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  1. 1. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link • What outcomes had you envisioned for this course? Did you achieve those outcomes? Did the actual course outcomes align with those that you envisioned? When beginning in this class, I was not sure what I would actually be learning. The only title I seen was Instructional Leadership, I was unaware that technology would be the main topic of the class. This course was not what I envisioned; I envisioned this class integrating technology as a whole. I did learn how an administrator would support and promote technology on their campus. A principal must be a leader when it comes to integrating technology in their curriculum and in the classroom. • To the extent that you achieved the outcomes, are they still relevant to the work that you do in your school? Why or why not? I do believe this course is relevant to what my district is currently doing. I feel my district is behind on some technology that we read about. Our district is currently installing smart boards and projectors in all classrooms. It was interesting to see on our blogs and discussion board the diffence in the districts. Some districts are farther ahead than others, and then districts like mine are in the process of catching up! • What outcomes did you not achieve? What prevented you from achieving them? For the most part, I do feel I achieved everything in this class. This class did require a lot of time, and felt the assignments were overwhelming at times. At times it was difficult keeping up with my ‘teacher duties’ along with my assignments. I had to really stay ahead of all of my assignments each week, but still ended up working quite a bit on the weekends. • Were you successful in carrying out the course assignments? If not, what prevented or discouraged you? For the most part, I felt I was successful with all my assignments. During week 3, I evidentially did not comprehend the directions. . I was overwhelmed with some of the assignments, but completed them thoroughly and felt that I did them well. I also, felt the eight to nine readings a week were a lot and then having to respond to two colleagues on the discussion board. • What did you learn from this course…about yourself, your technology and leadership skills, and your attitudes? One thing I learned is that school districts have state and national mandates to carry out. It is essential for technology to be integrated into the curriculum. Teachers can integrate technology by using a PowerPoint presentation, using an interactive white board, or many other ways. I think teaching our students about technology and having them have time to experience this for themselves. • What is the educational value of blogs and blogging to the 21st century learner? I think blogging is a very useful tool. It is helpful to communicate with students and Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link parents. I think teaching students about blogging can be very beneficial to them. At this time, my district does not blog at any level. I do think this is a good tool for junior high and high school students. • What are the concerns of blogs and blogging in education? My main concern in blogging is teaching my students about how to be appropriate and what ethical standards they should have. Students need to be aware of cyber bullying and how they can prevent these types of problems. It is a teacher’s job to monitor a class blog carefully and educate students on how to communicate effectively. • How can you use blogging to communicate with school stakeholders? Blogging can be very helpful when communicating with key stakeholders. This is a place where school stakeholders can stay informed about what events are taking place on a campus and all district activities. Having a blog is a great way to have a connection with parents and students. Page 2 of 2