Technology trend and the italian market mizio


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how technology trends are affecting jobs and life in Italy

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Technology trend and the italian market mizio

  1. 1. Technology Trends and Italian market Stefano MizioINTOO workshop5/ 23/ 2012 TM
  2. 2. Middle Earth is still a good place for Italy? We dont have cost advantage...cheaper inputs, efficient processes, favorable location Not the right place to innovate, no skilled workforce (level of population with tertiary education, participation in life long term education...)TM
  3. 3. “We realized that almost all – maybe all – of future consumerelectronics, the primary technology was going to besoftware.And we are strong in software...None of the handsetmanufactures really are strong in software.”Steve Jobs on iPhones success SOFTWARE
  4. 4. New IT revolution Wireless connections Smartphone growth Social Media Cloud ComputingTM
  5. 5. Cloud Computing Aka...improving performance, scalability and reliability of Internet based resources. Companies can quickly grow their business without investing in significant physical assetsCloud Computing removes operational and structural barriersallowing companies to focus on business innovation rather thantheir infrastructure TM
  6. 6. Cloud Computing consumer examplesTM
  7. 7. Cloud Computing Aka...its now easy to build lots of new applications, new products for innovative companies The cloud saves your money You can add more capacity in an instant and scale instantly to meet demand. Cloud computing makes innovation easySmall and Medium Enteprise are going to exploit this revolution...Italy: 3,7milions SME vs 2900 big companies TM
  8. 8. Cloud Computing What about Italy!Rielaborazione ResPubblica How Cloud Computing can affect our economy SME means you have to pay attention to fixed cost Variable costs vs fixed costs Opex vs Capex Does the IT staff need to anticipate the change and build up the required skills and practices? TM
  9. 9. The Revolution is mobileThe Economist Oct 8th 2011 TM
  10. 10. Mobile Applications theres an app for that! When I need a specific piece of functionality, I’d rather tap on a dedicated app instead of spending time browsing the web to meet my needs They are elegant solutions to well defined problemsTM
  11. 11. Mobile Applications implication to your business There are activities that are ripe for transition to smartphones. Its just a matter of experience ( make better apps, more secure!) Location Based services, Mobile Payments, Social Networks The extension of mobile solutions to sensors and actuators ...Internet of ThingsTM
  12. 12. Mobile Applications Internet of Things A huge opportunity We (Italians) can design the next things! Technology+DesignTM
  13. 13. And so? We live in tough times! Strong competition.... Cost cutting process.. Economic downturn...TM
  14. 14. Your Radar Company radar. Technology scouting, open innovation,... Your own radar: new competencies/new trendsTM
  15. 15. Interesting books...TM
  16. 16. ... “Today for the first time its easy to become an entrepreneur. It can happen everywhere, anyplace. You can access the best innovation infrastructures” Jeff Weiner, Ceo LinkedinTM
  17. 17. Thank YouS.MIZIO@LIFEBETTERCOMPANY.COMTwitter:SMIZIO - Linkedin: TM