Technology scouting and how to exploit the periphery dbm workshop

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technology scouting in Silicon Valley: my experience. The reason why companies need to invest on exploration

technology scouting in Silicon Valley: my experience. The reason why companies need to invest on exploration

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  • 1. TECHNOLOGY SCOUTING AND HOW TO EXPLOIT THE PERIPHERY Stefano Mizio DBM Italia Workshop “il mercato del lavoro nel settore ICT” Milano 18 Maggio 2011
  • 2. The prologueTechnology has been recognized as one of the major sources ofcompetitive advantage .“IT doesnt matter” Car, 2003, HBR! Really?What about Google, Apple, and so many successuful Startups?but...any innovation will eventually be commoditized, thus leadingto a loss of the competitive advantage.How can a company sustain its technological leadership andthus its competitiveness?How can it develop promising new technologies and use themto move into new business fields?
  • 3. The MenaceDiscontinuous technological changes threaten the competitiveposition of incumbent companies...
  • 4. If you want to survive...Methods of identifying changes early, assessing them to under-stand their full implications...In 2007 IBM was awarded 3,142 patents ...just 1,72% of all pa-tents awarded that year! Procter&Gamble: from R&D to C&D Connect & Develop Technology brokers Open Innovation ...
  • 5. Where I spent my time as Technology scout
  • 6. Technical meeting Its maybe the best way to meet people to share the same interestsVery informal way!“Pizza and Software” as in Mountain View forSilicon Valley Cloud Computing Group lastAugust on Open Stack! OR... more formal such as at IEEE workshop on “Internet of things” in Santa Clara University in September.
  • 7. Business Meeting OR.....gathering Venture Capitalists gut feeling,looking at their portfolio and meeting startups!
  • 8. Can you imagine this?Julian Bleecker at Device Design Day in SF on how Science Fictioncan help innovation The iPAD 23 years ago iPad and Star Trek
  • 9. Scouting ProcessIdentification Selection Assessment Dissemination ? ? ? ! CTO/CMO ? !? ? R&D manager ? ! ? ? ! ! Product M. ?
  • 10. Scouting Process Assessment High Market impactPotential market size RELEVANCECompetitors landscape low High Technological low realization complexity Technology maturity Complexity
  • 11. Scouting ProcessProGrid Evaluation Solution10 questions; 4 statements(A,B,C,D)
  • 12. Scouting Process Assessment Tech Brief Structure● Executive summary● Themes Introduction● Market Impact : potential market size and competitors landscape● Technology realization complexity: tech maturity and complexity● SWOT analysis● Conclusion
  • 13. Scouting Process Assessment Carbon Management Tech Brief
  • 14. Interesting things Identification Selection Assessment Dissemination ? ?? ? ! ! ? ? ? ! ! ? ? ? ! Cloud Computing IT GovernanceMobile payments LBS Mobile Health Internet of Things App Discovery CleanTech Cross Platfom mobile dev
  • 15. The Cloud Selection Selection Assessment Dissemination ? ?? ? ? Computing! ! ! Cloud ? ? ? ? ? ! !Non critical workloads vs mission critical processesSOX compliance, SLA with the cloud suppliers... and CFO areasking: “Why arent we taking advantage of that?” So?...Does the IT staff need to anticipate the change and build up therequired skills and practices? Cloud in Italy: 110 mln Euro 2010 → 150 mln Euro in 2012 Idc The Cloud will create 2,4 mln new jobs in Europe between 2011 and 2015 Cebr
  • 16. The App economy Selection Selection Assessment Dissemination ? ?? ? Cross Platfom ! ! ! ? ? ?? ? mobile? dev ! !"I need my iPhone app" was a common phase in 2010. No more. Cross-platformis mandatory, as is deploying to multiple form factors like tablets. MOBILE APPLICATION STRATEGY January 2011: from Applestore more than 10 billion download. The rise of Web Applications...
  • 17. Carbon ManagementSW/Services: 380 mln$ in 2009 → 4,2 billion $ in 2017* Improve operational efficiency and comply with regulatory mandate Differentiate operations, product, and brand. Consulting, Implementation, Outsourcing, Training and SW support Emission Calculation Emission Calculation Emission Management Emission Management Assess Assess Calculate Calculate Report Report Manage Optimise Transform Manage Optimise Transform * Pike Research 1Q2010
  • 18. Mobile Health: 500 milion users in 2015 will use mobile Health apps * There are many forces: App Economy, Cloud, Aging population asking more quality and local governments looking for more efficiency. Global Players – AT&T with ForHealth – and startups – WellDoc togetherMount Sinai Hospital platfom and VitalHub ap-plication.Niguarda sperimentation: portale clinico andiPad integration. * Research2guidance 2010 report
  • 19. The Present trendThere is a need for quality and reliability, cost effectiviness,speed and efficiency. Innovation and flexibility must coexistwith efficiency and reliability In most firms there is a gap between the capacity to think and the capacity to act.... Its a matter of People, Processes and... ..Technologies
  • 20. GRAZIE!Email: -smizio@anovae.comTwitter: :SMIZIOLinkedin: soon.. my own startup on LBS