowl 2013 Brand Activation Index

  1. 1. By Ted Kohnen, Chief Marketing Officer, Stein + Partners Brand ActivationSuper Bowl Activation Index: ‘Lights Out’ Brand ActivationWith Super Bowl XLVII in the books, we are back with Stein + Partners BrandActivation’s 2nd Annual Super Bowl Activation Index (SBAI), a measure of whichbrands generated extended and positive engagement beyond Super BowlSunday–and, ultimately, received significantly greater value via their broadcastinvestments.Jon Stewart of The Daily Show aptly summed up that Sunday night by saying,“The real contest took place among Americas foremost products, who competedfor the opportunity to be buzzed about, with an estimated global audience ofeverybody. The Super Bowl is a companys best chance to get its messageacross to America.”With an average of $4 million per 30-second spot, any brand marketer wouldwant that message to have “legs.”Marketers have come to realize the real value of a Super Bowl spot is notgenerated through the 30 seconds of airtime. Even the best spot in and of itselfwill not activate a brand. But the right ad will be a catalyst for engagement–ultimately leading to brand activation. To that end, many of the polls, analyses,and reporting devices/meters rating ad popularity and brand impact tell only apartial story.We’ve taken it a step further with our Super Bowl Activation Index. 1
  2. 2. During and following the Super Bowl, we set out to examine what consumers doand say after commercials air. Specifically, we examined branded search enginequeries, tweets, and Facebook posts, and the sentiment (positive, negative, orneutral) of that activity. All data, including spend, was normalized to arrive at afair and balanced index. This year we’ve added the element of engagement viaHulu, which, for the first time, cataloged all of the commercials.The top three brands of the 2013 Super Bowl Activation Index are (on a 1-10scale, with 10 being the pinnacle of brand activation):1. Budweiser: BrotherhoodScore: 8.92 SBAIBudweiser went straight for viewer’s hearts, and it succeeded with the journey ofa young Clydesdale and his owner. This is the highest SBAI recorded to date,fueled by a massive post event viewing on Hulu (three times the amount of likesthan the next most-liked video). Bud’s interest soared on Google in the daysfollowing Super Bowl Sunday–Google interest up 75 percent and 175,000-plusFacebookers still talking about the brand (a 60 percent increase since before thespot ran).2. Dodge: FarmerScore: 8.55 SBAIA very close second, Dodge connected with viewers’ emotions with one of themore sincere ads I’ve seen in a long time. Dodge had the most post-event playson Hulu, along with 22,000 Facebook Likes (the most of any commercial).Interest across Google also surged following the game, with interest levels rising45 percent. Unlike many other brands, the volume of positive sentimentcomments was outstanding. If there were a level higher than “positive,” we wouldhave to put Dodge there.3. Oreo: Whisper FightScore: 7.87 SBAIIn all honesty, this was not one of my favorite ads. But I let the data be my guide,and the data says Oreo was good enough for third place. Of course, the datamay have been influenced by Oreos quick-thinking maneuver as much as by itsad: Moments after the lights went out, Oreo tweeted an image of its cookiesurrounded by darkness with the line, "You Can Still Dunk In The Dark." 2
  3. 3. Oreo’s Twitter followers spiked 20 percent following the event (which provides awhole new set of listeners to communicate with). Interest across Google hascontinued to rise since the airing–up 64 percent compared to pre-Super Bowl.The ability for these brands to take this momentum and sustain activationremains to be seen. One of the core tenets of brand activation is “a deep desireto know what customers are thinking, to better understand what they need, andto frame everything the brand stands for in that context.” Activated brands notonly put forth messages in this context, they eagerly listen and apply themessages being put forth by customers and potential customers.We’ll keep an eye on these brands going forward. We’ll also continue to evolveand apply our Brand Activation Index. Oscars, anyone?-------------Methodology Overview● Search volume measured across Google, Yahoo, and Bing for brandedkeywords and key phrases of advertisers.● Interest measured across Google.● Facebook wall volume for all advertisers and percent change pre- vs. post-game.● Tweet volume and hashtag volume for all advertisers and percent change pre-vs. post-game.● Hulu commercial viewing post event.● Measurements taken prior to game day, during the game, and for the 48 hoursfollowing.Read More: 3