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Cloud services

Cloud services
for higher education and research
via SURF
Andres Steijaert



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Cloud services Cloud services Presentation Transcript

  • Cloud services ANDRES STEIJAERT
  • CLOUD SERVICES Users consume produce Vendors working towards a connectedcollaboration infrastructure SURF
  • End user push 2 BILLION PEOPLE ONLINE 30% OF WORLD POPULATION IT USED TO BE SCARCENOW AVAILABLE IN ABUNDANCEConsumerization & commoditization multi-device multi-serviceUsers are choosers
  • Traditional supply chain ; cd-rom distribution, on-premise hostingNew supply chain ; cloud distribution model
  • PRODUCEInfrastructure as a service CONSUMEsoftware as a service
  • CLOUD + fast de rapid upd livery, ates, Ela stic, pay-per-u se - Data ouorganiza tside of y tion, trus our own t and con trol
  • Beyond the hype...›Your personal ‘USB-cloud-drive in your pocket’ ?
  • Power and size of the cloudA credit card is all you needto use the Amazon facilities
  • For users not shadow IT Hom e org ani z at io ns respo n sib le : h av e le gal obl i gati on but real IT !to pro te c t d a ta (P ersona lly I dent ifiable I n f o r m ati o n )
  • cloud principlesResearch and higher education organizations in the Netherlands will move to the cloud together, via SURF.
  • cloud principles 1C lo u d f ir s t st ra t e g yProvide IT services as much as possible via the public cloud.When the required services are not available,or when they cannot be used due to legal considerations,community cloud services (specifically tailored to the needs of highereducation) will be implemented.
  • vendor management & cloud brokering servi ce spe cifica tions price secur ity & priva c y Legis (nati lation o inter nal, EU, natio U nal c SA louds ) data porta bility inter opera bilityNegotiate & procure togetherEqual conditions for all SURF members (1 million users)1 distribution channel
  • cloud principlesUsers should be able decide which devices and applications they use.Let them choose between multiple cloud vendors and cloud services (multi-vendor approach).
  • ? ›Which one ? ›Both !
  • A lot of clouds.... Confluence Cisco fragmented WebEx islands Microsoft Office365 Liferay IBM SAPConnections Google Streamwork Apps Joomla EDUgroepenInterconnect Services from multiple vendors
  • Cross-organisational collaboration.... Users and teams from different organisations
  • cloud principles Provide added value by means of a collaboration infrastructure,which interconnects cloud services and users
  • CloudInstitute U service AInstitute V Cloud service BInstitute W Cloud service CInstitute X Internal service AInstitute Y Internal service BInstitute Z Internal service C
  • User databases and user control at institutesFederated authentication and identity managementto access cloud services (single sign-on).Unified group management and authorizationA single point of control where users can manage their teams.These group-related privileges (roles) are automatically used andupdated in all connected cloud services.Open, data exchangeUse components (widgets) to build your own team workspace.Social networking between online services.
  • Gartner about SURFconext“SURFconextdemonstrates a clear trend thatsuperstructures built byorganizations such as those of theNational Research and EducationNetwork (NREN)are better positioned to deliveracademic collaborationfunctionalitythan individual institutions.”
  • use agreedemand supply distribute connect
  • online services Software as a Service Generic & business services Video & Unified Communication services Education & content services Research services Open source services Online content Infrastructure as a Service
  • services via SURF : status / tracking & tracing
  • RETURN pure cloud players EFFORT
  • Implement together at higher education & research; vendor and SURF- Google: 13 organizations, 240.000 users
  • MEDIASALSA Rijksuniversiteit Groningen & Inuits
  • “The Life Science Grid portal contains a number of bioinformaticsapplications which you can use. No knowledge about Grid isnecessary. You dont even need a Grid certificate. What we do askfrom you is to register as a user with a valid email address.”
  • Using the SURFconext Liferay adapter that Proteon developed. Everyorganization that is part of SURFnet can use Liferay to authenticate users
  • WordPress
  • Infrastructure as a Service Microsoft Green SARA IBM Azure qloud Vancis Amazon AtosChoose the best option for your specific needs Data portability Dashboard, manage use, metering and billing
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  • 24 oktober
  • @steijaert Everyone interested inW more information + 31 30 2 305 305 ANDRES STEIJAERT