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Code for europe – rome pilot en

  1. 1. Code for Europe – Rome PilotImproving cities’Free WiFisystems, with a little helpfrom Citizens..
  2. 2. Introduction The idea starts from a project by Province of Rome. Purposes: – Improving Provincia WiFi network – Involving citizens in this activity
  3. 3. Provincia WiFi Free public Wi-Fi network Access points installed in public places ( Squares, parks, libraries.. ) of Province of Rome. Based on OpenWisp: An open source software platform that can be used to implement a complete Wi-Fi service
  4. 4. Provincia WiFi Dislocation of already installed Access Points
  5. 5. Provincia WiFi Province of Rome is planning to add other Access Points to the network. Citizen’s participation is asked, in order to decide where to install them. An application is needed, in order to achieve this goal.
  6. 6. Participation Collecting citizen’s proposals about locations where to install new hotspots.
  7. 7. Participation Votes on proposals Hotspots installed in the most voted locations.
  8. 8. DisseminationPilot reusability Reuse in other Free public WiFi networks From Provincia WiFi to Italia WiFi.. From Italia WiFi to Europe WiFi.. From Europe WiFi to … ?
  9. 9. Inputs from Code for Europeand CitySDK projects Fostering new ways to shorten the distance between local governments and citizens. Improving the quantity and quality of Open data published by local authorities. Making use of crowdsourcing to generate new open data.
  10. 10. Ideas Extending the initial purpose Creating a model that can be useful also in different scenarios. Try to build up a more general civic participation platform
  11. 11. Usage examples Publication/crowdsourcing of job offers and training courses Signaling of abandoned buildings, that could be reused for social needs Surveys on public services …..
  12. 12. Pilot purposes Collecting PoI suggestions from users. Users can vote other users’ proposals. Collecting comments/ratings on already existing PoI’s.
  13. 13. Pilot Features/1 Web interface : – PoI’s display – PoI’s insert – Voting PoI’s – Comments/ratings about PoI’s
  14. 14. Pilot Features/2 Administrators interface : – Import of existing PoI’s in the application – Definition of categories – Web User Interface customization
  15. 15. Pilot Features/3 Application based on API : – Data available for developers in order to build new apps.
  16. 16. Technical details Django framework HTML5/Javascript UI
  17. 17. Conclusion: our goals Deploy on Provincia WiFi. Reusability in other public Free WiFI networks Prototyping a civic partecipation platform