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Web based communication channels
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Web based communication channels


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Web Based Communication Channels
  • 2. Definition of Web Based Communication Channels A web based communication channel is a website that allows you to talk and communicate to other people around the world through the internet
  • 3. Blogs Definition A blog is a written document that people would write about something like a topic or issues and share internet links so other people can see them
  • 4. Blogs Example Examples of people using blogs would be people in a business and students in a school or collage as they can share information on a project or document they are working on
  • 5. Vlogs Definition A Vlog is kind of the same as a blog but you would discuss your topic though the use of a webcam
  • 6. Vlogs Example The best site to find Vlogs would be YouTube or blogging web sites like blogger or word press as they would contain a lot of people who would post something like that online
  • 7. Podcasts Definition A podcast is a recording about topics or issues and then puts them on the internet so that people can download them and listen to them on their computer or mp3 player etc.
  • 8. Podcasts Example BBC radio’s website would have mainly upload podcasts regularly on their website as the radio station is very popular and many people would listen to the show as well as the podcasts.
  • 9. Web Pages Definition WebPages are sites that allow you to post a comment about what you are thinking and your friends will be able to read them and comment on them
  • 10. Web Pages Example Good examples of WebPages are sites like facebook and twitter as they will allow you to write down what ever you’re thinking and people will be able to respond to what you have said.
  • 11. Video Conferencing Definition A video conference is when some one who is in another country can communicate with each other by the use of a camera and the internet
  • 12. Video Conferencing Example A programme called Skype would be mainly used for video conferences as it is easy to use plus you can also have more that one person in the conference at one time.