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Online tools for digital marketing
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Online tools for digital marketing


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As marketeers we need a usefull overview of links!! this one i found on slideshare

As marketeers we need a usefull overview of links!! this one i found on slideshare

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  • 1. Online Content Production Tools and Resources
  • 2. Facebook
  • 3. Facebook Tools and Resources - browse and create facebook pages - the official facebook reference/link to create an advertisement - Help for Facebook - Social Plugins for facebook - blog dedicated to facebook - resource dedicated to facebook development - Facebook Third Party Pages Applications - Facebook Third Party Pages Applications Facebook Third Party Pages Applications
  • 4. Website, Competitor and Keyword Tools
  • 5. Website, Competitor and Keyword Tools
    Website Health Check Tool - SEO health checks for your site - Site grader tool from Hubspot
    Competitor Analysis
    Keyword Analysis Tools - googles keyword generator tool - search based keyword tool from google - shows trends in google searches - Wordstream - SEM Rush - Very popular wordtracker tool - Yahoo inventory - keyword analysis
  • 6. Website, Competitor and Keyword Tools
    Keyword Tools (Cont) - keyword density - keyword research tool - trellians keyword tools - generate typo for your campaign
    Back Link Analyser and Link Building Tools part of the seo—moz suite of tools. Looks at incoming links to a site and rates the authority of these from a page and site perspective. backlink and site analyzer for Yahoo - analyses back links for your site - analyses back links for your site - backlink analyzer tool - link building and relationship building - back link analyser - paid link building and analysis
  • 7. Website, Competitor and Keyword Tools
    SEO Tool Suites - provides a full suite of SEO tools - Tools plus an index of 136 tools to use - tool from SEOchat Excellent suite of seo tools and informative blog - seo tool and informative blog - SEO book create SEO tools - firefoxplugin - Page rank checker
    SEO Marketing Blogs and Resources - well known seoblog run by Danny Sullivan – inbound marketing and seo tool – seoblog - seo and link analysis blog and tool
  • 8. Twitter Tools
  • 9. twitter
    Search and Follow Tools - twitter search - enables you to follow lists and people easily - excellent for finding new people to search – based on triangulation between various separate users - search friends and followers - finds tweets that link to your site (as well as url shortened ones) - whats topical on twitter
    Desktop and Mobile Apps - popular twitter client available for most desktop and mobile platforms - a popular twitter client for desktop and mobile - popular client – monitors keyords, multiple accounts, integrate with facebook - site dedicated to sourcing the most popular twitter tools
  • 10. twitter
    Monitoring – Analysis Tools - measures how influential specific twitter users are - Radian6 – social media monitoring and engagement tooll – alert system that notifies you of mentions of keywords - measures influence, impact, engagement,velocity of retweets, allows you to segment users - gives statistics about specific twitter user – can be useful for analysing relevancy and currency and identify general usage patterns - social media marketing tools – multi-channel, multiple users and organisations – analytics, scheduling, landing pages
    Special Offers - creating specific coupon codes for your twitter community
  • 11. twitter
    Twitter Search - a twitter search engine – sees the interent as a stream of conversations which it attempts to parse into meaningful data - analyses phrases and displays them in relation to geographic position - search twitter and insights - finds what is topical on twitter
    Distribution - allows you to publish RSS feeds to twitter - a data dictionary of all hashtags 0 users can vote on which ones best represent the topic they refer to 
    Multi-Media - allows you to capture screencasts and publish and distribute - integrates mulit-media files (audio, video, photos etc..) with your twitter – integrates photo files twitter
    Managing Conversations and threads - allows you to focus on specific topics of conversation via hashtags
  • 12. Web 2.0 and Online Content Production Applications
  • 13. Web 2.0 and Online Content Production Applications
    SnagIt -
    Screenr –
    Jing -
    Camstudio -
    Camtasia -
    SnapZ pro -
    Online Video Tools – - (distribution and analysis) – (allows real time screening and integrated social commentary) – -
    Zamzar (free online conversion tool)– (online slideshow tool – (video, audio, and images) –
    Qik (streaming from your phone) – – Viewing and sharing video – (Free video sharing and editing) – (online video sharing and uploading tool) –
  • 14. Firefox Tools
  • 15. Firefox Tools
    Twitter Bar – post to twitter from your status bar -
    Facebook Toolbar -
    Shareaholic – enables sharing of links, messages and content with a single click -
    EasyYouTube Video Downloader – Download YouTube videos easily
    Video Download helper (excellent tool to help downloading any video content and format)-
    Download them All – an advanced download tool with more options when downloading files thanb the default -
    Delicious – in the cloud bookmark tool-
    Evernote (web clipper tool – excellent for screengrabs etc.) -
    Aviary Screen Capture (enables creencapture and editing)-
  • 16. Firefox Tools
    SEO and Web Development Plugins
    SEoBookFirefoxPlugin(well known SEO consultant Aaron Wall from SEOBook.complugin for firefox) –
    SEOQuake – Gives indepth link and site analysis of any website
    Greasemonkey – enables customisation of any website within firefox – needs to be used in conjunction with scripts from ( -
    Firebug – Fantastic tool for web designers and developers -
    Fireftp – An integrated firefox ftp client -
  • 17. Google Tools
  • 18. Google Tools - googleadwords homepage Overview of Google Adword Tools– Google Ad Targetting Tool – Offline tool that helps you develop and manage your Keyword programme – available for MAC, Windows estimate adwords traffic - Tool which enables search term research over time and across geographical regions - gives ideas for keywords based on site - Youtube keyword tool (promoted videos) a comprehensive overview of google search visiti - Too to see whats most popular in google search - googleurl builder used to generate urls
  • 19. Google Tools Cont. - register your business with google local - Site which provides resources and analytics pertaining to website configuration, crawlability, errors, etc.. - webmaster central – lots of information how to use webmaster and associated information with your site - google webmaster channel Local Site Search - support information for Google Site Search - google local business centre - GoolgeWebiste Optimizer Tool – service that manages split testing and multi-variate testing - Support forum for google website optimizer (split testing and multi-variate testing)
  • 20. - YouTube Channel for Google Website Optimizer (GWO) - Optimisation Tips from Google - lots of tips from google how to increase your conversion rates - Offiical Google Channel on YouTube - simple overview of Google and how its search works (by Matt Cutts) - Goole Analytics home page - Google analytics blog - product overview - creating segments - official adwordsblog - googleadword help and support - google analytics feature set
  • 21. - Description of Dimensions and Metrics - conversion tracking - integrating GoogleAnalytics and GoogleAdwords